Regal Theaters Survey Regal Theaters Survey to Win $100 Gift Card

If you love to watch movies at Regal, this survey provides an opportunity to win $100 gift card Prize. Translating that to movies, popcorns, and drinks, this’s enough, for a date with your fiancé, chill out with friends, or just a clinical weekend relaxing time.

There’s no other way you could win the survey grand prize, other than Entering into the Regal survey. To enter, either via mail or online, you will have to provide all the receipts logistics, answer some question, and wait for Regal to contact a grand draw. Of course, if you’re selected, and you were eligible to enter survey.

About Regal Theatres.

Regal Theaters Survey

Regal Theaters Survey

If you’re a movie enthusiast, you must be aware about Regal Entertainment Group, and its theatres. However, if you aren’t, Regal is a top-rated Entertainment service provider, operating plenty movie theatres across the globe.

It’s headquartered in Tennessee’s, and as per now they operate 560 theatres with over 7321 screens. The theatre ambience, it’s cool and clinical. The seating arrangements are classic and lighting, air conditioning, and interior décor, is wow!!

Regal Theatre Survey Rules.

Regal Theatre has set survey rules. The survey sponsor, who run this on Regal behalf, is mandated to ensure only eligible candidates enter the survey. It’s therefore a matter of utmost importance to check if you’re an eligible participants. This will save your time, and companies.

  1. The Survey Is Open To Legal United States Residents.

Only legal United States residents, are eligible to enter survey. You must have documentation to prove you are indeed a legal residents of the United States. This’ll be needed in case you are survey winner

  1. Be Of 13 Of Age Years And Older

While most survey set their survey age limit at 18 years, some even 21, Regal Theatre, has set the minimum survey age at 13. They anticipate to get more feedback, and doing the maths, plenty 13 – 18 years older visit Regal.

However if you’re below 13 years, you could still submit your feedback. Also you’d enter survey indirectly. You could request your guardian, or parent to take this survey on your behalf

  1. Be Non –Affiliated To Regal In Any Working Capacity.

The survey isn’t open to regal employees, shareholders, board of directors, and other party that has once, or does business with Regal Theatre. It will be vital to also note that Regal Theatre employees close relatives; Parents, Guardians, Siblings, grandparents, and more are also barred to enter survey.

Also if you reside on the same household, estate or compound with a regal employee, you will not enter the survey. These rules aim to streamline the survey process, making it free, fair and transparent. Therefore if you enter the survey, you stand an equal chance to win the survey grand price.

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What Is Required To Enter Survey

There’re certain requirements, you need before you start this survey process.  The more prepared you are, the faster will you complete this survey. To start the survey, you: Either online or via mail you will need:

  1. To Have Device that Can Connect To Internet.

Whatever device you use to surf the internet; PC, Smart Phone, Tablet, and more, will enable you to access Regal Theatre survey home page.

However, if you compete this online survey using your P.C the better. It would be faster, and more accurate Also, having a stable internet connection will enable you complete survey faster.

  1. Have Legal Receipt.

Only if you have a legal Regal Theatre survey receipt will you be able to enter this survey. Not only does the Regal Theatre receipt contains the survey invitation message, but has other details, which will prove your eligibility to enter survey.

Also, its only receipts issued during Regal Theatre Survey Period that will contain the invitation message to enter the survey. Therefore, you need to always check your Regal receipt, to confirm.

  1. English Or Spanish Understanding.

This survey can be completed using two languages: English, Spanish. For both cases, the basic version of these two languages are used. This way, you will be able to understand what is asked, proceeding to submit appropriate answer.

 How To Enter Regal Theatre Survey.

There are two methods one could use, and enter Regal Survey. You could enter this survey via mail, which is a pretty straight forward method, and time conscious.  However, you will have to write down your personal credentials.

Write; Your name , all names as they appear on your legal document , Mobile number , both day and night ,address,  Mail those details to Regal Entertainment Group, Attn: Marketing, Mail-in entry, 7132 Regal Lane Knoxville, TN 37918.

The minute regal will receive your mail, you will be automatically entered into the grand draw. However the drill here is to be sure you’ve submitted correct personal contact.

