Old Navy Pixie Pants – Why Every Woman Need to Have

Women like to be stylish. They love it simple but elegant. That is why having light clothes in the wardrobe is always a priority. The advantage of being a woman is that you have many options to choose from. You have no excuse to why you shouldn’t have trendy and fashionable clothing.

Old Navy Pixie Pants

Old Navy Pixie Pants

Many stores sell women clothes. From dresses, pants, sweaters, jeans, and tops. What every woman should know is whether the quality is getting is good enough to have. Is it durable and making you classy as you deserve?

One shop that keeps people talking is the old navy stores. They have what every woman needs in their closet. From pants, shorts, sleep wears, jumpsuits, jeans, and denim. They are people’s favorite, and a type of cloth that has hit the roof in terms of sales is the pixies pants.

Old navy pixies pants

You are wondering what they are, right? They are super comfortable stretchy pants that are straight with an ankle length. The look like leggings but have a visible seam when you wear. They have become women favorite because of how they look on women and how good looking they are.

Old Navy Pixie Pants are an official version of a legging. They are pants you can wear almost everywhere. You can have them on in the office when going on a road trip with friends or going out to have fun. They are pants that no woman should miss in her closest

Old navy carefully has studied the fashion pattern of women and has come up with the pants to make them relaxed and comfortable while doing their errands. The fact that the pants are light and skinny, they make a woman flattering and have a gorgeous look in any kind of blouse or top.

Pixie pant is pants to have when you want light, fun, and fresh clothing in your wardrobe, especially after a long season of winter characterized by heavy clothes and much covering. If you don’t have some, it is time you heat the streets and look for old navy stores for some. Why the Old Navy Pixie Pants?

Characteristics of Old Navy Pixie Pants

What makes you go down the street to look for the Old Navy Pixie Pants? There are many shops having pixies pants on the shelves, what make old navy stores the best place to get the pants? The following are the reasons why you should get the old navy pants:

  • They are classy and elegant

It is hard to get both in one piece of clothing. Old Navy has revolutionized the thinking. That is by making pants that are classy, fashionable, and elegant to have. They are pants that you wear and walk confidently to your board meeting.

Old Navy is about cool clothing and accessories, and that is why they never fail when it comes to the pant. They are entirely made to fit every body size and flatter every woman shape for a cool, fresh look. If you are looking to feel light, new and classy, old navy has the pants for that.

  • Multi-purpose pant
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One thing that makes omen go for the pants is because of how versatile it is. For the fact that you can wear it to work and later to a night out with your girls, make it flexible and more convenient to have in your wardrobe. It’s not that you don’t want to have any other cloth in our wardrobe

It means that you want to have a pant that can save your look when you don’t have time to go and change. As you will read below, you can easily manipulate your office look to look fresh and flirty for an evening out with your girls without much effort.

  • Comfortable

Am sure you love it when you have a pant that allows you to stretch and move freely. Wearing a pants that will enable you to be free to run your errands and still makes you at ease and comfortable. With Old Navy Pixie Pants, you don’t have to worry about your movements.

The pants are stretchy and skinny. You don’t have to worry of any hanging part or how you are going to move up and down when you are in the pants. You can go ahead and work in the office then latter dance in the evening without any difficulties.

  • Variety

Do you want to have pixie pants for a whole week? With old navy, it is possible to have pants to wear for an entire week without repeating the colors. That is because they have cool solid colors and prints that you can buy to wear almost everywhere.

There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself once in a while. Old Navy gives you various choices of pixie pant to wear. They have cute blazers and blouses too here you can go ahead and choose what to wear with which pant after buying.

  • Quality

That is what drives every woman to old navy, to have a long-lasting pant to wear. Old Navy Pixie Pants are not just pants. They are pants that are of high quality material similar to of jeans but soft enough like of pants. With old navy pants, you are in for a long-lasting relationship.

Pixie pants can be costly. If you have to invest the money, you need the assurance of knowing the quality you get is the best. Old Navy has the best pixie pants. The quality is better than that of a banana republic and republican. It is something that people know and are happy with.

  • Affordable

It gives you much peace to know you can have quality pixie pant at an affordable price, right? Old Navy is all about trendy, fashionable, and pocket-friendly clothes and accessories. That is why you get pants of high quality at a price you can afford.

