Old Navy Gift Card Balance

Old Navy Gift Card Balance

Gifting is wonderful. It is one of the ways of showing a person you care about them. Everyone loves to receive a gift. Acquiring something you dint expects is always a plus. That is why stores are embracing the idea of gifting.

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Many stores understand that their shoppers may want to gift their friends or relatives with what they sell. Unlike in the past where you choose a gift for a person from your favorite store, nowadays stores offer a gift card that you can gift to friends and families.

Old Navy Gift Card Balance

Old Navy Gift Card Balance

What is a gift card?

A gift card is a prepaid stored value money card issued by a store for use as an alternative for cash when purchasing. It is a beautiful way of saving shoppers the agony of choosing the perfect gift for their loved ones. So, where can you get a Gift Card?

A gift card is typical nowadays. More and more stores are embracing the concept of offering gift cards to their customers as an alternative to shopping for a gift. All people need to do is walk into their favorite stores and buy a gift card to send them to the intended person.

Stores see it as a beautiful idea. They increase sales through the cards, popularity, and help their customers choose the right gift. Through gift card, returns are minimal, and more and more customers are happy with their favorite stores. A good example is the Old Navy.

About old navy

It is a store that offers high-ended fashionable clothes and accessories to the public. A product of Gap Inc., the stores came to be in 1994. Over the years, they have increased in popularity and size with over 1200 stores in the USA only.

Old Navy sells clothes for the whole family. They have trousers, pants, sweaters, dresses, skirts, denim, kid’s wears, and swimming outfits. They also have cute pet outfits for you to choose for your pet. Many high-end celebrities shop for in the stores to get trending clothes.

The stores are convenient in that they offer both online and in-store shopping. They are available in the USA with over 1200 stores, and you can find more stores in Mexico, Taiwan, Canada, China, and Japan. You can also opt to shop online if there is no in-store near you. They gladly ship you what you buy.

Due to the demand for what they sell, they understand that their customers might want to gift loved ones and friends with gifts. They don’t want you to struggle choosing an appropriate gift to gift someone. That is why they have the option of buying a gift card.

Why do old navy offer gift cards?

Old Navy is all about pleasing customers. They work hard for the customers to have a seamless experience when shopping in their stores. The following are the reasons why the old navy offers the option of buying gift cards to their customers:

  • Send anywhere
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Is your cousin having a wedding very soon and you can’t make it to the wedding? Buying a gift card is a perfect way of showing that you love and care. It is convenient in the sense that you do not have to trouble yourself choosing what he or she might like.

Log into your old navy account online and buy a gift card worth the dollar you are willing to gift. You never know, you might have purchased an outfit for the evening party without knowing.

  • More special

When gifting someone, it is all about making him or her feel special and loved. Unlike cash gifts where the recipient spends on anything. Gifting loved one and friends a gift card shows you are gifting them a specific gift, you just don’t want to choose for them.

With trending, fashionable clothes, shoes, and other accessories to choose from, the recipient gladly receive the gift card from you. They appreciate more if they don’t have an old navy store near them to shop from.

  • Flexible

What makes old navy unique is the flexibility it has. It has no limit on when the recipient should use the card since it does not expire. He or she gets to shop in any old navy in store or any other store of Gap Inc. associates and online and in their factory outlets too.

When you get the card, old navy ship it for free, there is no additional cost on your part. You can customize the card to suit the recipient for free. There is no additional fee. Is that not what flexibility is all about?

  • No returns

Returns can be hectic. No stores like handling returns because it shows a customer somewhere are not happy. With the old navy gift card, the chances of recurrences are minimal. That is because the recipient gets to choose what he or she wants.

They have an opportunity to choose the cloth they want the color and get the size right by sending them the gift card. They get to determine what they wish to make it easier for the old navy to sell.

  • Many options

By old navy offering gift cards, they are giving your recipient a chance to choose what they want. Through a gift card, you are allowing the recipient to select what they want at any of the gap association stores.

Old Navy Gift Card Balance Checking and Ordering

Old Navy is the place to be if you want to look good and spend less. They want you to share the experience with friends and loved ones. That is why they have a precise and efficient way that you can obtain a gift card.

To do that, it is easier for you if you have an account online. If you don’t have, log into the old navy website and open an old navy online account by signing in. It is fast and straightforward, and within no time, you have an account here you can use to shop online and buy gift cards.

