Old Navy Shorts

Old Navy Shorts – Why They Are the Best

You agree with me shorts are fantastic to wear, right? You can wear them to a party with friends, to the beach or when working out. They are a fresh alternative casual to have in your wardrobe. Just like any other clothing, you should be keen when buying one.

Old Navy Shorts

Old Navy Shorts

Where do you buy your shorts? Do you get the best? If not, you need to read along and know about Old Navy Shorts. You get to know what they have and how to wear shorts and be fashionable wherever you are. First, do you know who old navy is?

About old navy stores

If you live in the USA, Taiwan, Japan, China, Canada, or Mexico, probably you know about them. It is a one-stop clothing store where you and your family gets what you want. Do you love what Gap Inc. sells, then you will fall in love with what they offer because they sell cool fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

Since 1994, they commit themselves to make sure customers have the latest, Fashionable, and affordable clothes. They understand that looking good and trendy is an everyday thing. That is why they open doors to the public to shop for what they want.

Don’t you love the fact that you can walk in as a family and get what you want? They have men, women, kids wear, and accessories for the whole family. They have qualified and efficient assistants that guide you and take you through the process of buying.

If you are not able to buy in any of their stores, you can conveniently purchase online in their online store. Through their website www.oldnavy.com you can browse through and shop for what you want. Once they receive your order, they ship it to you without hitches.

OldNavy shorts

They keep people talking. Not only are they cute but the variety they have makes you go for more and more. If you look online or walk into any of their stores, they have a whole section of beautiful shorts for you to choose from.

Are you chubby, thin, tall, or short? What do you want the short for? They have shorts to the beach, to a barbeque, to play golf with friends and one for you to go jogging with. Depending on what you want, you will find it all in here.

Reasons why Old Navy Shorts are the best

You are wondering too, right? If you love collecting shorts to wear for various casual places, the following are the reasons why you should buy Old Navy Shorts:

  • Fashionable

You love it when you rock shorts and everyone keeps on turning their heads to see you, right? That is what Old Navy Shorts are all about. They keep on bringing trendy shorts every time to keep you stylish and looking good always.

Whether you want shorts to the beach, playing golf or a backyard barbeque with neighbors, Old Navy Shorts keeps people asking where you got them from. Many people, including celebrities, buy shorts because of how good and detailed they are.

  • Variety
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The fantastic thing about Old Navy Shorts category is that you have many choices to choose from. If you want shorts to go golfing, strolling around the house or out on the streets or casual wear to have when on your vacation, walking in any of old navy stores is the quickstep to getting one.

They have a high-rise, prints, boyfriend shorts, beach shorts, gym shorts, and any other short you may want for any casual occasion. Whether you wish to have denim, cotton, linen, or jeans short, they offer al that at pocket-friendly prices.

  • Affordable

Old Navy wants you to be lenient with your pocket when it comes to shopping. They understand there is nothing wrong with having 10 or 15 shorts in your wardrobe, but they want to make sure you don’t regret or spend all you have.

That is why it is an associate of Gap, to have the same quality of clothes as Gap but at an affordable price. It means you can have good quality shorts at a price you can afford. With that, you always have some coins to spare to have one extra pair of shorts from old navy.

  • Durable

One thing that most people look at when buying clothing is its durability. You don’t want to walk into a clothing store now and then to buy the same clothes simply because they stained or tore when airing them. Old Navy Shorts guarantee you long life due to its durability.

According to many buyers who already have the shorts, they say they are durable, don’t fade away and the material is of good quality. You can wear the shorts for a while before you get another one unless you want to add more to your collection.

  • Comfortable

It is an aspect that everyone wants to look for before buying any shorts. They are to make you comfortable, especially since you wear them casually. Depending on the size you choose, they are comfortable to have and wear when hanging out casually.

For whatever purpose you want the short for as long as you get the right size and length, you have fun rocking the shorts. You can go ahead and stretch, run, jog, grill sausages, and have fun while in the shorts, the material that makes the shorts make you feel and look good.

  • Flattering

It is the goal of everyone that whatever he or she wears end up fitting well and make you feel good. OldNavy shorts are like that. When you walk in to get some, the assistants help you get one that makes you look and feel comfortable

Do you have wide hips, long legs, or are you thin? Are you short and chubby? They have a variety of shorts depending on the fabric, color, and size you want. You end up with a short that flatter your body and make you feel good in it.

