Old Navy Jeans

Old Navy Jeans – Why they are the Best

Do you want to add clothes to your wardrobe? Do you want to incorporate some jeans into your collection? You are wondering why I have jeans in mind right? For where to get awesome jeans, why the place is the best, read along and understand.

We all love shopping. There is nothing fulfilling than having some extra clothing each time you step into the mall. We are always looking for trendy, fashionable clothes to buy. They give us the confidence to stand out and command attention. It is flattering to have a trendy look always, right?

While we want to look fashionable, there are many other reasons why you should go for new clothes. You may want a new look after losing weight, after giving birth or you want to bring your groove back after a certain step back.  Having a new wardrobe is the best way of bringing in the change.

While you can walk into a stall and fit all the clothes that suit you and walk out with them, there are clothes that make sense to have. A good example is a jeans collection in your closet. You can never go wrong with such. That is why a walk into old navy should be your next big thing. You ask why right?

Old Navy Jeans

Old Navy Jeans

AboutOld Navy

You have every reason to like what the stores have. If you are into changing your closet every now and then, you will love what they have always. That is because they always strive to have trendy, fashionable and cost-friendly for you to have each time you walk into their stores.

They have over 1000 outlets in the US only. Many celebrities shop and rock their clothes due to how comfortable and fashionable they are. Blake Lively, Gina Rodriguez, Kate Bosworth, and many more celebs can’t get enough of what they always have on their shelves and online.

They have men, women, kids and pet wear on sale in the stores and online. What stands out are the Old Navy Jeans that they sell. They have been the talk because of how celebrities and ordinary people have been spending on them. That is why you need to walk in and have yours too.

They have a wide variety of jeans for you to choose from. The famous rock star, boyfriend, diva, flirty and sweetheart for women. They also have slim built, straight, boot cut, athletic and distressed jeans for men not forgetting a ray of choices for kids too. It is the best place to get your jeans.

5 Reasons Why Old Navy Jeans are the Best

That is probably the first question that comes to your mind, right? Why do you have to shop for the Old Navy Jeans while you can have many others from any other place? The following are the reasons why you need to have Old Navy Jeans in your wardrobe;

  • Affordable

Where else will you find a good pair of jeans for under $15? Old Navy has a collection of jeans that you can afford. The good part is that they are trendy, up to today’s fashion and worth the cost. You have various choices to choose depending on your budget.

  • Last for long
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Yes, old navy strives to give you the best. That is why they have jeans made of good quality denim. That ensures that what you get is durable to wear for long. Jeans never go out of fashion and that is why the old navy sells jeans that will serve you for long.

To get good quality jeans can be costly, but it is worth with Old Navy Jeans. They have jeans that are easier to ash and don’t fade when you wash. You may not wash your jeans regularly but hey make sure even if you wash, you will still have your jeans intact after the wash by using good quality fabric.

  • Versatile

There is nothing fulfilling than having jeans you can rock in almost all functions. With Old Navy Jeans, you can wear to work, a hike with friends, and an informal cocktail dinner with friends and coworkers. They have a variety for you to choose and pull off in many functions.

  • Flirting part

What do you do when you slip into a pair of jeans, look at your butt, right? Yes, you look to see how the jeans shape your behind. Old Navy Jeans are flattering. They make your butt and your body looks good because they fit well. You will always smile at what you see in the mirror each time you rock one.

  • Easy to style

I can bet that each time you run out of choices for what to wear, you always go for a pair of jeans, right? That is because it is easy to wear. Whether with t-shirts, a loose or fitting top, a shirt, you can always find something to dress the jeans. It also becomes easier to choose the shoes and accessories to wear.

Qualities of Old Navy Jeans

For you to have confidence when buying a product, you must know the quality, right? Knowing the quality make you access how good the product is. OldNavy jeans have excellent qualities that will make you buy jeans. They include;

  • Fabric

When you are looking for jeans to buy, the first thing you should look at is the quality of the fabric. You should buy jeans with a heavy fabric like of old navy. They have jeans made of strong heavy denim fabric. With all the fake materials around, old navy gives you the confidence of having good quality jeans.

  • The stitch

To know whether you have nailed it when looking for quality jeans, you should look at the stitches. A good one should have double stitches all around the helms. That makes it tear free and durable. If you look closer at the Old Navy Jeans, you will notice how the stitches are close, intact, and in double to last longer.

