Old Navy Careers

Old Navy Careers (If you are looking for a job)

If you are looking for a job, you have to be ahead of the game. You need to know more about the company you are eyeing to work for. You just don’t close your sleeves and wait for an interview so that you can hawk for information.

Being ahead of the game means, you need to have all the information about your potential employer. How do they operate, what are their policies, what time do they open and their goals? All the data will come in handy if you want to excel during the interview.

If you are into retail stores, have a sense of fashion and want to share your knowledge by helping out and earning in the process, old navy stores if the place you should be looking for a job. Do you know what they have to offer? Read along and get to know them more.

Old Navy Careers

Old Navy Careers

About old navy

Old Navy is a less expensive version of GAP. It is a group of stores that commits themselves to sell fashionable and trendy clothes. They have stylish clothes for men, women, kids, and even pet. It is a place where families can get what they want in one roof.

They opened their doors in 1994 in San Francisco. Through providing the best to the public, they have become successful and famous across borders. They have branches all over with over 1000 in the US only. They are also in Japan, China, Canada, and Taiwan.

Because of their product being on demand, they have many stores to satisfy their customers. They need professionals to help them run the various branches that they have. That is why they always hire people to fill various positions that they have in the stores.

Old Navy Careers

Now and then, the old navy advertises various opening that they have in their stores. They look for applicants who are motivated, knowledgeable, and attentive and in need of a job. If you want to work in the clothing stores, reading this will give you an insight into what they are looking for so that you can evaluate yourself.

They are one of the best in their industry. They try their best to make sure their employees are comfortable while working for them. That is by giving good working conditions,  good salary and benefits. They have almost all the qualities any employee is looking for.

Old Navy offers positions for experienced and inexperienced people who are willing to work for them. If you want to work for them, you can do it on a full time or part-time basis.  It is up to you to evaluate ho available you are and the number of hours you want to work.

They have corporate positions for career-minded people. If you have academic papers in your specific career path, they have the perfect base for you to start off your career. With them, you will gain experience that will help you navigate your way up. For you to know more here are the positions that they have.

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Old Navy Career Positions

When you walk into any old navy store, you must be specific with the position you want to apply. That is the only way they will know how best to put your skills into practice. To know which positions are open, you need to look into their websites.

What skills do you have? Depending on your skills, you can apply to work for them in the following positions;

  • Customer experience/ brand associate

If you apply for the above position, you should be ready to be out there. You will be the link between the stores and the customers. The customers will meet you and interact with you first before they go ahead and make their purchase. What are the skills for the job?

You must have exceptional customer service skills. You must be able to assist customers and advise them on fashion, taste and hat is trendy. Your job is to assist the customer in the whole process of selection and buying of the clothes of choice.

You will also be responsible for cleaning, organizing, and making sure the store is neat every day. You will work with the cashier to make sure the whole process of buying goes smoothly. Old Navy stores expect you to comply with all the procedures and rule of purchase and handling customers.

For you to work as a sellebrity as they call them, you must have flexible working hours. You must be ready to work long shifts if needed to. You must know that you might work during the holidays and at the weekend. If you can, you will receive a maximum of $11 per hour.

  • Stock associate/specialist

If you want to work as a stock associate, you must know basic accounting details. At the old navy, you will be responsible for all inventories. You must be able to know what is in stock and what is not. It means you are the driving force to making sure clothes are on the shelves.

When the store has a busy day, your responsibilities as a stock specialist is to make sure no shelves are empty. You should walk around and make sure you replace all the clothes that are off the shelves. Customers should not walk into empty shelves.

The old navy expects you to work with sellebrities into making sure they inform you about all the sales for a restock. That is to inform you what you should move from the store to the shelves for the customers to have.

For you to be efficient, you should be keen to details, be able to work for long hours and have good communication skills among other specific qualities needed for the position. A stock specialist receives $9- 12 per hour. Do you have what it takes? It’s up to you to see.

