Filling of the Personal Details at the Tellsubway Website

TellSubway Survey to Get Free Food & Coupons

How to Get Free Food at Tellsubway.Com? In this case, a customer is required to take a survey that consumes approximately one minute. The survey is all about the chowing down of some of the footings that are sold in the subway restaurants.

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The get free food is a compulsory thing that needs to be undertaken by the fanboys of Subway who are always wishing to win a free cookie. The customers are required to undertake to take the survey in a period of not more than 30 days beginning from the time of visiting the restaurant.

Failure to undertake the Subway survey within that period will make it to be announced as void. Customers are required to enter the Host Order ID exactly as given on the receipt that they are offered at the Subway restaurant. The receipt normally contains dashes and numbers and this is what is required to be entered.

For the case where the customers were undertaking a cash transaction, they are required to decide on the Cash Option and as a result, enter the number of the number or the transaction number that they are issued with. On the other hand, it is not permitted to combine the free cookie coupon and other Subway promotions for the case of the customers who chances to be the winners of the coupon of free cookie.

Filling of the Personal Details at the Tellsubway Website

Filling of the Personal Details at the Tellsubway Website

Filling of the Personal Details at the Tellsubway Website

What follows after the answering the given Subway questions is that the customers are required to give the details of their email from where they are in a good position of receiving the coupon of the free cookie.

This means that the customers who do not possess an email have no chances of claiming the free cookie coupon. Thus, the customers are required to sign for a free email either through yahoo website, AOL website or even visiting Gmail website.

Views from a number of customers suggest that ( free Food normally consumes a period that is taking less than a minute to undertake. And for one to be assured of receiving this coupon of free cookie, he/she is required to give out the email address in addition to allowing Subway to send them the email.

This is made successful by allowing to receive an email from [email protected]. For a period of 24 hours, the customers are only required to take only one survey as per the current rules of Subway. The number of the Subway restaurant that they normally give out before going to the survey varies as per the type of the purchase that the customer undertakes.

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What Type of Purchases to Undertake at Tellsubway

What Type of Purchases to Undertake at Tellsubway

What Type of Purchases to Undertake at Tellsubway

There are different purchases that a customer can undertake like cash purchases, credit card purchases, and the pilot travel center purchase. Some of the receipts offered by Subway allows the respectful customer to have a chance of recording down a code known as the validation code on the same receipt. This is normally done so for the case where there is no requirement of an email address.

Customers have a chance of directing their questions regarding the survey of getting a free cookie to the customer service agent of Subway using a toll-free number that is given as 1-800-888-4848.

Furthermore, the customers have a chance of signing for the receiving of the other free sub that is 6 inch and accompanied with a purchase of a 30 oz drink through joining of the weekly coupon club of Subway.

What is Subway Restaurant?

What is Subway Restaurant

What is Subway Restaurant

It is the year 1965 when DeLuca laid the foundation of the first ever Subway restaurant. Currently, a number of this healthy restaurants chain are mainly distributed in the locations that are approximately 30,000 throughout the world.

These healthy restaurants are offering the footlong subs that are freshly baked, salads that are considered to be healthy and the fillings that are tasty like the beef tasty feeling, the chicken tasty feeling, the ham tasty feeling, turkey tasty feeling and other varieties.

Subway offers a number of sandwiches to each and every customer who pays them a visit. Customers are in a position of expressing out their experiences about the Subway Restaurant by visiting their online survey link that is

The survey is made in order for the customers to give out their feedbacks concerning the level of satisfaction that they received from Subway. In completing this survey process, they are given a coupon for a free cookie.

Why Do Customers Have to Undertake the Tellsubway

Why Do Customers Have to Undertake the Tellsubway

Why Do Customers Have to Undertake the Tellsubway

The customers have a chance of expressing their thoughts concerning the nature and the experience of their last visit to this restaurant. They will express out their ideas on whether they enjoyed the footlong sub that is tasty and served from their traditional subs menu, their premium subs menu and their subs menu for breakfast.

The customers will give out an experience of whether they have tried the choc chip that is recognized to be delicious or the raspberry cheesecake cookies that are also recognized to be delicious. There is an option where the customer is required to rate the level of the service that he/she received.

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The esteemed customer of Subway is also required to give out more details concerning the nature of the dining experience that he/she received. After all these, the customer has a chance of winning a coupon for a free cookie. In answering the survey questions, the customer is required to visit their website at

How Long Does the Tellsubway Survey Take?

How Long Does the Tellsubway Survey Take?

How Long Does the Tellsubway Survey Take?

Completing the survey of Subway is a process that is easy and usually lasts for a period that is taking less than a minute.  And as an assurance of making this successful, the customer is required to ensure that the receipt that he/she is offered by Subway restaurant is nearby.

Then the esteemed customer is required to visit their website at whereby this customer is required to enter the store ID of Subway and this is normally printed on the customer’s receipt. In this website, the customer is required to answer a number of questions following by rating the statements concerning the visit that he/she had to this restaurant.

The final step involves the recording down of the code of the coupon that is located on the customer’s receipt and then taking it to the restaurant on the next visit that the customer will pay to the Subway whereby he/she will be given a free cookie. Free Cookie Free Cookie Free Cookie

Subway is dedicated to offering their customers who are loyal with a free cookie. This is made successful by the customers taking their period of less than a minute by completing the Subway survey at their website

The survey of Subway is an essential process at it helps the restaurant to receive the feedback from the customer concerning the latest purchase that they undertook and the accompanied experience they encountered while being served.

The customers are required to recall the occasions of the last visit that they had and then answer some few questions relating to the nature of the food they offer, the nature of the service that they received, the level of cleanliness of the restaurant and even the layout of the Subway restaurant’s store.

Customers are in a good position of ensuring that Subway restaurant is providing the best products and the healthier one accompanied by the customer service that is excellent. This is only made successful by the customers giving out their candid feedback concerning the level of service that they received.

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The Easiest Way of Getting the Free Cookie at

There are some essential things that you require in getting Subway free cookie. You need to have at hand a receipt of Subway that you are offered while making the purchase. You are also required to have a computer that has a stable internet access to avoid any delays that are likely to occur.

In completing the process in a period of less than one minute, the customer needs to possess a pencil or a pen that is used in recording down the validation code. Furthermore, the customer needs to have an email address that is valid and it must be a working one.

Essential Instructions at

Ensuring that has a customer you have all the necessities, you are now required to open the Subway website at using the computer or the smartphone device. What follows after opening it is the selection of the location of the particular store that you visited.

At this website, the customer will be prompted with a number of the Subway’s website Terms including the policy of privacy. The acknowledgment of the respective agreements is required to be made by the customer before proceeding to the next step.

The next step is the entering of the store ID in case there is an automatic failure in loading from the selected location. Then the customer is required to enter the date that is recorded on the receipt when he/she paid a visit to that particular store.

Completing the Survey Process

In this website, a customer will encounter with some questions that require answers. The first one is the one involving the way through which as a customer you can recommend the services offered by Subway Restaurant to a nearby friend. Also, you will need to express out your satisfaction.

All these questions are supposed to be rated as per the scale that ranges from 0 to 10 whereby o indicates that you were never satisfied with the services offered at the restaurant. Scale 10 means that the services offered by the restaurant are very good.

Finally, you give out your email address through which the validation code will be sent. It is also through this email that you will be informed whether you have emerged the winner.

Links That Are Useful to the Customer of Subway Restaurant

As a customer, you will visit subway restaurant at their official page for the survey by following the link You can visit their website for other essential services like for the case where you need to know more about this restaurant and the offers they have or in case you are after some guidance and help by following the link

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