Old Navy Size Chart

Old Navy Size Chart – How To Get it Right

Do you like shopping online? How many times do you get the right size of what you buy? Shopping online is fun and convenient. You get to shop for what you want at the comfort of your house. The biggest obstacle is how to get the size right. That is why old navy has a size chart to aid you.

Old Navy Size Chart

Old Navy Size Chart

Old Navy is a clothing store that sells fashionable and affordable clothing to the public. Since 1994, they commit themselves to make sure the customers get all the wear they want in their wardrobe. What makes them unusual is the fact that they give shoppers a chance to shop online.

They are available in the USA with over 1200 stores. They also have stores in Mexico, China, Japan, Canada, and Taiwan. For those who still want to shop at old navy stores and don’t have a store to walk into, they have a chance of doing it online through their website www.oldnavy.com

Just like walking in a store, shopping online at their website is a fantastic experience. You have a range of items to choose from. They have men, women, kid, and pets wear for you to buy. Once you make your order and pay, they are glad to send your package by shipping.

Size issues

With all the fun that comes with shopping online, you may wonder what challenges one encounters, right? Well, it is not always easy to shop online. It is challenging to get your size right when it comes to buying online. What is small, medium, or large is always not the same.

Unlike walking into a store, fitting, and buying your clothing, online shopping is different. You entirely depend on what you see and the prices attached to them. Different brands have different sizing mode for their customers. That is why the size chart is there to help you. Old Navy too has a size chart.

What is Old Navy Size Chart?

It is a chart you find at the old navy online store that aid you get your size right. It has measurement and tips that aid you in choosing and knowing the size of the clothes you are about to order. Old Navy understands that it is a challenge to know the right size. The chart has a guideline on how you arrive at your size.

Just like any other online store, the old navy wants to make your shopping experience a memorable one. That is why they want to remove all the difficulties that might come when shopping online. Having a chart is a sure way of making customers happy and makes the come for more.

Importance of Old Navy Size Chart

Why is it essential to have a table on their website? Old Navy is people’s favorite and wants to maintain the customers they have. Having the size chart aids in:

  • Getting the right size

It is agonizing to shop for a dress, a pair of jeans or clothes for your kids without knowing the size, right? Just by looking at a picture, it is difficult to see if it will fit or not. By having the size chart, you will be able to use it and choose what you want depending on the sizes available.

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You are not just sizing small, medium, or large. Getting your size involves many parameters, and that is why the old navy wants to aid you to get the right size for you. You may think you are plus size, but according to the chart, you end up taking a big size.

  • Making shopping easier

When you decide to shop online at old navy, you have an easier time choosing what you want. That is because the size chart is available for you to choose according to what you have in hand. Unlike other sites where you have to guess your size, old navy makes it easier for you to shop the size you want instantly.

When you log into their website to shop, each clothing segment has a size chart against it. The women, men, women plus, maternity, boys, girls, and babies have size charts. All you need to check the rows and the column against what you have to get the size available for you to buy.

  • Avoid returns

Old navy benefits too by displaying the size chart and by making it available for you to have. If you get the right size, chances are you will not return the clothing to them for a replacement hence saving the cost of reshipping.

Shipping clothes to you takes time, effort, and cost money. If they help you get the right size through the size chart, they save all that. It also saves you the time you waste waiting for a shipment to arrive is you had to wait for a replacement.

  • Marketing tool

If you were to choose between an online clothing shop with a size chart and one without, chances are you go for the one with one. That is because you have an easier time shopping and you won’t have to waste time waiting for a shipment twice.

That is what the old navy wants. They want you to choose them as a one-time stop when you want to shop for clothes. If you wish to have dresses, jeans, sweaters, kids wear, you get the right size using the chart, making them the best among the online stores available.

  • Make happy customers

If you have an easier time shopping online, chances are you will come again for more, right? If you were to look for a gown to wear to a wedding and you get the one that fits you well, you will go to the same shop to get another one.

Old Navy wants your experience to be worthwhile. For you to find fashionable, trend, and affordable clothing that fit and make you feel and look good. Once you are happy with what you get, they are sure you will come back for more and recommend them to others.

