Vons Customer Feedback

www.vonssurvey.net Vons Customer Feedback to Win $100

Vons Survey also identified as www.vonsurvey.net is specifically meant for the potential customers of Vons. This survey has another common name known as Von’s grocery survey.

This survey by Vons deli giving the loyal customers a chance of emerging the winners of gift cards that are worth 100 US dollars each. This gift cards can be received by taking a few minutes to answer the available survey questions. This type of survey is mainly designed with a purpose of assessing the feeling of the customers about Vons deli.

If you are such a customer who recently paid a visit to Vons and performed some purchase, it is high time to take part in this survey. Your feedback relating to the qualities, the services, the facilities, and your voice will be highly appreciated by Vons deli as it will play a big deal in helping them to record a tremendous improvement.

This type of feedback is not going to affect in any way your chances of emerging the winner of the available gift card. If you are such a customer who is after participating in this type of survey, this article is specifically meant for you.

Through this article, you will get a detailed guideline relating to how you are going to emerge the winner by successfully completing the survey process. Here you will get more information about this survey, various methods through which you can enter the survey, the essential rules to observe and the associated requirements.

What to Note about Von’s Survey

Vonssurvey.net specifically deals with the experience encountered by the customer in his/her last visit. As a result, tellVon’s is after getting the experience you encountered on the last time you visited them.

This experience does not have limits. It can either be a positive experience or a negative experience. Therefore, the most favorable way of expressing your complaints is through the customer satisfaction survey identified as Von’s Survey.

By fully taking part in the customer satisfaction survey of Von’s, you are promised of emerging a winner of a gift card worth 100 US dollars. This can only be achieved with the help of this kind of survey. It is through the precious feedback that you are going to give that Vons will be in a position of meeting the expectations of their customers.

Other Things to Note

Von’s survey is mainly after the overall satisfaction relating to Vons. It is through this survey that Vons will get to know how you will recommend it other people, your friends, and other colleagues. Moreover, this survey focuses on the associates relating to courteous-hip and also friendliness.

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Furthermore, Vons came with this survey with aim of checking the experience of their loyal customers. There are other that Vons will also get to know through your honest feedback. These are like the store’s cleanliness together with its organization. Finally, through the survey, Vons will know the exact number of times you pay them a visit in any given month.

The Prerequisites of the Vons Grocery Survey

In order for any potential customer take part in Von’s grocery survey, he/she has to observe some essential requirements. These are discussed as follows:

  1. Internet Device

For one to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of Vons, he/she must access a device that is in a position of connecting to the internet. Here you need either a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer. For you to finish this process within the shortest possible time, it is advisable to ensure that these devices offer stable internet connection.

  1. Stable Internet Connection

For fast completion of the survey process, having a stable internet connection is unavoidable. A slow internet will lead to loading effects which will definitely make the process to take quite some time. To avoid these issues, a stable internet is the best alternative.

  1. Transaction Receipt

Upon undertaking shopping at Vons, you are issued with a transaction receipt. This receipt is essential and you must carry it while in the process of answering Von’s survey questions. The receipt contains essential details like the username, the time and date when the transaction was undertaken, and the sales code.

  1. Language Option

In this case, there are two language options whereby you are supposed to select on one of them. These are Spanish option and English option. There is an option in the survey whereby upon selecting on the preferred and well-understood language, the page automatically changes to that language.

The Rules to Observe while Taking Vons Deli Survey


For you to participate in the Vons Deli survey, you must be a legal resident of:

  1. The California State
  2. The Hawaii State
  3. The Montana State
  4. The Oregon State
  5. The Idaho State
  6. The Virginia State
  7. The Washington State
  8. The Wyoming State
  9. The Nevada State
  10. The New Mexico State
  11. The Delaware State
  12. The Maryland State
  13. The Nebraska State
  14. The Washington DC state
  15. The Colorado State
  16. The Alaska State
  17. The Arizona State
  18. The Texas State
  19. The South Dakota State
  20. Age Limit

To participate in this survey, you must have attained the age of 18 years or more. This is an indication that Vons Deli does not recognize the feedback of the children.