  • Stretch

Yes, especially for women, it is vital to have a pair of jeans that stretches to suit your curves, right? What you probably don’t know is that it should not stretch too much. The good thing about old navy jeans is that they stretch to your size and don’t overstretch.

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The material making the stretching jeans has the right amount of stretch to make sure it doesn’t become baggy and oversize due to overstretching. That means that you will always enjoy wearing your stretching jeans without worries of appearing big.

  • Design

When it comes to jeans, the details matter. Sometimes, the features can tell you the quality of the jeans. Good quality ones are the ones with small details that make a statement. A good example is copper buttons, pockets, hooks, cuts, and labelling.

Though fake can also come with the aspects, old navy makes sure they have the best in the stores. They sort out and get their jeans from top high manufacturers to make sure that they sell to their customers is of a high standard. That explains why celebrities trust their jeans and are always looking forward to having one.

A closer look at the jeans and you will see the details. The labels and all the fabric information are available. They have unique designs in each jean to make sure you get the best. What will give you the assurance is to know many celebrities who have great taste have a pair of old navy jean in their closet.

How to Wear the Old Navy Jeans

Now that you have the jeans in your closet, how do you make sure they complement your look? How do you make sure that you are comfortable in the amazing pieces that you have? For you to look and feel good, you must follow the following rules;

  • Choose the right fit

It is true that the old navy size doesn’t fit according to the other sizes. With that in mind, you must make sure you get your size right before you go ahead and buy. How do you do that? By knowing your size and compare it with old navy size to get your fit.

You also have an alternative to using an old navy brand associate. He or she can help you get the right size for you. When you walk into any of the stores, they will be glad to help you get the right size. If you purchase online, they have a return policy in case it doesn’t fit well.

Old Navy has jeans for all body shapes. Work your body shape to get the right size and the one that will compliment you. A good example is the sweetheart jeans for curvy women. If not sure of what you want, go for the rock star jeans for a more flattering look.

  • Find your cut

Not all are lucky to be able to rock all jeans style. For that reason, find a pair of jeans according to your body features. Whether you choose boyfriend, flare, boot cut or rock star, what matters is going with what works with your body and makes you comfortable.

  • Experiment colours
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Long gone are the days when we thought jeans are only blue. Nowadays, there are many colours available for you to try out. Don’t shy away from trying out bright shades, odd ones, and colours outside the box. Old Navy jeans are available in the many colours you never thought exist.

Classic indigo and black are good to have since they go with many colours. Have some white and pink when you want to look bright and radiant for the day. Remember blue is the colour for jeans, have blue ones to give a sense of denim in your wardrobe.

  • Accessorize well

It is one thing to get the jeans right and it is another to make the look complete. Once you have the right fitting jeans, go for a top or t-shirt that will finish the look. Throwing in a scarf, a sweater, and a high killing heels or fashion statement rubbers shoes to have a look that is complete and polished.

Old Navy Jeans

Old Navy Jeans

Setbacks you may Encounter With old Navy Jeans

  • Sizing

There are concerns raised on the sizes at old navy. Many people think their sizes are wrong and something not according to the standard. What you should remember when buying at their premises is that old navy sizes are always two sizes big. What does that mean?

It means that when buying a pair of jeans, you should go for 2 sizes smaller your size. That way, you will get the right size for you. If you are present in a store, the best thing to do is to try out in a dressing room to make sure you get the right size before you go home.

  • No variety in stores

It might surprise you to know that you will get a variety of jeans online than you would in stores. For some reasons only they know, they have many choices to choose from online that you would not find if you walk into any of their stores. What should you do?

You can opt to buy online. If you are certain about your size, you can decide to buy online. Choose the varieties you did not find in the stores and take advantage of the discount they have for them to ship the jeans for free, yes! They can ship for free if you buy clothes worth a certain mark. Watch out for the offer.

Parting shot

Changing your look is one of the ways of adapting to the changes in your body. Whether you lose weight, you are from giving birth or want to groove yourself up, having a new wardrobe is a sure way of feeling and looking good. How do you it right? By having old navy jeans in your collection.

They never go out fashion, they trend always and come in my styles for you to choose from. Old Navy jeans are affordable, flittering, and easy to style. They are of good qualities so they last for longer. Once you have them make sure you rock them to complement your body for a perfect and elegant look.