www.jewelsurvey.com Jewel Osco Survey to Win $100

Jewel Osco supermarket store invites customers to participate in their survey. The survey targets authentic customer feedback about their products services and more. The grocery store will reward the consumers who participate in the survey. They will receive their coupon code which will be used with your next visit.

So the Jewel –Osco shoppers have an opportunity to share their opinion of their level of satisfaction, the pricing and further provides comments on what they feel. Furthermore, the Jewel Osco has offered supermarket services for great years. They sell almost everything. Their pricing is competitive and their customer service is just fantastic.

And if you haven’t entered the survey, you still have time. However the earlier you participate the better. It increases your chances to win the Jewel-Osco survey grand price of $100 gift card. The survey runs from March 1 st 2018 to June 30, 2018.

More Details about the Survey



Make the effort to read the survey terms and condition before you enter into the survey. However, you can review the below Jewel-Osco survey details

  • Reward $100 gift card that is non –transferable cannot be used alongside their coupon.
  • Survey Commence Date March 1st, 2018
  • Survey end date    June 30, 2018
  • Survey Locale   United States & Washington District of Colombia
  • Age Limit 18 years
  • Prize per person $100 gift card
  • Entry Times Once.

And since the survey is the possible way to determine if customer is satisfied or not, make effort to participate in the survey to enter the grand draw where one lucky winner would walk away with $100 gift card.

The Jewel –Osco Survey Rules.

There is a lot of effort put in place for the betterment of this survey. And not only to the Jewel Osco need customer feedback, but also they need the right survey participants. That’s why they crafted the following survey rules to ensure only serious customers participate. To enter

  • You must be either a local resident from these two locales: the United States or Washington DC
  • Secondly, be over 18 years of age. The age limit, however, varies with your country. But for Jewel –Osco survey –strictly 18 years.
  • Enter survey within the correct time. You will be eligible to enter Jewel-Osco survey from 1st March to June 30, 2018.
  • Make sure to enter survey a week later after your visit
  • You cannot enter the Jewel –Osco survey if you work at the supermarket or affiliated to the workers, board of directors in whatever means
  • One can only walk away with the single prize in the entire survey period.
  • You can enter the survey once.

What You Need To Participate In The Survey

There are some of the prerequisites survey needed for one to participate. First to enter the survey via mail or online, one would need be online. Therefore you need to have:

  • A device that can connect to the internet. This could be mobile device, personal computer or any other appropriate device.
  • You need to have the Jewel Osco receipt. Not any receipt, but one with invitation message to enter the survey. Remember this is issued only during promotional periods.
  • Furthermore have a stable internet connection. If your internet keeps buffering you would have to restart the whole survey process that can be a heart-breaking task
  • It’s mandatory to understand either or both Spanish and English language. These are the only two Jewel Osco survey languages in use.
  • And as previously stated, you need to be from a legal resident from the United States or Washington District of Columbia. And don’t forget that under 18 aren’t invited to complete this survey.

How to Enter the Survey.

Now that you’re informed of the survey rules and what you need, it’s sensible to know to enter the survey. There are two methods. You can enter via mail or online. All are valid methods and it jots down to you to choose the best method

1.Enter Jewel –Osco Survey Via Mail.

The method doesn’t necessarily need you to have the survey receipt. There‘re no survey receipt details to input. Rather you will write your

First Name, Last Name, Day Mobile Number. Night Mobile Number, Email and zip code. You would wrap the latter details in a business envelope and send it to the following address.

“Survey Sweepstakes”, 625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100, Rochester, NY 14625-2437.  The sooner the mail is received the better your chance of winning. Each received mail will enter into the weekly drawing.

This provides the same level of competition with the shoppers who will enter the survey online. However, it is vital to understand that the methodology you use to enter survey has no effect to winning grand Jewel –Osco $1000 gift card price.

Still, you have to provide correct information. If you supply the incorrect or inadequate information your application would be void. Thus you have to be keen while you enter survey via mail.

