Old Navy Hours

Old Navy Hours

For a business to be operational and successful there should be order in how they do things, right? There should order of how everything falls into place. It makes easier to plan and run a business.

One of the vital things a business should observe it time. Time is money in the business world and so, every entrepreneur should utilize the time available to increase productivity by driving sales. How do they do that? By scheduling duties according to the time they have.

An entrepreneur has to schedule duties according to time available. He or she drafts duty roosters. Employ employees and have a routine of how things are done according to the time they work. A good example of a successful store with a strict schedule of working hours is the Old Navy stores.

Old Navy Hours

Old Navy Hours

About Old Navy

When you think trendy, fashionable, and pocket-friendly clothes and accessories,  Old Navy must come to your mind. That is because they are all about providing you with trendy clothes at a price you can afford. The stores opened their doors in 1994 as a close associate of Gap group of stores.

For kids clothes, maternity clothes, scarfs, jeans denim and dresses, it is a place where you can find all your wardrobe needs. The good thing is that they have stores in five countries namely the USA, China, Japan, Taiwan and Canada. In the USA, they have over 1100 stores for you to shop what you want.

It is a group of stores that have been successful. People from all lifestyle walk into their stores because they believe to find what they want at a price that suits their budget. Not only are they conveniently located but also they have amazing discounts and promos that will keep you coming for more clothes from the stores.

Old Navy Hours

For old navy to be successful, they must have been doing something right? Yes, by providing what their customers want. They open doors for their customers to come in and shop their favourite clothes and accessories. At what time do they open and close?

Old Navy Hours are hours that they conduct business. The time they open their doors for you to shop. They are the daily hours that you are sure you will get what you need from them. According to many, Old Navy Hours are the strictest working hours in the industry.

For them to be effective and serve the customers well, they must have a strict time of opening and closing. The information should be out there for their customers to know. Old Navy opening and closing time is the reason they are popular and trending all over.

Importance of Old Navy Hours

Why are the hours important?  Yes, they understand you want to have clothes from their stores but there is so much that involves their time. The following are the importance of old navy working hours;

  • Schedule visit

You are busy and your time to is money. You don’t have to guess around the time they are open and what time they are not. You need to know specific hours that they are operational for you to schedule your time on when to go shopping.

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Just like any other serious business, old navy has a strict time on when they open and close. They give the customer confidence that they will get what they want within the hours they operate. Customers can schedule their time to visit the stores conveniently.

  • Employment

You might want to know the hours they operate so that you can seek employment at their stores. They have many workers who work part time and full time. As their stores flock with people, they must add workers to attend to the customers who walk into heir store.

If you are looking for a chance to work in their stores, knowing their hours is a good start. The hours will tell you whether you can cope with the shifts and how much you will earn from working with them. You will also be able to decide whether you will seek to work with them on a full-time basis or part-time.

  • Schedule work

The hours too are important for old navy stores. Through scheduling the hours, old navy is able to schedule their workers. They are able to hire, draft a duty roster and know how much to spend on labour during their hours.

They also need to set their goals. Their goals depend on the hours they will remain in operation. By having a strict working schedule, they will be able to increase or have steady sales hence by the end to the day or the year; they will achieve their set sales goals.

What are the Old Navy Hours?

For the reason above, the Old Navy Hours must be out to the public. According to their website, almost all stores open at 9 am and close at 9 pm from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, the schedule changes. Depending on the short shift the shop has, they open from 10 am to 7 pm.

According to the working system, their working hours are many. They are not the normal 8-5 working hour’s schedule. The good thing is they have had many employees who work in shift. They hire full time and part-time workers. They also have breaks in between for their worker to relax while at work.

The working hours also differ during the holidays. Depending on which holiday it is, they might open for longer or shorter hours. That is why looking at them in the social media website will help you know when they are open and when they are not.

Old Navy Hours

Old Navy Hours

5 Reasons Why Old Navy Hours are Many?

If you are used to the 8-5 hours system, you will find their working hours to be many. Do you ask yourself why? Before you go ahead and judge them, it is good to understand why they are that way. The following are the reasons why Old Navy has 9-9 working hours;

  • It is their tradition
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It is hard to change what has been going on since the stores started operation. According to their website, almost all stores open at 9 pm. That is the average time of most malls and clothing stores open. They close at 9 pm to give most people time to get out of their normal 8-5 work.