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Types of Old Navy Shorts

There are many types of shorts you can find at old navy. Every time, they try hard to have new designs to suit their customers’ preference, they categorize according to gender and size. The following are the type of shots to find at old navy:

Ladies shorts

They are the most prominent of them all. That is because women tend to be fashionable and trendy than men. They have a variety depending on the fabric and body shape. They also have plus size and maternity shorts.

If you are a woman and want to rock some of the Old Navy Shorts, you can choose from one of the following bolder categories:

  • Linen shorts
  • Boyfriend shorts
  • Denim shorts
  • Run shorts
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Swim shorts
  • Maternity shorts that can be any of the above customized to fit the belly.

Men shorts

Men too can rock shorts and be fresh and good-looking. Initially, shorts were for men before women too started wearing them. At old navy, you can find a variety of shorts from different fabric and design to choose from. Buy from the following categories:

  • Training Shorts
  • High-performance shorts
  • Jogger shorts
  • Tennis shorts
  • Cargo shorts
  • Built-in flex shorts

Toddler girls

Small girls look cute and beautiful in shorts. Weather with stockings or not, you can get shorts for your little girl to wear when at home or to the park. The following are some of the shorts available for toddler girls:

  • Denim shorts
  • Linen blend shorts
  • Denim shorts
  • Bermuda shorts

Boys and baby boy shorts

The little young men are all about discovering and exploring. They need to be free and comfortable when doing that. That is why they have cool shorts for them. Walk into any of their stores or online and get one of the following shorts:

  • Denim shorts
  • Cargo shorts
  • Como shorts
  • Jogger shorts
Quality good
durability Last long
variety yes
comfortable yes
All sexes yes


How to wear old navy shorts      

Now that you know where to get the shorts that you are dying to have, do you know how to wear the shorts? If you wear them, do you always do it the right way? Shorts are good casual wears when you observe certain conditions. To make sure you wear old navy shorts the right way, follow the following:

  • The size

Many go wrong when it comes to size. You should know that the way you appear in shorts depends on whether it fits you well or not. Make sure you fit the short before buying or if you are buying online, us the size chart to get one that flatters you. For men, they can pull off the looks with little effort.

If you are a woman, please note to wear one depending on the shape of the body. If you are tall and have thin legs, go for slim cut shorts that end above the knee. Though it is advisable to keep of shorts if you have wide hips and chubby, with old navy boyfriend and plus size shorts, you can pull the look.

  • Length
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Ordinarily, short is supposed to end just above the knee. Rules have changed with time, and now we have shorts of all range. Examples are the boyfriend shorts and some denim shorts that are short shorts. Go with what makes you comfortable and look good on you.

While men look good on almost all length, women are supposed to choose depending on their physique. If you are tall and with thin legs, go for shorts that reach above the knee. If you are chubby and short, go for short shorts.

  • Colors

You are supposed to wear shorts during warm days. It can be on a sunny day to the beach or to play golf. During your vacation on a sunny beach or in a Sunday afternoon barbeque with friends. It means you should go for shorts with arm colors. Keep away dull coolers if you can.

Colors as white, orange, red, pink, sky blue, and lilac are vibrant. They make you look stunning and spackling when you wear them. Accessorize them well with floral blouses and polo t-shirts and some sandals or some loafers for a complete look.

  • Fabric

The fabric matters when it comes to shorts. You want something durable strong and one that makes you look good. Most old navy shorts are of denim, cotton, and linen. That is why they have all the good qualities of being comfortable, durable, and stylish too.

  • Wear shorts causally

No shorts to the office, please! Unless you have instructions from your boss to do so or it is part of your work uniform. Shorts are for wearing casually when you want to relax, feel good, and have some fun. Wear them at home, hiking, working out, to the beach or partying with friends.

  • Mind your undergarment

What you w inside of your short may show outside if you don’t get the colors right. For women who wear thongs and G-strings, there is no problem. For those who wear pants, make sure you wear dark color underwear when you wear a bright short to avoid it from showing through.

  • Be confident

Not everyone can be able to wear shorts confidently. Most people shy away from wearing shorts because of the attention they attract. If you are bold enough to wear them, do it boldly, and have fun with them. Just like any other clothing, you look good if you feel good in them.

Shorts are casual wear that is to make you have fun and look good on them. OldNavy shorts give you a completely new experience of hat shorts should be. With various types, length and material to choose from, old navy gives you great shorts to wear casually.