With shops all over the US, they want to make sure every customer who knows about them gets to wear what they sell. If you don’t have a store near you, they give you an option of ordering online and get the same good quality pant, as you would find in the store.

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How to buy the Old Navy Pixie Pants

Now that you know of its goodness, how do you get the pants to your closet? Old Navy came to be in 1994. They are a product of Gap Inc. and their primary purpose to sell fashionable, cool cloths to the public. Do they achieve the mission?

Yes, though the years, they manage to keep customers coming to their stores to have more of their clothes. That is by having new and more fashionable clothes to cope up with the trend. That sees them growing from one shop in San Francisco to over 1200 stores in the U.S

You might wonder what to do if you are not in the US but still dying to have the pixie pants. The old navy is available in additional countries. They include Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, and Taiwan. If you happen to be in either of the states, you can look for their stores near you and shop.

If you are not in either of the countries, you can go ahead and shop online. This is where you log into their website by first creating an account with them. At their platform, you get to choose the type you ant depending on the color, design, and size of your body. When buying the pixie pant remember:

  • Look at the size. If you are in the store, it is easier as all you have to do is fit until you have the right size. Pixie pants are supposed to be tight and stretchy. Get one that flatters your body. The good thing about getting it in a store is you have an assistant to help you.
  • If you choose to shop online, you create an account and choose what you want. Make use of the size chart to avoid any ill-fitting pixie pants and possible returns.
  • Take advantage of their sales offer and discounts. They have various sales discounts now and then. It is a perfect time to shop your clothes at a discounted price hence you get to save more.
  • Old Navy has other accessories like shoes and bags that you can complete the look with. When shopping, look around for blazers, blouses, tops, and shoes that will suit well with each pixie pant you choose. They are all available at affordable prices.
Types Many
Colors Variety of colors
Price Very affordable
Where to buy Online or in any of their stores
Where to wear to Multi-purpose


How to rock the Old Navy Pixie Pants

Now that you have the pants in your closet, how do you pull the look?  Having the pants in your closet means, you have one comfortable pant to rock almost everywhere. Do you know how to do so? You can wear the old navy pixie pant to the following:

  • Office
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Your workplace if the place where you get to put all your skills to work. If you are the boss, you need to show the seriousness of what you do. If you are an employee, you need to look sharp, focused, and serious with your work. One way of doing so is by what you wear.

While some prefer to keep pants off the office and only do skirts and formal dresses, you can safely wear pants. The secret is to tone down the colors and accessorize well. Pixie pants give you a chance to rock pants to work with no fear or worries.

That is because they don’t flop when you bend, they fit well and can you can accessorize it with many accessories to pull a look. What you need to remember is to choose the right color and tone them down so as not to draw attention.

Go for an everyday colored pixie pant with a blouse to match the look. Use a blazer to show a serious look and some pointed toe pumps. You can have a pearl necklace to complete the look and an official bag to work. That way, you show elegance and professionalism in the same look.

  • Weekend

What do you do during the weekend? Do you go for a picnic with your partner, spend time with your kids in the park or do you go to the mall to do some shopping. Pixie pants give you a smooth and cool ay of remaining trendy while running your usual errands.

During the weekend, it is time to wear your bright pixie pant. You want all eyes to be on you when you are down the streets, right? Accessorize with a hat, some cool rubber shoes, and a denim shirt. The look makes you fashionable and makes you feel good in it.

  • A night out with friends

Are you vibrant and like to hang out with friends? Going out means many activities you eat, drink, and dance a lot. You need a pant that is flexible enough to hold your body despite what you eat. Pixie pants stretch enough to keep your body in shape whiles you out partying.

Wear colorful pixie pants with a strap top or a bright shirt top. Finish the look with wedges or high heels shoes high enough to make you comfortable. Accessorize the look with some earrings and a well-blended makeup look, and you are in for a night full of fun.


Since 1994, old navy is people’s favorite when it comes to clothing and accessories. If you want to buy jeans, blouses, swimwear, pajamas, and denim, it is the place to be. They have every trending look, and that is why celebrities too shop from them.

Wearing pants is a new way of welcoming the spring, especially after a long period of cold. Old Navy Pixie Pants are perfect, sweet, and light enough for you to wear. With the pants, you are comfortable, look, and feel good, and you get them at any of their stores or online at an affordable price.