How To Enter Regal Theatre Survey Online.

Entering Regal survey via online method is lucrative than mail as you’ve the option to enter sweepstakes, which provide you with the opportunity to win the Survey $100 gift grand price. To complete the survey online

Visit Survey Home Page

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It’s only on the Regal Theatre survey home page, where you can complete this survey. You need to be sure you‘re completing this survey on the Regal Theatre official survey page. Check your receipt for the Survey URL.

This way you could confirm if the site you’re in is indeed on the correct site .Also it’s vital to understand that Regal Theatre has not authorized any other party to conduct the survey on their behalf. By Understanding this, you will be able to complete the survey on Official page.

Choose Your Preferred Language.

Once you’re on the survey home page, you will see the Regal Survey welcome note. Be sure to read this, it’s important.  Proceed to choose your survey language, which could be either: English or Spanish.

It will be of utmost importance to choose the language you’re good at. If your English prowess is above Spanish, go with English, however, only a basic version of either language is used..

Enter Regal Theatre Receipt Credentials.

If you checked your receipt even before completing this survey, you will find the receipt to be unusual to the normal one you‘re used to.  Of course this receipt has credential which you must input to enter the survey.

You will need to enter the Regal Theatre Survey Access Code, which is found on your receipt.  This access code is conspicuous, and it’s written as access code followed by the digits. Enter those digits in the respective box, on survey home page.

Also it’s privy to understand that the Regal Theatre survey code is only valid within 7 days, meaning if you watched a movies, today, you will have seven days to complete the survey. Failure the code, becomes invalid, so it’s the receipt.

Proceed to input other receipt credentials; date of your visit, time of your visit. And this should be as they appear on your receipt. Failure to, you will not be able to enter survey. Once you’ve entered correct details, you can move to next step.

 Answer Regal Theatre Survey Questions.

This’s the heart of this surrey. Regal Theatre will ask you some questions, and you’ll be expected to supply and answer. This are similar to the Yes or no questions, which we’re used to. However for this one you will have to choose, if: you are satisfied, not satisfied, least, and highly satisfied

And from the word go, Regal Theatre, needs your candid Feedback. If you’re not satisfied with the way Regal Staff operates, this is the chance to mend things up.  By your submitting your honest feedback, you will be helping Regal Theatre improve customer service and you’ll dually benefit.

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Receive Regal Coupon.

After you’ve answered the Regal Theatre survey question, you will receive the coupon code, after joining their promotional program, where they will keep you updated on what’s cooking at Regal.

Submit Your Personal Information.

This is an optional step, however if you’ve gone this far, it’s seem sensible for you to just complete this step. Enter your correct personal contact information, as they appear on your identification documents.

This is your name, mobile number, both day and night, zip code, address, email address, and any personal contact, that’s necessary. Be aware that this will be used to reach out, just in case you’re the survey grand prize winner. Click the send button. You’re done!!.

Regal Theatre Survey Questions.

It’s my hope that understanding these questions will help you complete this survey with ease. The Regal Theatre survey questions will ask you about

  1. Your Overall rate of Satisfaction.

Regal will want to rate your satisfaction level with your last visit to their theatre. There are parameters which are provides and you will rate if you are highly satisfied, not satisfied least satisfied and more.

 2.How You Purchased Tickets.

Regal Theatre will want to know if yu purchased tickets on store online or used anoter method. Furthermore they will need to understand if you are likelysatisfied , not satisfied or you are not okay with the time it took for you to receive your ticket.

  1. How their restroom are.

If you visited Regal Theatre on took the concession or restroom stand, Regal will want to know about your experience. They will also need to know what you bought and how you find the amenities in there. Also you will asked on how you were served by the Regal team members. Were you served candidly or they took long?

  1. Recommend and return questions.

Regal will want to know if you could recommend their theatre to friends, close relatives and other family members. Also if you will return at their theatre for the next movie, needing to know if their theatre is perfect for either a date , picnic or weekend relaxing.

How To Contact Regal Theatre Survey .

At one point or another , you may need to have Regal Theatre survey personal contacts , you can visit the regal contact us page on their official website , found on your receipt. You could also contact them via social media pages , facebook , Instagram , etc.