Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey

Safeway was established in the year 1915. It is in this when this company acted as a tiny grocery in a place known as Idaho. From this time, the company grew up at a faster rate with its demand for items for personal health care, and food increasing at every single day.

The store made the local shopping experience to be convenient through the availability of good brands of their products at a favourably cheap price. Currently, Safeway is running more 2,200 stores. The states are widely spread within 33 states with its employees exceeding 250, 000.

The big number of employees and the stores is an indication of the faster rate of growth by this company. While shopping at Safeway, you are exposed to wide variety of products and services which are running all the way from the groceries, the deli counters, a number of prescriptions, gas services, and many more.

What to Note about the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Safeway

Safeway is one of the companies that always values its esteemed customers. This explains the main reason why this company decided to come up with this customer satisfaction survey. It takes positive every feedback given by the potential customers.

Through the given feedbacks, Safeway believes that it will identify its weaknesses and strengths. It will put the views of the loyal customers into action to maintain the strengths as it works to eliminate the weaknesses. Thus, through the customer satisfaction survey, Safeway has the aim of improving the quality of its customer satisfaction services in addition to improving the quality of its products.

Therefore, if you are the potential customer of Safeway it is vital to take a step and participate in this survey. Your experience for the next visit will be highly determined by the nature of the feedback you share out. Thus, you should always be honest while answering these survey questions.

You are only required to possess a transaction receipt to make the survey process successful. The receipt is normally issued after shopping at one of the stores of Safeway. It contains essential information like the survey code, the time and the date when you visited the respective store.

The customer satisfaction survey of Safeway is so simple and can take only a few minutes when you meet all the requirements. It normally takes up to five minutes depending on your arrangement. After finishing the survey you have an option of participating in the sweepstakes where you have the chance of emerging a winner of a Safeway gift card going at $100 on a weekly basis.

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Other Information to Note

While in the process of answering the survey questions you will encounter a number of questions relating to the past experience you encountered on your last visit to the stores of Safeway. These are like the way in which you were treated by the staff on the day you visited the store. Were the behaviours of the staff pleasing? Were you satisfied with the way in which you were served?

Other questions are like the quality of the product you purchased, was the layout of the store pleasing? How can you recommend the services of this store to a friend? What areas need improvement? Both negative and positive views are valued in this case. They play a substantial role in the company while making decisions on the areas to improve and the areas that need to be maintained.

Requirements to Meet in Order to Participate in the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Safeway

  1. Participants

In order for you to participate in the customer satisfaction of Safeway, you must be coming from certain states. These include the Arizonian state, Californian state, Colorado state, Texas state, Virginia state, Washington state, Nevada state, Oregon state, South Dakota state, Maryland state, New Mexico state, Alaska state, Delaware state, Hawaii state, Idaho state, and Montana state.

  1. Entrants

The legal residents from the above states must have attained the age of 18 years or above to participate in this survey. This is an indication that the feedback from the children is not recognised in this survey.

  1. Internet Device

The customer satisfaction survey of Safeway is offered through online which means that you must access an internet device in order to make it successful. In this case, there are a number of options to go for. These include a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, and a computer. You can go to any device depending on your desires.

  1. Internet Connection

The online customer satisfaction survey of Safeway can only be completed within a short period of time when you are using a stable internet connection. An unstable internet connection will cause loading effects which will make the process to take quite some time.  Therefore, to complete the customer satisfaction survey of Safeway within a period of fewer than five minutes it is always vital to go for a stable internet connection.

  1. Transaction Receipt

Upon shopping at any stores of Safeway, you are issued with a transaction receipt. The receipt is very vital when preparing to answer the answer the survey questions. It contains essential details like the survey code which is needed before answering the survey questions.

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Other information contained in the transaction receipt includes the time and the day when you visited the store, the store number and the registration number. Also, you must ensure that this receipt is valid before participating in the survey.

A transaction receipt from Safeway is announced to valid if it has lasted in a period which is not more than a week from the time of the transaction. After this period, the receipt is announced as invalid and cannot be used to take the survey process.

  1. Language option

You need to have the basic understanding of either Spanish language option or English option in order to answer the available questions. There is an option on the survey page where you can switch to the preferred language option. However, if you lack the basic understanding of these two languages, you can seek assistance from a friend and guide him/her to take the survey on your behave.

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For the regular updates, the potential customers are always encouraged to keep up to date with the latest news and announcements from Safeway Company. This can be done by following the company on social media sites like Twitter.

On their twitter account, you will get the weekly Ad which gives the highlights of the company’s best promotions offered on a weekly basis. These promotions can be directly accessed at the local stores of Safeway. The promotions are accompanied by great deals offered in each and every other week.

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Taking Part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Safeway

For you to complete the customer satisfaction survey successfully, there are a number of steps that need to follow. These are discussed as follows:

Step one: Visiting the Survey Website

The first step in completing the customer satisfaction survey of Safeway is to visit their online website at

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Step Two: Entering the Survey Code

The next step involves entering the survey code. This is directly retrieved from the transaction receipt.

Step Three: Language Option

There are two options to choose in this case. These are English language option or Spanish language option. Here you need to go for the language option that you have a clear basic understanding on.

Step Four: Answering Survey Questions

Now you will get exposed to the survey questions. They are so simple and they will take less than 5 minutes depending on your arrangement. Here you will be required to give a rating relating to the overall satisfaction you received on the day you visited the stores of Safeway.

You are to select your desired rating and click on the next button. In this part, you will be asked to share out your shopping experience on that day. Here you will give a feedback that relies on the selected areas.

After sharing out your feedback, the management will take action on it. Be it negative or positive, they take it seriously and take an immediate action.

The next question in this section is the one about the quality of the product you purchased, its availability and variety. Here you are going to rate it between 1 and 5 followed by clicking on the next button.

Also, you would be required to share out your views concerning the assistance you received from the staff in this day. Were you satisfied with it? You will also get the question relating to the satisfaction of the department that you selected.

How were you satisfied with the checkout lane? Here you are required to give a wise rating as it will determine the nature of experiences you will encounter on your next visit to this store. Click next to proceed to the next step.

You will be asked whether you have the U account. Here there are two options to select from either yes or no. if you have one you will be required to give it a rating depending on how you are satisfied with the services offered by it.

Step five: Contact Details

Upon successful answering of the survey questions, you will be required to provide your details. These include a valid email address, your phone number and your name. They will use this email address to contact you in case you emerge the winner.

After this, you will be asked if you are willing to join the sweepstakes where you will have the chance of winning great rewards like a gift card going at $100.