New China near India

New china restaurants are quite famous in the neighborhood as well. People from all the cities of the India like the Chinese taste. The restaurants have developed quite a good market in all the parts of the world that is why the Chinese food these days is served all over the world. Chinese food has its own delicious taste and unique as well. The Chinese food is very beneficial as far as health is concerned. We are going to discuss some of the best Chinese restaurants which are providing the services in India.

The Golden Dragon Restaurant

As the name suggests this is a traditional Chinese restaurant in India. You can easily find them at Main Market , Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057, India. You can have a complete list of the Chinese food at this place. Their menu has the variety of traditional Chinese food in it. The staff of the restaurant is very friendly and accommodating for all the people. Sliced pork in hot garlic sauce is people favorite here. You can get all the other variety of Chinese foods as well. The ambiance of the restaurant is great and the seats are also very comforting. In short the atmosphere of the restaurant is great for eating. You can visit them with your family for the best Chinese food in India. They a bit costly for sure but the services are also up to that level. This is must go to place for all those who loves Chinese.

House of Ming

As the name suggests this is another great Chinese restaurant in India. This one is inside the famous Indian Taj Mahal hotel. You can find them exactly at The Taj Mahal Hotel, No.1, Mansingh Road, Near Khan Market, India Gate, New Delhi, Delhi 110011, India. I would say this is the best place for the Chinese food in the country. They have very unique décor style which adds an extra taste to the food. The best thing about them is that you get the fresh food every time that too in few minutes. The food is prepared here with the best and highest quality ingredients available. Fried spinach and the honey chicken is among the favorites of the people. Name a recipe and I would say they are providing the best in the whole country. The ambiance is great but the prices are a bit high. Looking at the standard they provide the prices are somewhat economical as well. They are giving you 5 star environments with the best possible Chinese food as well. The restaurant is among the best restaurants in the whole country which defines the class it provides to the customers. You must visit this place if you are a Chinese food lover and looking to visit some new china restaurant. You will completely forget the pizza man after visiting such a nice place in the country. They are a family restaurant with the best services and the best environment in the town.

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Oriental Octopus

This is also a Chinese restaurant in the country with a unique name and taste as well. You can find them at 5th Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India. This place provides you the best and authentic and Chinese food in the town. The ambiance of the place is also great. The space is a bit low but it is fine when they are providing you the best Chinese taste. You will find variety of traditional Chinese recipes here in the restaurant.

The quality of the food here is very great and the best thing is that the price is also very reasonable for all the customers.

You can have a lot of fun at this place and find it peaceful at the same time. They give you a very unique environment for the food. The menu is balanced for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Visit them with your family and you will like this place and the food as well for sure. You can see the complete menu of the restaurant on their website as well and decide before you go there about what to eat. In short this place is recommended for all the Chinese food lovers.

Royal China

This is a super class Chinese restaurant at your service in India. You can find them at Victoria Terminus, Behind Sterling Cinema Building, Hazarimal Somani Road, Azad Maidan, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India. It has a very unique décor which defines the Chinese history with the portraits. The food is of great quality and the quantity is also good. They have a big parking as well so you don’t need to worry about this thing. The service is also superb just visit them and you will love the way they treat their clients.

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They have great flavors of food and the desserts at the restaurants are also great. The place is awesome and can accommodate a lot of people at the same time as well. You can spend a lot of time in their and enjoy your food as well. The important thing is that you must have a taste for the Chinese food only then you will like their food. You can visit them for parties and different functions as well and they will complete your orders on time for sure.

These are some of the best places in the country to eat Chinese food. Once again I would say that you must develop a taste of the Chinese food first and then visit them. They provide you the best quality of food with the best services as well. These places mentioned above are known for their great customer support and the tasty and delicious food as well. You can surely trust them and take your family there. They will provide you the best food with an amazing atmosphere.

If you are already a Chinese food lover you must have visited these places before as well. If yes then share your experience with us as well or tell us about any other place which provides the best Chinese food in the country.