Having such a tradition makes them target their customers well. They want to work with their customers’ hours so that they can shop without pressure or difficulties. Having extra hours makes sure their customers attend to their daily work and also come to shop at their store.

  • Business demand

Since they opened their doors in 1994, they have been selling the best to the public. More and more people are aware of what they sell through constant commercials and billboards. With so much publicity, people come to their stores to have a look.

Their clothes and accessories are in demand all over. People from different lifestyle come to buy comfortable clothes. The old navy has to keep their doors open long enough to serve the flock of people who walk into their stores. Demand for their goods keeps them open for longer hours.

  • Not enough staff

It is hard to have enough staff to attend to their flocking customers. Over 1100 branches only in the USA, it is hard to cope with the customers that come for their trendy and cheap clothes. To compensate that, they have many hours to work and offer overtime shift to their workers.

The stores are huge and with many floors. There is so much to do in one store. There is folding, arranging merchandise according to type and there is attending to the customers who walk in every time. Having longer shifts give workers extra hours to earn overtime cash.

  • Goals

They have goals they want to achieve at the end of the day, the month or the year. How do they do that? By making sure they remain open most of the hours. The more they open more hours the more the sales increase which is the aim of every business.

To make sure they achieve their goals, they motivate workers, have shorter shifts of 4-5 hours, and have breaks in between the hours. Through doing that, they will manage to keep their workers active for longer to attend their customers for the many hours they open.

  • Season

You love looking good and hippy during special days, don’t you? Your kids always want new clothes to wear during Christmas, Good Friday, or Memorial Day. Days before special holidays are usually busy and that can affect their working hours.

There is a continuous demand for clothes and accessories to go with them. People are looking for maternity wear, jeans denim, sweaters to wear during special occasions. That is why staying in business for longer sounds logic to them during the special days.

How do staffs manage to work for the Old Navy Hours?

You may wonder, right? Worn out and tired workers are unproductive and can lead to loss of sales due to poor services. They need workers who are productive all the time to handle customers with the attention they deserve. How do they remain alert for the whole day?

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Old Navy stores have a responsibility of making sure the workers don’t get tired with the shift, they have to keep their workers working and active most of the hours. That is why they;

  • Have a shorter shift

There are 3-4 shifts at old navy stores. They are to make staffs utilize the hours to be productive. The shifts are mostly when the store is busy and need people to attend to the customers fast. The short shift has a paid 15 minutes break for workers in the shift to reenergize.

  • Have breaks

The staffs in the old navy stores have paid breaks in between their shifts. It means that they get time to rest and take a snack before they can continue with their shift. Breaks give workers time to reenergize and stay productive throughout the shift.

  • Work full time and part-time

When you seek a job at their premises, you have an option of working full time or part time depending on your schedule. That gives you a choice on whether to remain in the store for the whole hours or you want to spend less time in the store.

  • Add more staffs

During the special sales, promos and holidays, the stores add extra workers to assist in the store’s chores. That offloads the full-time staffs work during those times. Offloading workers much work means they work less but be more productive.

How do you know the Old Navy Hours?

They started in San Francisco in 1994. With one store, it was easier to know the hours since all they had to do is write on the door. Today, they have over 1100 stores in the USA only, and with their presence in 5 countries, it is hard to know which store is open and which is not.

They are in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, and Taiwan. The countries have different time zones and it is difficult to know the details of a particular store. That is why you need help. With the help of hours.com, you can be able to get the information you need.

With a quick search, you can be able to know an old navy store near you. The site also tells you the stores opening and closing hours for you to schedule your time on when to visit. It has made it easier for shoppers and job seekers to know when to visit the stores.

Old Navy Hours are between 9 am and 9 pm. You need to take note for you to be able to schedule a time to visit their stores. You may wonder why the hours are that many but before you judge them, you need to know the reasons why and appreciate their effort in wanting to serve their customers.