Old Navy Leggings

Old Navy Leggings – Why Every Woman Need to Have 

As a woman, looking beautiful, trendy, and flattering is an everyday thing. It means shopping for fashionable clothes that look good on you. What you buy depends on many things. One of them is being comfortable flexible while doing your daily chores. That is why leggings always come in handy.

Old Navy Leggings

Old Navy Leggings

What are Leggings?

They are comfortable women clothing that is stretchy, tight, thick and of various length worn as pants with other clothing accessories. You can wear them while:

  • At home, doing your daily chores.
  • To the grocery store or shopping.
  • When working out, e.g. jogging, riding, running or in the gym.
  • Yoga sessions.

When you go shopping, do you find yourself buying many leggings? Maybe for work out, wear at home when relaxing or going out strolling in the mall. They are super comfortable, and that is why women prefer having them in their wardrobe.

Getting the right leggings matters. You don’t want to go and pick any leggings you find on the shelves. Leggings can be a lousy outfit to rock if you buy the wrong ones. That is why it is advisable to buy from a reliable store, a store like the old navy stores

Why old navy stores?

With many stores around, it is typical to ask the question. Since the old navy started, they strive to be the best. They do that by offering fashionable, quality, and affordable clothes to the public.  The stores, which are Gap Inc. associates, have all that a family needs.

They have men, women, children and pets wear, and accessories. What makes them people favorite is because they have the option of shopping in-store and online. They have over 1200 stores in the USA and internationally. You can also buy online through their website platform.

Buying at old navy is convenient. Not just because of the quality but also because of the prices and offers they have. Now and then, they have various discount offers for their customers to come and shop their favourite clothes. That includes the Old Navy Leggings. Why are Old Navy Leggings the best?

10 Reasons to buy Old Navy Leggings

If you want to buy leggings, old navy is the place to be. According to trainers and gym instructors, they are comfortable, flexible and have all the right qualities in leggings. The following are the qualities of Old Navy Leggings you should go for:

  1. Comfortable

Leggings are to make you feel comfortable. Whether you are training, or out doing your chores, you should feel free and relaxed in them.  The material and fitting should be kind to your body to allow you to do other activities and remain comfortable

Old Navy Leggings never disappoint. They are of quality materials that make you comfortable when running your errands. When it comes to the gym, you bend, stretch, and make all your moves without difficulties or fear of tear.

  1. Fashionable and stylish

It feels good to look beautiful and trendy always. Even if you are relaxing at home, walking down the street or having your workouts in the gym, rocking an outfit that is fashionable and stylish, always make you feel good. With old navy, you get all that.

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Just as the way people know them to be, Old Navy Leggings are fashionable. If you go for their leggings, you will be out of choices because of the variety they have. From crops, seamless, yoga to mesh leggings, you have a variety of type and print to choose from.

  1. Seamless

Nobody wants to walk around with seams showing everywhere. Every woman likes a flawless look. That is what Old Navy Leggings offer. A look that makes you sexy, your bum is looking good as you walk around or at the gym.

  1. Flexible

Before you consider buying leggings, you fit stretch all angles to make sure it fits well, right? With Old Navy Leggings, you can stretch and be comfortable while making all your moves.  You can go on and run, jog, or lazy around in the house without feeling unease.

  1. Quality

It is what makes many people recommend Old Navy Leggings. They are of good quality material that does not sag around after a few wash. The blend of polyester and spandex material isn’t seeing through and is comfortable to be in.

  1. Wicks sweat

When you are doing your chores in the house or working out in the gym, chances are you sweat a lot. You need to wear leggings that won’t sock in with sweat when you wear it. Old Navy does all that. They absorb the sweat and make you comfortable without any seat showing on the legging.

  1. Fits well

Like mentioned earlier, when looking for a legging, you want something that makes you comfortable and makes you feel good. The old navy legging waistband holds tammy firmly, and the seams are flat for a smooth look to prevent chaffing. They also look good too because they don’t sag when you wear.

  1. Variety

It is what old navy all about. Variety to choose from. When you walk into the old navy, you have a lot of prints, designs, sizes, and lengths to choose from. They also have choices of having pockets, reflective or any other preference that you want. Their store assistants are always glad to help you out.

  1. Compressive

When you are working out, you need something that holds everything together. Having the right leggings that own every part of your body makes you light and able to work out efficiently. Old navy works with your body size and shape to get you the right compressive leggings.

