Old Navy Maternity

Old Navy Maternity Wear – Why You Should Go for

Being pregnant is wonderful. Having the previllage of caring a human being iside you is moment orth celebrating. It is a beautiful phase for any woman. How do you celebrate it? By making every moment count, right? Well it is not all rosy you admit, right?

Your puke all over with mood swings and can’t control or understand yourself. Your body is changing physically and you need to feel good, relaxed, and comfortable. While you take food and medicine to keep nausea away, the only thing that accommodates your physical changes is by fitting clothes.

While you dress in whatever you want normal times, pregnancy tends to be different. You need to wear clothes that are comfortable, accommodating your growing bump and that will make you look and feel good. Therefore, it’s time to go shopping.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you lose your taste. In the past, pregnant women used to wear old and unfashionable clothes until they give birth. Now, people are more into fashion and trending clothes. That is why you need to look at the old navy maternity section.

Old Navy Maternity

Old Navy Maternity

About Old Navy Stores

Old Navy is a group of stores under GAP that has been operational since 1994. They opened their doors to sell to the public high-ended fashionable and trendy clothes at an affordable price. If you want to shop with a budget in mind, it is the place to be.

It is a place that has all what a family needs. Men’s, kids, and womenswear. With all the trends available, you and your family will get what you want for your wardrobe. What makes them the people’s favourite is because they have online and in-store services.

You can walk into any of their stores in the five countries that they are available and do your shopping or you can do it online and have them ship for you at a fee. That is where you need to be, they have all you need when it comes to dressing your growing body and bump.

Old Navy Maternity

Just as they have clothes to suit your whole household, they got you covered too. They understand that you are going through an amazing phase in your life, and you need help when it comes to celebrating the transition with beautiful clothes. That is why they have the maternity section.

It is a section that has trendy, comfortable and fashionable options for clothes that you need to check out. Whether you are looking to dress your little, big or post bump, they have clothes that will suit you no matter which trimester you are in.

If you want shirred, empire or wrap style, they have it all for you. Their clothes are of the supportive panel in all dimensions. Whether you want to support from down, side, rollover or you want support from all dimensions, their clothes will give you the comfort you are looking for.

Qualities of Old Navy Maternity clothes

Why do you need their maternity clothes and not from anybody else? They are the best when it comes to maternity wear. According to most pregnant women, they would recommend you to go for their wear because they are;

  • Comfortable
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If there is something you need right now is being comfortable. In the midst of your mood swing and vomiting, the last thing you need is an ill-fitting outfit. That is why shopping at the stores will be a perfect idea. They have clothes that will suit all your pregnancy phases.

You don’t have to squeeze in your old t-shirt hen you can get a maternity one from them. They have dresses, shorts, drawstring bottoms and under ears that will fit you perfectly. By the end of your shopping, you will have outfits that suit you ell and makes you comfortable.

  • Good quality

You need soft, stretchy and clothes with sheerness in them. Clothes that are not itchy or make your skin uncomfortable. you need to accommodate changes in your body with clothes that are of the right fabric and elegant at the same time.

The Old Navy Maternity section takes care of all that. They have maternity clothes made of fabric that is arm, light and stretches with ease. That way, you will fill comfortable in them and you will wear for long since the fabric is stretching and long-lasting.

  • Affordable

You are working with a budget in mind, right? Old navy accommodates your budget very well.  That is because it is one of the reasons why the stores are open in the first place. You will find elegant, fashionable clothes at a fordable price that will wow you.

Under the maternity section, they have 2 for deals and bargain section where you buy maternity outfit at a specific budget or at a discount that you will bargain. Is that not wonderful? It is a sure way of getting you what you want with your budget, which is cool.

  • Long lasting

Pregnancy comes and goes. You need to shop for clothes that will be wearable even after pregnancy. You don’t want to have a cool and trendy dress that you will rock for only 9 months. That is why Old Navy Maternity is amazing.

They are ready to work with your body to make sure that you get what you will wear even after pregnancy. They have stretchy maternity clothes that you will comfortably wear. That way, you will not hesitate to buy the clothes with the fear of not wearing them afterwards.

  • Fashionable

A growing bump should not limit you from being trendy, fashionable and wearing the latest look. You need to continue wearing the glamorous look that you always do. If you need a maternity wardrobe with class and a lot of taste, Old Navy Maternity has your back.

