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Krogerfeedback Survey – Win 50 Kroger Fuel Points at

What do you need to know about KrogerFeedback? Kroger was established in the year 1883 with a starting shy that was 400 dollars which are approximately 10,000 dollars when compared to the present cash.

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Kroger’s Headquarter is located at Vine Street in the City of downtown Cincinnati. It is the second one from Wal-Mart that is found in the US retailers’ realm. The head of Kroger is Mr.W. Rodney McMullen and he is supported by Mr. Michael L. Elis.

Krogerfeedback Survey

Krogerfeedback Survey

Kroger Feedback Fuel Points

Kroger Feedback Fuel Points

Kroger Feedback Fuel Points

This is a program whereby the founder is Kroger. Every time when a person purchases anything at Kroger and performs the transaction using a plus card, he/she is eligible for winning 1 fuel points following each $1 expense.

Other than this 1 fuel point, the person is at a chance of earning 2x fuel points following a transaction that is done using a Gift Card. The Airtime Cards and the Wireless phones are not allowed in this contract.

Kroger gives their customers a chance of earning a Bonus of 50 Fuel Points by accessing their online website via (

The participants in this program include the 50 United State legally accepted residents apart from the Florida residents, the New York residents, and the Rhode Island residents. Other customers who are allowed in this program are the U.S legally accepted residents who have attained the age of 18 years and above.

How to Enter the Program

Kroger Feedback Fuel Points Program

Kroger Feedback Fuel Points Program

One is at a position of entering in this program while when offline or when online. Accessing the program through online, the customers are required to visit their website which is

In this website, the customers will access Kroger’s survey page by submitting the date of that particular day, the time when accessing it and the Entry Id that is given to them during the purchase.

Following the submission of these details, what follows is the question and answer time whereby the customer is required to give various responses concerning the latest experience that he/she had at the store.

and every entry is expected to be submitted to the Kroger’s sponsor latest by 11:59 pm Central Time Zone. This is done on the latest date of the entered Entry.

The customers are in a position of undertaking Kroger’s small survey as one way of earning some fuel points. Even in this survey, the customer is required to enter the visiting date, the visiting time and the entry ID.

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These surveys are essential as the given information will aid in the improvement of the services by Kroger in the store. However, in this survey, the Kroger’s employees and their officers are not required to take part in it. Over a given limited period of time, there are 12 irregular drawing that happens over the Fuel Points of Kroger’s Feedback.

What to Note From Kroger’s Receipt

Kroger's Receipt

Kroger’s Receipt

The expected data required before starting the survey process is found on the receipt of Kroger. The Fuel points of Kroger’s Feedback are mainly in the control of the Service Management Group.

The survey normally incorporates the family stores of Kroger as one way of incorporating the Ralph’s, the Food 4 less, the Pharmacy and the City Market Food.

Anyone who emerges as the lucky winner is given a gift voucher of Kroger that is worth $5000. This type of gift is mainly conveyed as the other types of gift vouchers and its utilization can be done at any store of Kroger which is a show of paying respect to the particular area.

There is a wide number of customers who are purchasing the store products of Kroger which makes it receive a yearly income that exceeds hundred billion dollars.

Kroger has advanced the Fuel Points services to the sunshine state residents which is made up of the Florida residents, the Rhode Island residents, and the New York residents. They give a number of prizes to the customers who emerge winners in this program.

One of this is the Grand prize that they give out. This Grand Prize is normally made up of $5000 that is contained in the Gift Cards of Kroger. There are first one hundred prizes that they offer where each of the prizes is made up of the $100 Gift Card of Kroger.

Kroger mainly intimate their winners via a telephone call, sending them a mail message or by sending a potential email. Kroger has been maintaining all the authority as one way of wiping the respective advancement every time when they see that it is fit.

Krogerfeedback.Com Survey

Krogerfeedback.Com Survey

Krogerfeedback.Com Survey

Kroger is identified as the American Grocery Store that has the main aim of providing quality products and customers’ satisfaction at a favorably cheap price. It is at a forefront in ensuring that its customers are getting the experiences that are the best in addition to ensuring that they provide the services that satisfy them.

