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What are www.Tellpopeyes.Com Survey Questions? Popeyes survey questions at ( give their esteemed customers a chance of expressing out their mind concerning the experiences that they encountered in the Popeyes restaurant. Through these questions, the restaurant is in a good position of ensuring that it provided high customer satisfaction.

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These survey questions make it possible for the services of the Popeyes’ customer to be provided with a high degree of convenience in addition to ensuring that comfort of their esteemed customer is upheld. It is through these survey questions that Popeyes rewards its loyal customers with a prize of the coupon survey code without any cost.

Customers are in a good position of winning up to 1000 US dollars as the sweepstakes because of full completion of the survey process in addition to dedicating their time in answering the questions at their website.

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen being among the best place for eating in the United States, the restaurant always wishes to receive feedback from the customers who visit it as one way of boosting its services. This gives an explanation as to why the restaurant is always after the feel and the responses by their loyal customers.

TellPopeyes’ Survey questions are normally given to the loyal customers as one way of giving out their experiences about the positive sides and the areas that require improvement in this restaurant. Thus, very feedback that is given by the esteemed customer is always keenly observed and an action is taken if it chances that a negative response is given.

Enjoy a Lot of Rewards for Answering the Survey Questions

Rewards for Answering the Survey Questions

Rewards for Answering the Survey Questions

Esteemed customers of this type of restaurant have a chance of winning a lot of rewards as a result of answering the survey questions. This is in compensation towards the time that they sacrifice in answering and giving out the feedback concerning the level of services offered in the respective restaurant.

For the esteemed customers who have an interest of completing the process of answering the survey questions, there are a lot of rewards awaiting them. There is a high chance of emerging a winner for the category of the 1,000 bucks. There are a number of instructions that you need to adhere to in order to make this process successful.

As an esteemed customer of this type of restaurant, you need to believe that Popeyes provides realistic awards, and are offering sweepstakes to anyone who chances to emerge the winner. This is because they are some customers who believe that it is impossible for one to emerge a winner due to answering the associated survey questions.

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Emerge a Winner of 1,000 Us Dollars for Answering the Survey Questions

It is an obvious task to reward those who answer the given survey questions. This is done immediately after the esteemed customers to this type of restaurant are through with answering the questions. Following this completion, the customer is issued with a coupon type of code that is unique.

The survey code is the one that allows the customer to emerge the best one for a free food on the next visit. Apart from winning the free food, there are a number of rewards awaiting those who complete this process of answering the survey questions.

There is the grand prize competition whereby the loyal customers who answer these questions are capable of emerging the winner for an award of 1,000 bucks. This is only achieved by the consumers who have been frequently involved in the answering of the survey questions.

The Essential Rules to Follow and the Requirements While Answering the Survey Questions

Before the esteemed customer of this type of restaurant goes directly to giving answers of the survey questions, there are some essential things that he/she needs to know. Failure to observe these things, it will become hard to participate in the answering process.

The Popeyes customer is required to possess a receipt that is legal and must be taken from the respective restaurant during the last time that the customer paid a visit. This loyal customer is must be residing in the United States of America, from the District of Columbia or from the District of Puerto Rico.

A minimum age of 18 years is required for a given loyal customer to be engaged in the answering of the given survey questions. Furthermore, the Popeyes’ customer is required to possess a device that has a stable internet connectivity capabilities or the one that is capable of making a call.

The esteemed customer is supposed to note that the offer is undertaken once for every 30 days. Finally, the respective loyal customer must choose either English option or option before proceeding to the next step. This is because the survey questions are mainly expressed using these two main languages.

A Step by Step Guide to Answering the Survey Questions

A Step by Step Guide to Answering the Survey Questions

A Step by Step Guide to Answering the Survey Questions

For the Popeyes’ customers who are sincerely into participating in the answering of these questions and have a wish of winning a coupon code, there are a number steps to follow. This will enable the loyal customer to emerge a winner of a particular free food or a 1, 000 US dollars or these two at the same time.

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First, the esteemed customers are required to visit Popeyes’ website at ( The next thing is to decide on the language which you will use to answer these survey questions. In this case, there are two options, that is, English language option or the Spanish language option.

What follows is the provision of the basic details relating to the latest visit that you had to this type of restaurant. The required information, in this case, includes the number of the respective restaurant, the time when you came to this particular restaurant, the date when you came, and the amount that you spent on that day.

You are required to start the answering process by clicking the start button. The associated survey questions are simple and answerable. They relate to the quality of the food that you were served with, the price of the given, the kind of the service you received and the nature of the cleanliness.

What Are the Main Survey Questions?

The survey questions that you will be required to answer are simple. The first one is the one asking you to state the type of the visit dine that you had. Here you are to say if it is was a dine-in visit, a take-out visit or a drive-thru visit.

The next question is the one requiring the customer to rate the nature of the experience that he/she received while in the restaurant. In this case, you are required to rate if you were highly satisfied, if you were satisfied, if you were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, if you were dissatisfied or if you were highly dissatisfied.

Another question that follows is the one that deals with an accuracy of the order, the accuracy of welcome, the food knowledge, the level of the restaurant’s cleanliness, the speed of providing their services and finally the behavior observed from the team member of this restaurant.

You will be asked the experience concerning the taste of the type of food that you were served with and the related price. You will be asked whether you were highly satisfied with it, whether you were satisfied with it, whether you were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, whether you were dissatisfied or highly dissatisfied.

Other Survey Questions That You Will Expect

The esteemed customer will be asked the reason as to why you choose the different options, that is, highly satisfied option, the satisfying option, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied option, the dissatisfied option or the highly dissatisfied option. In this case, you are going to type a text not exceeding 1200 words.

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What follows is the rating of the services that you received from the team members of this type of restaurant. As the esteemed customer of this respective restaurant, you will be asked whether you were okay with the kind of welcome that you received and whether you were okay with the manner in which they served you.

Finally, after the completion of this survey process, the respective customer will be required to state whether you are ready for entering the popeyes’ sweepstakes or not. In this case, there are two options and you are required to choose either yes or no. However, it is considered best to choose the yes option to receive an appreciation from the respective restaurant.

What follows is the filling of the essential details which include the name of the esteemed customer, the phone number of this customer, the email address of the respective customer and is required to be a functioning one and finally the confirmation of that email address. It is through the email that you will be informed if you are the chosen winner.

Tellpopeyes Survey Code

Tellpopeyes Survey Code

Tellpopeyes Survey Code

This is accessed by visiting Popeye’s website at The survey code is given following the filling of the form that is found on this website. This website is mainly designed for the purpose of recording the responses that are given by their esteemed customers.

When undertaking the survey process, you are required to add the name of the respective restaurant, the time indicated on the given receipt and the date that you paid them a visit. What follows is the addition of the given survey code and then expressing out your views.

Tellpopeyes Validation Code

The code gives the esteemed customer a chance of getting a number of rewards from the respective restaurant. They are a number steps required in accessing the validation code. Through this code, an esteemed customer is in a position of winning a grand prize that is worth 1,000 US dollars.

The esteemed customer receive this code by undertaking the online survey where there is a request of giving their responses concerning the kind of services they received. Accessing the survey you open Popeye’s website that is and fills the required information.

After answering all the questions, you are asked to give out your valid email address, your mobile number, and your name. Then you are issued with a validation code that the restaurant uses to award the winners.

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