With the Old Navy Maternity classic, you will get staple clothes for your wardrobe. The clothes will always be trendy to here even after pregnancy.  You can also resale or keep them for future pregnancy as the trend will still be there.

Old Navy Maternity

Old Navy Maternity

6 Categories of Old Navy Maternity Wears

Now that you are gearing up to go shopping, do you have an idea of the categories they have? Reading along will enlighten you and guide you into getting what you want. It is much easier to shop with the categories in mind.

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At old navy, the maternity wears are available in different categories depending on their customer’s needs. The following are the categories you will find when you walk in or you shop online;

Every girl needs some staple clothes in their wardrobe. They are clothes that remain fashionable no matter when you wear them. The clothes tend to have more uses in future and all you have to do is wash and maintain them. Well, maternity clothes are available too.

They have shorts, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, and work wear that range from XS to XL to fit your body. After the pregnancy, you can resell the clothes or decide to keep them for future use. That is because classic clothes never go off fashion.

  • Fashion and speciality clothes

If you are into trendy, fashionable and elegant up to date design that is the section you should be heading to. That is because the category has all the latest maternity design you are seeing n the magazines and fashion blogs.

If you want to look like pregnant celebrities, keep heads turning in the office even with a bulging growing bump, getting some of the pieces in the section will do the trick. You will get a GAP like fashion maternity clothes at a pocket-friendly price that will please you.

  • Online only style

Like mentioned earlier, they have both online and in-store services. If you don’t have an old navy store near you, you can log into their website and shop online.  The amazing part is that they have a special online maternity collection tailored for online shoppers.

When you log into their website, you will see the maternity section. Clicking on the maternity icon will take you to various clothes depending on your trimester and budget. After choosing, you go ahead and pay together with the shipping fee and they will ship your collection to your location.

  • Loungewear

You need to be comfortable no matter where you are. Being at home doesn’t mean you look untidy with clothes that don’t fit. That is why you need the loungewear to keep you comfortable right at your couch. So, what do they have for you?

They have comfortable terry zip, tops, drawstring bottoms, yoga pants, and camis to wear comfortably at home. Leggings too are available to shape your body and make you curvy and sexy while walking up and down the house. Sounds fun, right?

  • Underwear

Never underestimate the power of good fitting underwear. It makes your whole outfit elegant and looks good. That is why it is paramount to have a new look of comfortable pants and bras to wear underneath your outfits. Do they have that?

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Oh yes, they do! You will find bikini and regular briefs to fit well. They also have a low rise and thongs in different colours and sizes. They understand your body is growing and your old underwear may not fit. Having new ones will make you comfortable inside as much as you are trying to be on the outside.

  • Swimwear

It is bound to be hot at a certain time of your pregnancy or you may go for a vacation while pregnant. How well will you rock the belly? By having a fitting tankinis and bandeau top while sunbathing or having a swim. You don’t have to shy away from cooling yourself on the beach.

They sell bandeau tops separately from the bottom. You can choose the top you want then go for a fitting bottom in the normal swimming section. That way, you will have swimwear that will flaunt your baby bump without making you feel uncomfortable.

How to Shop for Old Navy Maternity Wear

Like mentioned repeatedly, there are to ways in which you can shop for the outfits. In both options, you will get what you want fast, at an affordable price. The following are ways to have your maternity ear for you to wear;

  • Shop in the stores

They are in many outlets. They were first in San Francisco, but now, they have over 1000 branches all over the USA only. You can also find them in Canada, China, Taiwan, and Japan. If you are in either of the countries, you can walk into any of the stores and shop.

How do you know whether you have one near you? By the use of hours.com.  It is a website that you log in to see the old navy nearest to you and at what time they open and close. That way, you will save time and effort of looking for a store near you.

  • Shop online

They have an option of shopping online on their website. You log in and find a ray of clothes they have in their stores for sale. What is amazing about shopping online is that they have a special selection for pregnant women who are shopping online.

They have set the online section to help you get what you want. They make navigation easy by giving you the option to choose depending on what you want, the stage of the pregnancy and the budget you are working with. They even have a section where they tailor a full outfit and accessories for you.

Final Thought

Pregnancy is a transition worth celebrating. You should enjoy the journey by making yourself comfortable with good-looking, fitting clothes that are affordable. Old Navy Maternity wear has all the qualities you are looking for in maternity wear, it’s time to go shopping and transform your wardrobe.