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It is obvious that a number of us are so familiar with Nike. This is one of the sportswear brands that is popular in the whole world. There are chances of this brand being among your best brands as a result of its popularity. If are such a customer and you are always like purchasing this brands, it is high time to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of Mynikevist-na.

By participating in the customer satisfaction survey of Mynikevisit-na, you are in a greater position of enjoying great rewards. The most common reward, in this case, is a Nike promotional code. Normally, this promotional code has treated a coupon that is worth 5 US dollars.

The coupon is only used on the next visit you make to the stores of Nike. It is through this way that you are going to access the Nike brand at a favorably low price. Then, why miss this opportunity? Never hesitate anymore! It is time to take part in this survey and enjoy this offer.

Through this article, you are going to get essential information on how you can participate successfully in the customer satisfaction survey of Nike and get the reward. The essential thing in this survey is the transaction receipt issued at the time of purchasing at the stores of Nike.

What to Note about the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Mynikevisit

Many of you identify Nike as just a normal brand. However, it is true to say that you are wrong. Nike is a common fashion for some people. It common wear when it comes to their everyday lifestyle. You need not doubt anything. Nike is always on the forefront of making continuous innovation in their products.

Other ensuring that the products created by the Nike company are stylish, they also ensure that these products are the comfortable ones. It is through this way that you find a number of the potential customers to this company are satisfied.

As an assurance of the satisfaction of the loyal customers, you are advised to take part in the customer satisfaction survey of Nike. It is through this online platform that a number of the potential customers share their views concerning the quality of the products sold by Nike Company.

More Information about Nike Company

Nike is one of the famous company situated in the United States of America. The company majorly focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of the footwear products and apparel products. The commonly is commonly identifies as the largest sportswear brand.

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When it comes to the production of sports equipment, provision of services and other accessories, Nike is the best alternative. The headquarters of this company is situated in a place known as Oregon. Nike is at greater position of conducting its business online and in turn as the best and precious brand to shop with.

The establishers of Nike Company are identified as Bil and Phil. At the start, the company was commonly identified as Blue Ribbon Sports. It is until the year 1971 when its name was changed by the founders and named as Nike.

The name Nike has a Greek from the Goddess of Victory. Other than being the biggest company, Nike is common as a result of its quite some brands. To mention a few, we have Nike Dunk Brand, Nike Golf brand, Air Jordan brand and many more.

Other than that variety of brands, the company is known to be owning a subsidiary company. A good example is its ownership of Brand Jordan.

In addition to manufacturing its products, Nike also manages some retail stores. The brand Nike is even more common as result of its trademark identified as Just Do It.

Rules to Observe while Taking the Customer Satisfaction Survey of MyNikevisit-na

It is common for some individuals to throw away the transaction receipt immediately after a transaction. They do this with the belief that the receipt is valueless. However, from today, never throw that receipt. After this article, you will realize how valuable it is.

At the transaction receipt issued from the stores of Nike, you are going to find an invitation requesting you to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Nike. From here, there are high chances of turning your receipt into a coupon which can offer you a discount of $5.

Use this receipt to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Nike and increase the chances of emerging the winner. This survey is very simple as it can take up to five minutes depending on your arrangement.

At this transaction, you are also going to locate a validation code that promises you a discount of $5. This allows accessing products at a lower price on your next visit to the stores of Nike.

However, there are some rules you need to observe before participating in this survey. These are discussed as follows:

  1. Eligibility

It is obvious that not everyone will be allowed to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Mynikevisit-na. Therefore, you need to check if you are eligible before participating. By being eligible, it means that you need to note that this survey is only allowed to the legal residents within the United States of America.

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Another factor to consider while participating in this survey is the age limit. Those who have attained the age of 13 years and above are the only ones who are supposed to participate in this survey.

Also, the employees and the sponsors, their families, friends, and relatives of this company are not allowed to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Nike. This is done to ensure that only the loyal customers are getting rewarded for their efforts in sharing the views related to the company.

  1. Requirements
  • Internet device

The customer satisfaction survey of Nike is carried out through an online platform. Therefore, to access this survey, you need an internet device. In this case, there are a variety of options to go for. These include a smartphone, a laptop, a computer or a tablet. You can choose any depending on your desires.

  • Internet connection

For you to complete this process within the shortest possible time, a stable internet connection is a must. This is through the fact that unstable internet connection will lead to issues such as loading effect which will make the process to take quite some time.

  • Transaction Receipt

Upon undertaking a purchase at the stores of Nike, you are issued with a transaction receipt. This receipt is quite essential when visiting the survey website of Nike.

The receipt contains essential details like the survey code that needs to be entered in the survey page. Other details available in the transaction receipt include the store number, the date and the time when you visited the respective store.

  1. Reward

After successful completion of the survey process, you will be required to provide your details. Among these details is your email. This email is required to be valid since it is the one that will be used for communication purposes in case you emerge the luck winner.

Therefore, it is always quite vital to keep checking your email after completing the survey process. It is through this email you will be notified of the discount coupon worth 5 US dollars. However, there are chances of this coupon changing its value. This changes as per the period of the Nike Survey.

There are occasions when you are going to find the coupon being awarded as a gift card worth 10 US dollars. If you are luckier, you emerge the winner of coupon worth 20 US dollars. But mostly you will find the discount coupon of 5 US dollars.

  1. Survey Rules
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For successful completion of the customer satisfaction survey of Nike, there are some rules that you need to keep. They include;

  • You are required to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of Nike within seven days from the time of receiving the transaction receipt. After this period, the receipt is announced as invalid and cannot be used anywhere else.
  • The awarded promotion code can redeem at any of the stores of Nike.
  • Use of the coupon is not allowed at This is an indication that you are not guaranteed of this discount if you purchase products via online.
  • The coupon is not redeemable with any other offer or coupon.
  • The coupon cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The reward is supposed to be claimed within 30 days.
  • Only withdrawal of one coupon per individual is permitted on any given day.
  • The coupon can only be redeemed with certain
  • It is illegal to copy the awarded promotional card.

Step by step guideline on how to participate in this survey

It is true that participation in the customer satisfaction survey of Nike is very simple. Only a little effort is required to make this successful. By observing the following steps, this is going to be simple than you think of.

Step one: Visiting the Website Page

The first step in accessing the customer satisfaction survey of Nike is visiting their website. This is accessed directly by typing the link

Step two: Language Option

Nike Company values its loyal customers. As a result, it provides four language options for those who want to participate in their customer satisfaction survey. The language options include French, Spanish, English, and Chinese. These are selected directly from the survey page.

Step three: Survey Code

The next step is entering the survey code. This is directly retrieved from the transaction receipt. Enter the digits correctly to avoid omitting others.

Step four: Answer the Survey Questions

After entering the survey code, you will be exposed to the survey questions. The questions are straightforward as they reflect on the experience you encountered on the last day visited the stores of Nike.

Step Five: Personal Details

After successful completion of the survey process, you are required to provide your details such as the email address, your name and your mobile number. Ensure that the email address is valid as this is the one that will be used for communication purposes.

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