  1. Enter Jewel Osco Survey Online.

Admittedly, this is the best and peoples favourite means to enter the survey. The method reduces your chances to make mistakes as any mistake made would bar you to proceed with the next step.  The following are the steps one should follow to enter the Jewel Osco online survey.

  • Visit there official survey portal. These the avenue where one will complete survey. Check your receipt, to confirm if you‘re in the correct site.
  • Click on the survey home page and start to input survey data. Check your receipt to input the Osco store number. Transfer the store number to the survey portal digit –by digit till you get the green light to proceed
  • For the step input time and date of our visit. These details are still on your receipt. You just copy and paste the same on the Jewel –Osco survey page. Furthermore there is an online calendar at the page that would make it easier to input correct data.
  • Proceed to input Jewel Osco Operator and cash number as they appear on their receipt.
  • Type your email address – an active email address that Jewel Osco will use to contact you if necessary.
  • Proceed to answer Jewel –Osco survey questions. These question are the easiest to answer. Reflect your last visit at Jewel Osco. How were you served? Translate that into rating using suitable scale.
  • Proceed to give suggestion on what the Jewel Osco should do to improve services. This is based with your recent visit and how you were treated. If you disappointed liked their services this is the avenue to lament.
  • Choose whether you will enter the Jewel –Osco sweepstake

The Jewel Survey Questions.

These questions are at the heart of the survey, therefore, your candid feedback is required. The latter will be beneficial to you and company. Some of the Jewel –Osco survey question include;

  1. Your level of satisfaction. You will provide a rate between one and ten. And from the world go, The Jewel Osco, would understand what you mean.
  2. Their customer service. Did they serve you well to even provide the customer services that are above their pay grade? You will have the avenue to comment about this
  3. The nature of their products. Are they of good quality and quantity? And you will comment about that. And this the area where the customers feel the pinch the most.
  4. Their pricing. Is it high, affordable or cheap. Furthermore is the pricing commensurate with the quality and quantity of goods and services.
  5. Lastly you will lament on other difficulties you face when shopping at the Jewel Osco

And as previous stated the survey questions are pivotal to the Jewel Osco customer relationship issues. There are plenty survey question on the Jewel Osco survey portal. These are just a few survey questions and you have to provide correct feedback as that what the Jewel Osco wants.

Jewel Osco Survey Contacts.

Now that you’ve entered the survey, it would be vital to have Jewel Osco Survey contacts. These would be beneficial just in case you need to contact Jewel Osco. You could ask what is taking them long to award the $100 gift card. Of course, there are other serious matters you may want to ask,

Contact The Jewel Osco Via Mail.

Writing an email is the best method one can use to contact Jewel Osco.  You can draft your to comment, query or suggestion, send to. Even if you are disappointed in one, or two attendants, me moderate and disagree politely.

Jewell Osco won’t take long to reply. Furthermore, you can visit their online site and fill in the form, to send them your query. This works and you will receive close to instant feedback.

Contact Jewel Osco Via Official website.

Jewel Osco official site has the best form of customer contact. First, there is the live chart version where there is the ready Jewel Osco customer service attendant who I ready to hear your query.

You will just click, type your name and email address to confirm, you are not a robot, then proceed to air out your query. This is similar to a face to face communication and won’t take long before you receive that answer you are looking for.

Furthermore, the Jewel Osco websites have the FAQ page, which has got answers to a lot of customer queries. If you are active on social media, you will find it easy to contact the Jewel Osco. They are also active on different social media channels,- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among more.

Here you can get posted about the latest trends, offers and also get the live chart version to their customer care department on social media. Also you can subscribe to the Jewel store notification to receive notification about their product and services.

Contact Jewel Osco Via Mobile

These are a fast means to get customer support but you pray hard that there is no call traffic. There are dozens Jewel Osco customer contacts that could help like 8772769637and 1-877-932-7948.

As the Jewels is a big corporation, there is no eminent time that one could get immediate call assistant. And when there is call traffic you would have to keep trying and at last, there will be an agent ready to assist you.