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The Staff and the Close Colleagues Should not participate

The promotion is specifically meant for the loyal customers. As a result, the staff, their families, the close relatives, the friends and the close colleagues should not take part in this survey.

The Rewards Offered

After completing the survey process, the participants are in a position of emerging the winner of a gift card worth 100 US dollars by visiting the official site www.vonssurvey.net. At this site, the participants are given a chance of winning this gift card and they will use it to undertake shopping at the stores of Von’s grocery.

The winners of the customer satisfaction survey of Vons Deli are informed through an email address or through a phone call that is given while filling out the survey page.

Guide on How to Participate in the Vons Customer Satisfaction Survey

Having observed the main requirements for you to participate in this survey, the next part is the guideline on how to participate. It is through this guideline you are going to emerge a winner of the gift card worth 100 US dollars.

This is a quick guide that will guide you on how to take part in Von’s survey and complete it within the shortest possible time. It is a step by step guide clearly illustrating the essential things to be followed up to its completion. This is discussed as follows:

Step 1: Visiting the Survey Site

The first step to accessing the survey page is visiting Vons’ survey page at www.vonssurvey.net.

Step 2: Entering the Receipt Code

The next step is entering the code available in the transaction receipt. This is a 14 digit code and should be entered clearly to avoid any errors of missing numbers.

Step 3: Essential Details

This step requires you to enter the name of the store that you visited, your state, and the personal email address.

Step 4: Rating your Experience

Here you are required to rate the experience you encountered in the given store you visited. The rating is based on the total satisfaction you encountered on that day.

Step 5: Rating your Recommendations

As per the experience you encountered in this store, how are you going to recommend Vons Deli to a colleague, a friend or a family member?

Step 6: Department You Visited

Vons will also wish to know the Department that you paid a visit to. You are going to clearly specify this on the survey page.

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Step 7: Product Quality

Was the quality of the product you after pleasing? Did it work as per your expectations? This will help the company to note the changes that need to be made on the respective product.

Step 8: Rating the Assistance Received

Here you are going to rate the assistance you received from the associates when you visited one of the Vans Deli’s stores.

Step 9: Overall Rating

In this case, you are going to rate the store’s layout, the checkout speed, the nature of their cleanliness, the availability of the product you were after.

Step 10: Specifying the Associate Name

The step requires you to clearly specify the associate who attended you. Give a comment concerning the nature of service you received from this associate.

Step 11: Giving a Detailed Experience

Vons Deli is always after your detailed experience relating to the nature of satisfaction you received in one of their stores. This can be explained in the available blank space.

Step 12: Positive Feedback

Vons Deli will also wish to know the things that can make you recommend the visited store as the best one to a colleague. This can be specified in the available box.

Step 13: Personal Details

Finally, Vons Deli will wish to have your personal details. These are your name, your phone number, and your email address. After giving this information, you will be required to enter the sweepstakes by clicking on the yes option. It is after participating in the sweepstakes that you will have a chance of emerging the winner of a gift card worth 100 US dollars.

About Von’s Supermarket Chain

This is a supermarket Chain operating in both southern parts of Nevada and California. This supermarket chain is under the ownership of Albertsons. Its headquarters are situated in Fullerton, California. The stores of this supermarket chain are under the operation of the pavilions banners and the Vons.

Before the supermarket chain was acquired by Albertsons, its headquarters was located at Arcadia, California. The founder of this company opened the first store in the year 1906. After its establishment, the following seven decades recorded a tremendous innovation and expansions.

Currently, this supermarket is running all the way from the San Diego side to the Fresno side and from the Nevada side all the way to the Pacific side. Its stores are exceeding 270 in number.