  • Merchandising specialist

You should be the “now it all” of the entire store. Your job is to drive sales by working with sellebrities to make sure customer buys what they like. You should be able to convince a customer buy hat is in offer. To do that, you must be able to know all the old navy products.

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Knowing all the products means you being able to know where to find them within the store. Together with the brand associate, your main responsibility is to handle the customer by handling, assisting and guiding them into buying what is in the store.

At the back of your mind, old navy expects you to know all the goods in the offer, all the discount at that particular time and assist the customer in making a decision on what to purchase. You should have sale goals of the day when you walk to work.

You must have great communication skills, organization and time management skills. You must be able to work as a team with the other workers to make sure your job goes smoothly. At the end of the day, you might go home $9- 14 per hour richer.

  • Cashier

Do you have some skills in the financing world? Being a cashier will suit your skills. When you get an opportunity to be one at old navy stores, you will be assisting the customers it the purchase. You will do that by expelling company policies and explain to them the acceptable means of payment.

You can work as a cashier on both the full time and part-time basis. According to old navy, you must have an outgoing personality for you to apply for the job. You must possess stunt communication skills, have a positive attitude and have POS system experience.

For such a position, you must have specific skills that come with training. It is part of the corporate position here you can come in at the entry level and work yourself up. Skills you must strain for include computer, mathematics, and finances for great customer experience.

OldNavy wants the cashier to be effective, which is why they have full-time cashiers and part-time one. You can go ahead apply depending on the hours you will be available. Old Navy stores pay $9-11 per hour, which is fair and good compared to others in the field.

  • Management

It is a strong position that requires you to be up to the task. The topmost position is to make sure the stores run according to plan. Most managerial positions need you to have prior experience before you can apply because the position demands a lot from you. What do managers do?

They are in charge. They make sure the store runs smoothly with happy customers going out and sales increasing every day. They motivate workers and those under him or her to make sure thy work t to their best to make the day and store a success.

They are in charge of hiring, making duty roosters and make sure others follow it. They sit down with other top managerial positions to plan and make decisions regarding the stores. They are the driving force behind every running store. What are the skills that you need to be a manager?

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There are several managerial positions depending on the position that needs a head. You must prove to have strong leadership, motivational and organizational skills for you to suit for the position. You must be a timekeeper and be able to lead by example for the store to be a success.

  • Other positions

Depending on the size of the store and the workflow, the positions can be many or less. Each position depends on the workload available at a specific store. For you to know more positions, you must look at specific stores for the positions that they have vacant. You will find the information with a quick Google.

Remember, some position also rises depending on the season and holiday. If you are looking to build your skills and gain experience, holiday and peak season should be your time. They have many part-time positions that you can apply for. They offer students a chance to work for them and build their skills too.

Some stores have processing specialist, supervisors, loss prevention associate and different managerial roles. Each needs general and specific skills. It is up to you to compare whether they have an opening and the skills you want to put to use. Once you do that, it is time to apply.

Old Navy Careers

Old Navy Careers

How to apply for Old Navy career jobs

Now that you have the position that you want to apply, how do you do that? For old navy jobs, you do it online. Whenever you see an advert online, they give you a link to their online application portal where you get a form to fill. They require you to fill in for the position you have interest in.

Once you get to the page, fill in the page with your information. It includes personal, background and educational information. Be truthful hen filling because they might need proof of the information you fill in during the interview.

Evaluate the position you want to apply for. Do you have the skills they require? What do you have to offer and what makes you special from others? The information will give you the answers you need to fill in the online form before you send it for review.

After you send it for review, their response will depend on the urgency of your services. During peak and holiday seasons, they take less time compared to other time. Be ready and if you receive a call from them, prepare for them, prepare for the interview and hope for the best.

If you are enthusiast about fashion, know more about what is trending and on fashion and have specific skills in the field, old navy career is the best place to build your skills. With trendy and fashionable clothes they sell to the public, you will have a perfect platform to display your skills and build your career.