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Office Depot is an American retail company having a huge business in the field of supplying office equipment and everything that is required by the people for effective working in the office environment. Office Depot is considered to be one of the top retail companies in the field of delivering such services and most of the big offices in the United States have actively employed the services of the retail company in order to meet the requirements of their offices and the office staff.

It offers products and services for offices of all sizes and value. From small to medium to large businesses and corporations, you can find you needful stuff at the office depot store. The list of items available at the store continues to grow as the new ideas and products are curated by the inventors.

Office Products Offered at Office Depot

The kind of products which are usually available at the store is in the field of furniture, stationery items, facilities supply, storage supply and technology related items. The furniture which is mostly used in the stores like chairs, tables etc. is provided to the offices of the company. The furniture of office depot is usually in high demand. Almost all kind of technology stuff can be found by the office at the office depot stores. The store also offers storage items which are usually required in the offices in order to store the important office files and documents.

Locations of Office Depot Store

The office depot is located in the United States has it’s headquartered in the Florida state while the sub stores of the company are spread all over the country. It is a major store and apart from the United States of America, its business franchises and stores are spread across 59 countries of the world.

Success of Office Depot store

Office Depot has a record number of 1400 stores being operated and doing business in almost 59 countries while the number of employees of the company is approximately equal to 66,000. This makes it one of the major employers in the world as there are only very few companies in the world having a huge number of employees. The company has continued to grow ever since it was first started in the year 1986 by Patrick Sher and has managed to gain ground in a lot of companies around the world. The sheer success of the company continues and the plans to expand it even further are being devised by the upper management.

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Revenue and Profits of Office Depot

The annual revenue and profit of Office Depot are usually in the range of $15 billion which is a significant amount which makes it a highly successful by any standards. The stock price of the company is also on the upward trend with more ambitious investors actively taking part and investing more in it. Office Depot has managed to grow and evolve with the course of time in order to effectively meet the requirements of all the customers of the company.

Services Offered by the store

The company has started to offer novel services to its users in order to bring maximum satisfaction to their clients and customers. The company has invested heavily in the online and e-commerce style of business by making their products accessible to the people who like to get the stuff required by them while sitting in their homes on their laptops or mobile phones. The services of online purchasing are now being offered by the company which allows the users to place the orders online and gets the products delivered to their doorsteps.

The delivery services offered by the company are also one of the best in the world and the well trained and highly professional deliver the products to you in an effective manner. The time taken by the company to deliver the products is usually pretty reasonable which makes the online ordering options highly attractive.

Surveys and Feedback

The company, however, believes in continuous improvement and it wants to provide best services to its customers no matter how good the services which are being provided or how good the general perception of the company in the market being. Office Depot wants to get the response of the people to the services and products which are offered by its stores all over the world. It likes to interact with people to get their ideas about what are the best and worst aspects of the office depot stores. What are the improvements which are required to be made by the company in order to provide the best services and products?

Importance of surveys and feedback forms

In order to get these kinds of feedback and informational data, the company conducts a number of surveys through different means which helps in getting the ideas and feedback of the users. The feedback helps the company in making suitable adjustments as well as providing top services to its users all over the world. The means of gathering services is by means of offering surveys which are usually filled by the people who regularly visit the stores on the company and purchase products. All those who have made a purchase at the store can go to the online survey source and provide its feedback.

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Usage of feedback surveys

The feedback information is delivered to the survey organizers which then sit with the quality control and upper management teams to figure how improvements and changes can be made, in order to fix the grievances of the people. The survey although is an important piece of information for the organizers and the action taken on it is helpful for the people, it is also a source of winning prizes for the users. The users who have made a purchase at the store can fill a simple survey form and get eligible for getting discount and win prizes from the office depot.

What it means is when you fill out the survey of the office depot store on the online source, you are provided a coupon which you can use to get discount at the store on your next visit. It is, however, necessary to make a purchase in order to get eligible for the discount. We will also discuss the customer survey of the office depot in detail below.

Some of the requirements for getting eligible for the Office Depot customer survey:


  1. The person who wants to take the survey of the store should be an American citizen as the survey is limited to the citizens of the United States of America. The reasons behind this are that the discounts are available in the United States only. The offices who have officially made a purchase at the store can also take part in the survey.
  2. It is necessary to make a purchase at the Office Depot store as the survey code is provided at the receipt which is provided by the store. The users who want to take part in the survey need to fill out the code provided on the receipt in order to start taking the survey.
  3. The person who is taking part in the survey should be greater than eighteen years old as those who are below this age are not eligible to take part. It is recommended to take part in the survey through an elder person in order to get eligible for it in case you do not meet the age requirement for the survey.
  4. A computer and an internet connection is required in order to fill out the survey form. The survey form is only available online and without the internet, you will not be able to take part in the survey.

Some of the precautionary measure for taking part in the survey:


  1. You may be required to have a fresh receipt of the store in order to take part in the survey. Make sure to fill out the survey form as soon as possible without waiting out for a later time lest the code of the survey on the receipt should expire.
  2. Make sure to redeem the discount provided to you by the store as soon as possible as mostly there may be an expiry date for it which you may miss by not redeeming the discount early.
  3. Make sure that the internet is stable so it won’t hinder the smooth running of the survey.
  4. Make sure to enable the JavaScript on your browser for smooth flow of the survey.
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How to complete the Office Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey?


Some of the steps involved in completing the Office Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey are listed as below:

  1. You will have to head to the site of the survey where it is hosted. On the site of the survey, the link of which is provided below, you will see a simple form requiring you to enter some basic information.

  1. Here you will enter an email address, the date of the purchase as mentioned on the receipt and the code of the survey as mentioned on the receipt. Adding the code of the survey is a must and without it, you will not be able to proceed.
  2. Once you enter the basic information then you can move ahead to enter further information. You can your feedback where the provision is available. This is the most important part of the survey as this page is the whole point of everything that you have done so far. Make sure to spend most of your time here and give an honest opinion about your visit to the store and suggest where the improvements are required.
  3. Once you have entered your feedback, you may be required to enter a valid email address which will be used by the organizers to send you the coupon for the discount. Make sure to enter a valid Email address as, without it, you will not be able to receive the coupon codes. The coupon codes are usually shipped in 2 days.
  4. Once you have entered all the required information, submit the survey and leave.

By filling out this survey, you give yourself an opportunity to win the discount of $10 or $50 when you decide to make the next purchase on the store. Make sure to be ready to redeem the discount as the coupons do expire and the new coupons are offered regularly.