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Shipping cost Free
Cost of purchasing card None
Redeem for cash in store No
Pay with it while shopping online yes
Pay with it while shopping in store Yes


Benefits of an Old Navy Gift Card

  • Free shipping

Yes. Once your order for the card, they are glad to ship the card at no extra cost. They send it to the address you provide within speculated time depending on the type. If you are shopping online, and decide to have the card, they send the card together with the order.

  • Limitless time

The card is convenient for the recipient. Unlike others here they have a speculated timeline in which they have to use the gift card, with old navy, they don’t. The recipient can take time to shop for whatever they want whenever they want for as long as the balance is available.

  • Specific

You have a choice to customize the gift to suit the recipient. Especially the e gift, you can write the name, photo if the recipient and a short message. The recipient feels special and thought off. It is like giving the gift personally.

  • Free

To obtain the card is free for as long as you have an online account with old navy. If you don’t, go ahead, open one for free. Proceed to get the gift card to gift a loved one or a friend. The account is still useful as you always shop online with it.

  • Redeem anywhere

The recipient has many options to choose from when redeeming the gift. They have a choice of redeeming online by shopping and paying with the card, or they can walk into any old navy or Gap Inc. associate stores and shop with the gift card.

Types of Old Navy Gift Cards

Traditional gift card

It is the old form of gift card that assume the form of a plastic card. After you buy the gift card, it takes one to nine days to reach the recipient. Do you pay for it? No, you don’t pay to get the card, and also they ship the card for free. You can buy when shopping for other items online.

E-gift card

It is a gift card here the recipient receive via email. For you to get one, you must go through old navy partner vendor cashstar to get one. It takes less time to reach the recipient making it convenient if you want a faster way of gifting someone.

Ordering a gift card

  1. Go to old navy website.
  2. At the bottom, click the gift card link to open the gift card page.
  3. Go ahead and select buy traditional card link or e gift. Choose what you prefer and convenient to the recipient.
  4. Select the dollar amount. Here you choose whether you want in bulk or one. If many, order separately in each. If you are doing your shopping, include the traditional card to ship it with your order. The shipping cost will not cover the card. For the e gift, you get it separately through the partner cashstar.
  5. For e- gift, you go ahead to write the recipient name, photo, instructions or a message and recipients email address where old navy sends. The gift reaches the recipient the day and time you instructed to. He or she can choose to print or use it online to shop.
  6. For the tradition gift card, continue shopping, and pay for the other order. Old Navy ships the card to the recipient and he or she redeem online or in store in any old navy, gap, banana republic, or athlete stores. Remember that you can only buy gift cards to use in the USA and Canada.
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Old Navy Gift Balance Checking

For many reasons, the recipient may want to check the balance available in the gift card. Old Navy provides a convenient and swift way of checking the balance to make sure the recipient is aware of how much he or she has to spend.

The recipient has two ways of checking balance:


In the old navy website, they have a simple, straightforward way of checking balance. Depending on the kind of the gift, the recipient can go ahead by logging into an old navy online account. If the recipient doesn’t have an online account, they have a choice of opening one.

E gift balance checking

  1. Online, the recipient goes to old navy website oldnavy.com
  2. On the link ‘check gift card balance’, click to where he or she puts the 16 digits on the e gift.
  3. After that, he or she puts the 4 digits pin and checks to confirm he or she is not a robot.
  4. Hit check balance, and it will be available in a second.

Traditional gift card

  1. He or she has to do it online by going to old navy website oldnavy.com
  2. On the top right corner, the recipient has an option of opening an account if he or she does not have one or can go ahead and click on check balance tab to check balance.
  3. The recipient enters the 16-digit card number and the 4-digit code.
  4. Once he or she hits check balance, the balance reflects immediately.


Old Navy has a helping customer care services here customers call to inquire information. The recipient can go ahead and call the following toll free numbers to get assistance:

  • Within the USA 1-800-653-6289
  • Outside the USA 614-744-3908

Old navy values customers who shop for their goods. Whether in-store or online, the old navy wants customers to have a smooth, exciting experience. They also offer a chance of customers to gift loved ones and friends through gift cards.

Depending on the type of gift card, the recipient has an option of checking balance. Through Old Navy Gift Card Balance on their website, the recipient can check the balance available in the card to spend, thus making it convenient for you and your recipient.