BJ's Customer Feedback Survey BJ’s Customer Feedback Survey

Participating in this survey will be worth your while. You will submit your feedback that is a great thing to do! You will also enter into a draw where you could be the survey grand winner of BJ’S grand prize of $500.

However, to get your hands on the survey grand prize, you will need to do some work first. Answer the BJ’s survey questions, enter sweepstakes, providing your contact number then wait for the grand draw to be held where you could emerge the winner of the $500 gift prize.

The latter process is doable. In fact, you will only need to have your official receipt. Also, you could choose to enter the survey without it.  You just need to enter via mail that will be explained in this article. Without further adjure, let us understand more about BJs

About Bjs.

There is more about this wholesale club that you need to understand. BJs was founded in 1984 at that time it introduced a warehouse club idea. It was then headquartered in the North-eastern side of the United States, to latte open branches in Florida, Ohio, and more locales.

Of late it has managed to establish more than 2000 clubs in 16 different United States. These clubs sell the multivariate home and business products. If you choose to visit one of their stores, expect to purchase, health products computers, electronic beauty, and more

They also sell their merchandise online. Therefore you can order for some. But wait! Don’t even try to do that using your grand price credit card or coupon. It can only be used in store. Ove rally the customer service that they offer is great and their pricing is affordable. They have always been consumer-oriented!

Bjs Official Survey Rules And Requirements.

There are certain prerequisites that are needed if you are to enter this survey. The whole survey process is guided in accordance to the United States and applicant particular state laws. Therefore, the BJs will always want to conform to these laws and will reject entry to ineligible participants. Some of the survey rules and requirements include;

  1. You Must Be A legal United States Resident.

Many surveys accept entry to all legal residents of the 50 United States. However, for these survey, only residents from selected states will be allowed to enter. These are from CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, VA, and VT.

If you are not a legal resident of any of the above mentioned United States, don’t bother to enter. Your entry will be considered null and void. There is no way, you can receive the survey grand prize as you will have to submit proof that you are a particular resident state.

  1. Be of Correct Legal Age.
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Besides being a residents of the mentioned states, you will only participate in this survey if you are of the 18 years of age or older. This is the correct legal minimum age for any state resident to enter the survey. Make sure that you are 18 years old at the time of survey entry. No excuse for that even by a single day.

  1. BJs Employees Cannot Enter Survey.

Of course, it will seem absurd if one of their employees walks away with the survey grand prize. Therefore the BJs has set this threshold that barricades their employees and other parties that have once done business with them from entering the survey.

Furthermore, BJs employee’s relatives will not enter the survey. This implies that their grandparent’s siblings, close relatives of whatsoever kind are locked out from entering the survey. Likewise, if you reside in the same residents with any BJs employee, you will not enter the survey

Understand English Or Spanish.

Of course, you have to understand either language as they will be the medium you will use to answer the survey questions. Before you do anything else on the BJs survey home page, you will need to choose your preferred survey language.

However, your language selection will not have any effect on your chance of winning the survey grand price. Also, there will be the use of the basic language version on either side. After selecting your preferred language, you will receive a welcome note to participate in the survey.

The welcome note will contain the survey official sweepstakes rule in both languages. Be sure to read this. It’s of utmost importance if you are to compete for this survey ASAP. Of course, you need to have a device that can connect to the internet to enter survey via online means.

BJs Survey Grand Prize, Draw And Winner Selection.

It’s adamant to understand the value survey grand price. And as previously stated it’s a 500 BJs credit card. If you are to enter a sweepstake, you need to enter this survey between 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2018. All BJs receipts issued with the period will contain the invitation message to enter the survey

There is a twelve-monthly price that is up for grabs. This implies that you could enter the survey monthly. However, from the survey list winners, you can only win this price once annually.

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While selecting the monthly grand prize winner, all eligible entrée that is received in that month will enter into a random drawing and the winner determines. You will be notified if you are the one within seven days. This will be using the contacts you had prior submitted.

Therefore it’s important to understand that the whole survey process, up to the inner selection is conducted in a free and fair manner. Therefore regardless of your entry method, you stand an equal chance of becoming survey winner.

How To Enter The BJs Survey.

Now that you understand plenty whereabouts about this survey, its time to enter the survey. First, there are two methods you can use. You can enter via mail or online. Whichever method you choose, you will be able to gain survey entry.

How To Enter Survey Via Mail.

If this is your preferred method of survey entry, you will need to write down your contacts details. This will be used for the survey purpose to reach out. You will need to write down; your name. This should be in a similar fashion as they are in any of your identification document – your passport, government-issued identity card or your driving license.

Proceed to write your birth date, ZIP code address, and send this in a business envelope addressing the mail to BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc., Monthly Survey Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 5230, Westborough, MA 01581-5230.

The minute this is received you will be automatically be entered in the survey grand draw. However, one mail sent is equivalent to one entry. Therefore if you are thinking of piling you friend’s credentials in one mail, all of your applications will be rendered null and void.

How to Enter BJs Survey Online.

If you are online savvy, you will find this to be interesting. Not only will you complete this survey with ease, but you could navigate into other BJs survey pages that could increase your chances of competing for this survey as required!

However, to get done with this survey quickly, possibly sign up for other surveys,  you need to ensure that you have a stable internet connectivity Also completing this survey on your PC seems perfect as you will have a wide coverage.  To complete this survey

  1. Visit the BJs Survey Official Home Page.

If you visited the BJs outlet soon, check your receipt. It will contain the official survey link. You could copy the link and paste it into your browser. Likewise, you could search for the official site on Google or your preferred search engine.  You will definitely hit the correct survey home page. After all, you have the survey link in your receipt.

  1. Choose Your Proffered Survey Language.
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As previously mentioned, you can complete this survey using two languages; Spanish and English. Choose one that you are good at. Afterwards, click on the next page. You will receive plenty surely information that will guide you in completing this survey.

3. Input The Bjs Receipt Credentials.

Your BJs receipt contains several survey credential. You are required to transfer the data from the receipt to the survey home page. This will prove if you indeed the receipt is legal. You will need to input the club number that is can be conspicuously located in your receipt.

Proceed to enter other validation receipt credential like the registration number, the cashier number and the date and time of your visit. You will be redirected on what to input. Furthermore, anything that’s needed, is already on their receipt.

Answer The Bjs Survey Questions.

After you have input all correct data, you will move the stage of answering the BJs survey questions. There are plenty of questions that you are required to answer. The key is to ensure that you answer them candidly.

This way your feedback will be used to revamp the services, goods, and any other customer related issues at the BJs. These are not complex question nor will they require any research. You just need to reflect your latter visit at the enterprise, proceed to answer the survey questions.

The question will target to evaluate your overall rate of satisfaction with their services. Of course, many surveys, if not all consider this part to be privy. Furthermore, they will also need to determine if their pricing is okay.

Are their goods overpriced? Is the pricing commensurate with quality? The survey questions also target to determine the overall level of cleanliness of their enterprise, lighting, air conditioning and more.

Enter Sweepstake.

Once t you are done with the survey questions, you will be requested to enter the sweepstake. If you choose to enter the sweepstake, you will enter into the grand draw, where you could win the gift card survey price of $500. If you don’t, you will miss out on the latter grand price.

Complete the survey by entering your personal details. This will be used for survey purpose and to reach out to you in case you are the survey winner. It’s therefore adamant to provide correct contact details.