What to do before using the Old Navy Size Chart

Now that you know the importance of the table, what should you do before you go ahead and use the table? You just don’t go online to their online shop and start using the table. You need to have the necessary details before. Do the following before using the old navy chart.

  • Get your measurements
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Do you have your latest measurements with you? When was the last time you measured yourself? The first step to making sure you use the chart correctly is to have the most original size. You can do that conveniently at your home.

Using your tape measure, you can measure yourself to have the right measurements of your body right now. Having the right chest, waist, height, and sleeve size guides you to use the chart and get the proper clothing for you. Avoid using old measurement because they don’t portray your actual size now.

For men, be keen on the height, waist, and inseam. You might need to choose the hips if you are full. For shirts, blazers, and blouses, pay attention to the chest, sleeve length, and neck size. All these parameters are to aid in finding cloth that fit your body well.

You may not be in a position to use a tape measure. Old Navy has a solution for you. You can use a string or ribbon then lay it against a measuring yard to get the measurements. What is essential is to obtain measures that you can compare in the size chart.

  • Get an idea of your size

After measuring your body, get an idea of which size you are. Are you small, medium, large, or plus size? Using the measurement you get, you can range yourself where you belong. That gives you an estimate of the category of clothing you should look at.

Though the sizes may vary, you can look at the clothes in the right category or section, e.g., if you are small, you will not go looking at plus size or large dresses or pants. It allows you to stick to a specific size and choose the appropriate size in a specified category.

  • Get a professional

It is advised that you get your measurement while you stand straight. By doing it yourself, you are not able to get the right size as a professional would. Walk into any of your local tailor or clothing stores and ask a professional to help you get the size.

A skilled person can know that you measure the fullest part of your chest to get the chest measurement, and you should have your arm straight when measuring the sleeves. Correct measurements always guarantee you have a fitting outfit to buy.

  • About the

The waist is a crucial element to look at when you are buying pants, trousers, jeans, or leggings. Getting it wrong means you are wearing sagging and ill-fitting bottom cloths. The good thing about the waist is that you can get an elastic waist in most trousers, leggings and some jeans.

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In such cases, no need to worry. That is because most elastic waist fits a wide range of body sizes. If you were to shop such clothing, especially leggings and other elastic waist clothing, you will have an easier time and most probably won’t need the measurements.

How to use the Old Navy Size Chart

It’s time to shop. Do you need jeans for the weekends, leggings for your yoga classes or a dress to wear to your friend’s wedding? Depending on what you want to shop from their online store, follow the fooling guide to choose what you want.

  • Log in

Old navy likes it when you have your online account for you to shop with ease. If you have an account, all you need to do is go to their website www.oldnavy.com and when there, enter your user name and password.

If you don’t have an account yet, it is easy. Click on the sign in link and enter your information. Follow the process, and within a minute, you have your account. Once you have one, log in, and start looking at the available clothing they have.

  • Choose what you want

Are you looking for a t-shirt? Some shoes or swim ear for your vacation? They have some cool denim, and you may want to have some. Go to the categories depending on what you want. They have women, men, babies, Boys, girls, and maternity.

Each section has a size chart. It is displayed where you can find it. Once you choose what you want to have, locate the table and here is where your measurements come in handy. Make sure you see that chart clearly, before you start sizing.

  • Compare and get the size you want

Using the dimensions, you have of your body compared with the ones in the chart. In one axis, they have the sizes from small, medium, large, and plus size. On the other, they have the measurement in inches or centimeters. They are clear for you to see and use.

Using the measurements you got from a professional, look at the row or the column that most correspond. From there, you will be able to know which size you should buy and which you should stay away from. Once you have the right size, pay, and order for them to ship.


Before you go ahead and shop online, knowing the size you are about to order is very vital. Unlike walking in a store and getting the right dimensions, buying online has sizing challenges. What you think is your size is not necessarily the size of the cloth. That is why Old Navy Size Chart is there to guide you.

Whether you are looking for a dress, maternity wear, jeans, your children or men’s wear, old navy has a size chart that guides you into getting the right size. Make sure you have the actual size by measuring yourself and compare them with the size available to get the proper cloth to order.