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Chinese cook their food in a certain special way and also they are famous for it, their cuisines have a unique taste that could only be found in the Chinese culture. Especially when Chinese food is offered in a Chinese style restaurant it attracts customers to come and have at least one meal there. Along with the food they are also famous for preserving their traditions and customs. When anyone enters a Chinese restaurant they can feel the Chinese culture from the outlook of the place. Chinese restaurants are well known and their popularity is increasing as more and more people are getting themselves acquainted with it. The China Garden is also a Chinese restaurant which is situated at 21618 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, California. An accurate location would be towards the South of Ventura Blvd that is between Canoga Ave and Topanga Canyon Blvd. It is located on the opposite side of Lexus car dealership and for parking back side is available. Their owner has almost 30 years of experience in making Mandarin and Szechwan cuisines. They have built their reputation because of their dedication to providing the best service to the customers.

Their food is quality checked and if anything suspicious or unhealthy is in the ingredients of the dish to be made is removed immediately. So they care about the cleanliness of their restaurant because nobody wants to go to a stinky food place. Along with the hygienic food they also have very neat and clean environment which is insured by the managers and the staff members of the restaurant on regular basis.The most delicious and actual Chinese dishes are made here. They care about the quality of food and also about the cleanliness of the kitchen so that their food is hygienic in its nature. The China Garden is famous for it tasty food among the customers because of its unique taste customers are attracted to it whenever they want to eat Chinese food. Since 1990 and till now they have built their reputation and made their restaurant known in the world through the continuous hard work and nothing is possible without team effort so their team is also accredited for their popularity in the restaurant business. Larry Lipson who is a famous restaurant critic also rated The China Garden in the top ten best restaurants because of the quality service and original taste of the Chinese dishes being served there. The customers have the liberty to either pack away the food and eat at their homes or wherever they want to eat or they can have their meals inside the restaurants and enjoy the food comfortably and the service of the restaurant. Home delivery service is also available where you can get hot food right at your doorsteps. A new initiative in online ordering is also taken where customers can order food directly from the website and choose any items from the menu of food available.

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They offer a huge variety of servings which includes all types of foods and their specialty in Chinese food is appreciable. The restaurant remains open throughout the year and only closes on national holidays, from Monday to Thursday  they open it at 11 a.m. and close it on 9:30 p.m. but on weekends that is Friday and Saturday they close it half an hour later on 10 p.m. while they follow the same pattern throughout the year excluding national holidays.

Although The China Garden serves fresh and delicious foods still they have sensible rates of the dishes. They also provide discounts when more than one individuals come to have the meal there. They have a huge menu which includes a lot of dishes like soup, vegetables, appetizers, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, desserts etc.They also have some special dishes of China Garden which are quite a few in number. Delicious Chinese Burrito known as Moo shu, it is made by frying onions and mixed vegetables with egg which is then presented in a thin layer of pancake and served with hoisin sauce which adds taste to the Moo shu. Egg Foo Young is another dish which sometimes called as an epitome of Chinese traditional dishes. It is a pancake made up of fresh eggs and vegetables and it is served with their special brown gravy, the gravy adds a suspended taste on the taste buds. Different types of fried rice are available and for brown fried rice extra 2 dollars are charged from the customers.Four different kinds of noodles are made there.

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People who are on the strict diet or are not allowed by their physician to eat anything which has salt sugar or oil in it, for them this restaurant makes steamed dishes which have low fats, in this food no salt, starch, oil or sugar is added. The customers who eat steamed food here can add it spices to their taste later when the food is served it is served with the low-fat brown sauce.

Special family dinners are also given here which comes in two different deals number first deals charge 17.55 dollars for each person, it includes soup which may be hot and sour soup or egg flower soup then it comes the appetizers which includes egg roll wrapped chicken in foil and fried wonton and then there comes food which is made up of 7 different types of dishes and each person can choose one of it from them and all the dishes can be consumed with steamed rice. Number second deal charges 20.55 dollars for each person and it includes hot soup which is mixed wonton soup then appetizers include fried shrimp egg roll chicken wrapped in foil and cream cheese fountain it also has 7 different food items and each person can choose one of them from it and these are also served with steamed rice. The only restriction for the family deals is that there should be a minimum of 2 or more people ordering the deal.

They also provide catering services for events and can organize all kinds of events whether birthday parties or family reunion of office parties. The catering service is available for a minimum of 10 persons or more and also for catering there are three different types of deals.The catering service of The China Garden Restaurant is very famous because of their use of fresh ingredients and delicious food. Once someone takes the catering service of The China Garden the burden of responsibility is shifted on the staff of the restaurant and they give such a satisfying service to the customers in such events that in the future for any event big or small the only name that clicks in the mind is of China Garden.

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