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Are you that individual looking for the Maggianos Survey on Or are you that individual who after participating in the Maggianos Survey? Or are you after providing a Guest Feedback for TellMaggianos? Then this article is meant for you.

Through this article, you will get a step by step guideline on how you are going to make this process successful. For a complete customer satisfaction survey of TellMaggianos or for the provision of a guest feedback for TellMaggianos, visiting their site at is the first step to start with.

Having participated in the customer satisfaction survey of TellMaggianos, you will be in a position of emerging the winner of a number of awards and gifts. Winning the rewards and the respective gifts entirely depend on the provision of genuine opinions.

Currently, every organization is using the feedback of the potential customers to make a tremendous improvement on the products and the services they offer. This can only be successful if the customers decide to give honesty feedbacks relating to the products and the services offered.

Why do you need to participate in this Survey?

Maggianos Survey

Maggianos Survey

Participating in the customer satisfaction survey of TellMaggianos you are in a position of emerging the winner of the reward program consisting of the gift card and a number of other offers that are specifically meant for you. Having participated in the survey, there are chances that are you will be lucky enough to win a free food pizza visit accompanied by many other complete services.

Other rewards offered include gift cards worth 1000 US dollars and 100 US dollars. These can be accessed by carrying out a successful completion of the customer satisfaction survey of TellMaggianos.

It is obvious that every company that you visit will wish to know your response concerning the nature of the services, the quality of their products and the overall experience you encountered. Thus, sharing out your views in regard to the experience you encountered is a great way of helping any company to achieve its goals in addition to recording a positive improvement.

The views and the feedback can be provided by visiting the official pages together by following the additional information available in the posts. As one way of appreciating you, the company provides a number of rewards and discounts. These are provided in the next visit that you make to this company.

What’s note about this Survey is a customer satisfaction survey of the Maggiano’s Little Italy. This survey plays a substantial role in the progress of this company. This is one of the main objective of this company through which it sees the potential customers being served as per their needs, being satisfied and remaining ever happy. This is one strategy through which these customers are going to be retained.

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Thus, if you have ever taken any dish at Maggiano’s Little Italy, it is high time to take part in this survey and share out your views relating to the nature of the experiences you encountered. Having participated in this survey you will be promised a reward worth 1000 US dollars depending on the type of feedback you offer.

More information relating to Maggiano’s Little Italy

It is obvious that a majority of us take the Italian dish as the best dish in the whole world. This is the kind of meal that has made this company to gain a quite number of loyal customers. The first branch of Maggiano’s was opened in Chicago.

The first branch was established 30 years ago and was situated in the Clark Street in Chicago. This branch is mainly known for it’s delicious that is both contemporary and classic. At the Maggiano’s Little Italy you will find all your specialties starting with the desserts, the salads, the seafood, and many more varieties.

This is the best food that you will ever take. Their meals are majorly known to be having a good taste. Other than this, the company is the best for the family gatherings as it provides banquets service. It provides a home feeling for the individuals who grew up through the culture of Italian-America.

It doesn’t matter the customer’s reason, many people keep visiting this place for the purpose of enjoying the tasty and the most delicious meals. It is common for many of the visitors to wait for long before entering because of the long lines observed in this place.

Maggiano’s Little Italy is the best place to be if you are such an individual who is after enjoying the real Italian meals. As a result, this company is keen when it comes to the provision of foods of high quality in addition to the provision of outstanding services to the esteemed customers at any given time.

Conditions to be observed before participating in this Survey


  1. The participants must have attained the age of 18 years and above. This is an indication that only the feedback of the mature adults is preferred by the company.
  2. Not anyone can participate in this survey. The participants are required to be the residents of the United State, Canada, The United Kingdom and from Puerto Rico.
  3. The code given in the transaction receipt can be used once at a time. Therefore, it is illegal to use in the second round. Also, it should be used within the stated period.
  4. There is only one prize that is rewarded in a single day for every participated sweepstake.
  5. For you to participant in the survey and the sweepstakes, you need to make a purchase from this company.
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Step by Step Guide on Taking part in this Survey


Step 1: Visiting the Survey Website

The first step in completing the customer satisfaction of Maggiano’s is visiting the survey page at

Step 2: Transaction Receipt

Before proceeding further, ensure that you have the transaction receipt that is issued on the day that you visited this company.

Step 3: Entering Code

At the given transaction receipt, you will realize that there is a certainly specified digit code. This code is required to be entered in the survey page. Always take keen while entering the code to avoid making errors.

Step 4: Submitting the Code

After entering the correct code, the next step is submitting it. This can be done by selecting the ‘submit’ option. Through this, you will allow the given code to be processed further.

Step 5: Answering the Survey Questions

After submitting the code, you will be exposed to the survey questions. These questions are directly related to the experience that you encountered on your last visit to this company.

Step 6: Displaying Honesty while Answering the Questions

While answering the survey questions, it is recommended to display honesty. Your honest feedback will determine the nature of services and experience you will encounter on your next visit. Both negative and positive feedback is preferred in this case.

Step 7: Validation Code

After completing the survey process, you will be issued with a code. This code is supposed to be written in the transaction receipt. This is the code that will give you a chance of emerging the winner of a gift card worth 1000 US dollars on the next visit you make to Maggiano’s.

Step 8: Finish the process

Having written the code, the next step is finishing the survey process. This is done by clicking on the ‘finish’ option.

Summary of this Survey

The customer satisfaction survey of Maggiano’s is very simple and will take only a maximum of 10 minutes if you take it under the stated conditions. After participating in this survey, Maggiano’s reward the participants who get the chance of entering the sweepstakes. The participants can win a gift worth 1000 US dollars on a daily basis.

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The customer satisfaction survey of Maggiano’s is accessed by visiting its website at This is the online survey that gives the potential customers a chance of expressing their views relating to the services and the dishes they were provided.

Through this survey, you give out your view on the nature of the experience you encountered by being amongst the members of Maggiano, the nature of the service you received, and the cooperation of the staff.

Moreover, you are going to give out a feedback on the meal you were served with. Was it delicious? Is there any improvement that needs to be made to this food?  Having done this, you will be in a position of getting rewarded by Maggiano. The rewards are offered on the next visit you make to this company.

The rewards give you a chance of enjoying free dishes at Maggiano. Don’t hesitate anymore, make a step to participate in this survey and emerge the winner of the available rewards.

What you must have to make the process successful

  1. Internet Device

Before participating in the survey process, having an internet device is a must. In this case, you may go for the smartphone, the tablet or the computer.

  1. Stable internet connection

The next thing to note before participating in this survey is the stability of the internet connection. A stable internet connection will ensure that you complete this process within the shortest possible time. A slow internet connection will lead to issues like loading effect which will make the process to take quite some time.

  1. Transaction Receipt

This is another essential that you must have for a successful completion of the survey process. This is issued on the last time you visited Maggiano and enjoyed a meal. In this receipt, there is a survey invitation code that must be entered in the survey page.

  1. Age limit

For you to participate in this survey and emerge a winner of a gift card worth 1000 US dollars, you must be 18 years old or more. This is an assurance that the feedback of the children is not preferred in this case.

  1. The participants

Not everyone can participate in this type of customer satisfaction survey. For you to participant in this survey, you must be a legal resident of the following states:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • Puerto Rico
  • The United Kingdom