New China near Australia

The Chinese food is loved in all the continents these days for their delicious taste and number of health benefits. The popularity of the Chinese food in the recent times made sure that they are available in all the parts of the world. You can find the very original new china taste in every part of the world which is totally opponent to the pizza man of the Europe. We are going to discuss some of the best new china restaurants which are providing quality food to the people of Australia.

New China Restaurant

This is a new and amazing restaurant with the fine collection of the Chinese recipes and great environment as well. You can find them easily at 319 Barker St, Castlemaine VIC 3450, Australia. The restaurant is not busy mostly and you can find the place for the eating easily here. They provide you the hot and delicious food that too fresh. The food is served in few minutes after the order. The environment of this restaurant is a real treat for all the people. The staff is always smiling and very cooperative to the people. You will not find such a fine customers services anywhere else in the world.

They have a large menu which has the foods from almost all the countries of the Asia. They gave you a variety of choices. You can choose whatever you like and they will present it to you in minutes. The spicy honey beef and the lemon chicken is what people like of this restaurant. People visit them from far off areas and love their food. You should spare some time and visit them with your family for the best Chinese taste in the town.

New China Restaurant

This is another very fine Chinese restaurant in the town which is serving for a quite a long time. You can find them easily at 1 View point, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia. They are having delicious food with the top class service for all of their clients. They are serving in the city for more than 30 years and since then met the expectations of their customers. This is a hot place for the tourists of all the countries especially China. They make the meals for you with the best and freshest ingredients available. You can dine in and even take away food from them. They will take only few minutes in preparing the fresh order for you.

They are known for the Yum Cha lunch which is provided on every Sunday. If you are looking to visit them do adjust your schedule somewhere around Sunday and witness the Yum Cha lunch at this place.

The complete menu of this restaurant is available on their websites. You will find all the traditional and modern Chinese foods on the menu. Select from the variety of options and have a good means at this new China restaurant.

They never compromised on the quality and the quantity of food available at their place. You must plan a visit with your family to this place and enjoy their hot and delicious meals.

New China Dragon Restaurant

As the name suggests this is another great Chinese restaurant in Australia. You can easily find them at 32 Targo St, Bundaberg Central QLD 4670, Australia. They have unique and top class environment for the customers. You will like the variety of food offered in their menu. The service is also great and you will feel like very special in this place.

You can order whatever you want from here and food will always be excellent and plentiful as well. You can full your appetite with just a little portion and the best thing about them is that the prices are also very economical for all the people.Even if they place is full with the people they will complete your order at time, this is what we can call their specialty. You should spare some of your precious time and visit them with your family. The atmosphere is great for the families and as we said you will like their customer service as well. Visit them once and you will not regret rather visit them again with your friends and family.

New Chinese Garden Seafood Restaurant

They are another masterpiece in the new China restaurant and provide you Chinese and sea food at one place. You can easily find them at 385 Gympie Rd, Kedron QLD 4031, Australia. The interior designs of the restaurant are quite unique and you will love them for sure. Beside the designs the food served at this place is also great. The quantity and the quality is their priority. You will get the best quality Chinese and sea food from this place in Australia with economical prices as well.

The ingredients used in all the recipes are fresh for sure and the food served is very delicious and tasty. They have a big place for the parking as well so you don’t need to worry about anything. Plan a visit to this place with your family and enjoy the best Chinese and sea food at one place with reasonable price as well. The reviews of the people about this place are very positive so far and your stay at this place would be enjoyable for sure.


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These are just some of the best places in the country for the Chinese food. Chinese traditional food is in the focus these days all around the world for the wide variety and the health benefits. All the places mentioned in the article are providing top class food with the best available ingredients in the country. If you are a Chinese food lover you must have tried them before as well or may have explored other Chinese food places. If you have any previous experience here do share it with us or tell us about other new china restaurants which are providing top class food to the people. Your comments are very valuable and will add more information to this article.