As a result, Kroger came up with a survey from where it suggested offering a grand prize that is worth five hundred US dollars and a grocery gift that is worth hundred US dollars and a fifty fuel points of Kroger to any customers who are involved in the participation of Kroger feedback survey.

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The client can use the sweepstakes survey that he/she access through ( as one way of informing Kroger about the experience that they encounter while purchasing from their stores.

The stores that Kroger possess are approximately 2419 in number and all the stores are located in the 31 states found in the USA. The main products that Kroger offers are like grocery products, different food products, a large number of departmental shops, a wide variety of the precious jewelry and many more.

More about Kroger’s Survey

Kroger Survey Winner

Kroger Survey Winner

The Kroger Survey is an online type of survey that was mainly introduced Kroger which is identified as the largest retailer in the world. When a customer enters the Kroger survey, he/she gains a free entry into the sweepstakes where this customer has a chance of Kroger’s grocery gift card that is worth $5000.

Apart from the above possible win, the customer can also win Kroger’s gift card that is worth 100 US dollars in addition to the Fuel Point Balance for Kroger that are 50 in number. The customers have a chance of entering in this survey on a daily basis and they don’t limit the number of times that each can enter in this survey.

The ones who are allowed to participate are the residents of US who are legally recognized.  In entering in this survey, you are required to possess a receipt of Kroger which comes with a survey code or an invitation code of Kroger.

Rules and Requirements for Taking the Survey

rules and requirements for taking the survey

rules and requirements for taking the survey

There are a number of rules to you are required to observe before being recognized eligible in participating in this survey. One rule is the one that requires the customers to be the legal residents of United States apart from the New York customers, the Florida customers and the Rhoda Island customers or the residents from the Columbia District.

The one involved in the survey during the entry time is required to be 18 years or above this age. The customers have a chance of entering in this survey a number of times as they wish. However, a single entry requires its own receipt that is received from Kroger or a postcard that is given by Kroger.

The receipt that is given by Kroger has a validation of only 7 days and as a result, the customer is required to make the use of it before the 7 days are over. Finally, a single that they give out is only restricted to a single individual.

As a customer, you are required to enter the correct details while visiting the website of Kroger. As an assurance of emerging a winner in the Kroger Digital, there are some essentials that you are required to give out. You are capable of participating in a number of times as you can, but you have to keep in mind that one receipt permits only one entry.

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For the case where email participation is involved, the entry is required to be mailed on a postcard that is separate.  Each and every feedback question given normally takes a period of approximately 12 minutes to be answered.

The Type of Questions They Ask

The first question asked in the Kroger feedback is the one inquiring about the products that you purchased on the last visit that you made to them. You are a number of choices from where to choose the respective that you purchased.  The choices include meat or salad, bakery, organic or the natural foods, produce, deli, dairy, or the center store food aisles.

The next question that follows is the one that requires the customer to rate the overall satisfaction that he/she received with the store of Kroger.

The customer is required to rate the services that are offered by Kroger starting from the scale of 1 up to the scale of 5. This follows the rating of customer satisfaction. Finally, the customer is asked if he/she likes to receive the special promotions that they offer or the coupons and if the customer is willing to enter the sweepstakes.

What follows is the question that requires the customer to provide the number of the loyalty card or the ID number which enable him/her to be awarded 50 fuel points of Kroger.  For the customers who will be willing having a desire of entering in the sweepstakes and have a chance of winning Kroger Gift Card that is worth $5,000, they are required to give out their personal information.

Kroger Feedback Login

Kroger Feedback Login

Kroger Feedback Login

There are two possible ways through which a customer can enter the Kroger’s survey. The customer can either enter through email or log in to their website. For the case of the email, the customer is required to hand print his/her name, the complete address and the mobile number on the postcard and then send them to the Customer Survey Sweepstakes.

The customer can login to their official website where he/she fills the date of that day, the time of logging in and the Entry ID that is mainly printed on the Kroger receipt. After entering this details, the customer is required to click on the start button from where he/she is free to start the survey process.

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