  1. Breathable

Whether you are buying the leggings to lazy around at home, to wear while travelling or while working out, you want something that makes you breathe at ease. Old Navy is not too tight. They fit nicely for you to be comfortable enough to move and seat at ease.

Quality Best
Type Many
Affordable Yes
Sizes All
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Bold types of leggings

Old Navy has a long list of leggings for you to choose from. It might confuse you if you don’t know what you want.  It doesn’t have to be confusing if you know that the many categories they have are of the following bold types.

  • Street leggings

They are everyday leggings. What you would like to wear when you are home lazing around or doing your chores, or you are driving around doing your shopping or travelling. They are super comfortable, and they are to make you light and flexible as you walk around.

They are in many prints and sizes. When buying them, you can pair with a cute top depending on the colour and design you choose to have. Old navy assistants guide you through the whole process of fitting and getting the right top or blouse to wear with.

  • Yoga leggings

Do you go for yoga sessions and looking for flexible, comfortable leggings to do so.? Old Navy has cool leggings that you can rock to the meetings. With a variety of length and colour to choose from, you can go ahead and look for one that suits your body.

In yoga sessions, you are supposed to be comfortable, wear something flexible and one that wicks sweat. With old navy yoga leggings, you have all that. You won’t be afraid of lifting your bum and showing off the curves since the leggings curve your shape in the right way.

  • Seamless leggings

They are leggings that smooth and shape your legs for a sleek look. Whether at home or working out, the leggings give you a simple, flattering look that every woman wants. The leggings are available in many shapes and sizes depending on what you want to have.

  • Crop leggings

They are leggings that go anywhere between the knee and above the ankle. With the many colours and print available, you can choose a clothing item like a short skirt, long tunics, or dresses to wear with since they provide coverage on the lower side of the body.

  • 7/8 leggings

They are leggings that fit perfectly slightly above the ankle. They are the kind of leggings you want to rock when you are down the street with your girls. That is because they elongate your legs, makes you look girlish, pretty and attractive. You have a variety to choose from at old navy.

How to get it right with old navy leggings

For you to rock your leggings and feel good, you must get it right when buying. It means finding the right one. How do you do that? Old navy guides you through their ever-helpful assistants. When you are buying leggings at old navy, follow the following guideline

  • Know the purpose of the leggings

Why do you need the leggings? Do you need them for a casual look while at home, to the gym or yoga?  You find the right design to have, depending on the purpose. Most works out leggings have mesh for air while working out, for jogging, have a small pocket to put your key or phone while running.

  • Your preference
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Do you already know what to buy? Probably because you have one already or a friend recommended you to have one. It is easier if you already know hat you want. Ask for an assistant to get the right size, and get one within a minute.

  • Sizes/body type

It is good to work with the sizes available depending on your body size. Wearing what suits your body best not only flatter your body but also make you look good and classy. At old navy, they have all sizes for you to find one that is of your body type.

While choosing, remember that ankle length is suitable for all body type so you can never go wrong with one. If you are big and ant an elongated slim appearance, black and other dark, dull colours are the right choice. Go for patterns if you are thin as they draw attention.

  • Length

Go with the range that suits your purpose. If you want leggings for a casual look at home, go for one that you can wear with a blouse, t-shirt or any cute top that you have. If you want for the gym working out, choose knee length or ankle length.

  • About the rise

If you are keen to look, you notice that old navy leggings have categories. Depending on the rise is the distance between the crotch and waistband. They have high and midrise. What that does mean to you`. You may ask, right?

Just as you are keen hen buying pants, leggings are more sensitive when it comes to the waistband. You don’t want to buy leggings that fit the waist the right ay only to cause you embarrassment when you bend, do you? Getting the right rise saves you from that.

Whether you are big size or small, fit the legging to make sure you get the rise right. That is by making sure the legging fits your waist perfectly without being too tight or loose. You might think this applies toe curvy woman, but you’re mistaken, it applies to all body sizes that are why you need to fit.


Leggings are a necessity in any woman wardrobe. If you want a casual look that is off the hook, getting a pair of leggings with do the trick. If you like to work out in style, getting the right size of legging aids you in being comfortable while working out.

Old Navy is the place to be. The stores have the best leggings, most trainers and active members of gyms recommend them because they are stylish, made of breathable quality material, wick sweat, and comfortable. The leggings are seamless for a flattering look and are available in any lengths, size, and designs and print. Make sure, when you are buying to get the right size for you to be comfortable.