Old Navy Job Application

Old Navy Job Application -You Need to Know Before You Apply

Do you have a day job that is tiring you? Are you bored and looking for a change or are you looking for a part-time job to work during your free time? Do you have experience in clothing stores? Read along and know how old navy will come in handy and how to go around the application process.

Being a job for too long can be boring. Having to work in a frustrating environment can lead you to lack morale in your work. You may be underpaid and looking for an alternative. If you work in a clothing store and looking for a change, old navy maybe what you want after all.

You may be looking for a part-time job to work while you study. You have a lot of free time, and you want to use the time to earn extra cash. Old Navy might be your landing place. That is why you need to scroll along and learn how you will get to work at one other leading clothing store, the old navy.

Old Navy Job Application

Old Navy Job Application

About Old Navy Stores

They are stores strategically located. They aim to provide an outlet for shoppers to walk in and buy high-end fashionable clothes at affordable prices. They are a product of the GAP group of stores, and their purpose is to make sure residents get trendy pocket-friendly clothes.

Since 1994, they have provided clothes for the whole family. Men, women, children, and pets can find classic, elegant, and fashionable clothes and accessories to the whole family. They never disappoint when it comes to great customer support and help.

Over the years, their sales get on increasing. With one store hen starting, they have no expanded to more than 1000 stores in the US and have expanded their geographical location to Taiwan, China, Canada, and Japan. That means they are doing something right, right?

Due to the increase in the workflow, they hire now and then. The stores need qualified workers to work in the stores. The workers help in inventory, assisting the customers, receiving and cashing money and managing the stores. That is where an opportunity opens.

Old Navy Jobs

They are among the best employers in the industry. They hire workers for both full time and part-time terms when they need to help in the workflow. According to their workers, it is the best place to work if you want to grow and gain experience in the industry.

They have several positions in which you can work. Depending on your skills, you can be:

  • A brand associate
  • A cashier
  • Merchandise associate
  • Manager
  • Any other position depending on the branch

Each time they have an offer, they post on their website for every potential employee to see and apply. If the above information entices into applying for a job at their premises, continue reading to know more about the application process.

Why apply for Old Navy Jobs?

Perhaps that is the question you should ask yourself. It will give you concrete answers on whether to undergo the whole process of applying for a position at any of their outlets. Old Navy is the best employers, and the following is why you should apply for their jobs

  • They are equal employers
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According to its website, the old navy is equal employers. They don’t discriminate against race, gender, religion, and beliefs. Their application process solemnly depends on how well you qualify for the job. That gives you the confidence to apply right?

They have people from all lifestyles work in their outlets. They pay equally depending on their skills and give equal benefits. Unlike others, old navy is sensitive on the matter and goes a long way in ensuring that everyone who seeks employment from them gets an opportunity,

  • Pay well

There is nothing that keeps an employee longer and happy than a good salary. It shows appreciation for the work they do. That is something that the old navy knows very well. That is why they give a standard salary and wages to all their employees.

  • Give benefits to their employees

In addition to good wages and salaries, their employees enjoy benefits that come with working for them. It includes a paid leave, insurance and sicks off. That is to show they mind about their employees’ life outside the workstation and wants to keep supporting them even out of their working place.

  • Good working conditions

Working in good condition makes an employee comfortable and more efficient. That is why old navy provide what their employees need to be comfortable while working. It includes equipment, paid off time during the shift and convenient working hours to every employee.

The Old Navy Job Application Process

With all the above reasons, working at old navy will be convenient, right? That is hay you need to take the next step of applying for a job with them. For you to do so, you need to set aside 30- 60 min for you to complete the whole process. Are you wondering why?

Old Navy Job Application process is one of the longest in the industry. It involves a systematic process in which you must follow for the stores to consider your application. It is important for you to be keen on hen following the process for you to stand a chance of working for there.

The steps are not to intimidate you; they are to give old navy an insight into who you are. It is your chance of impressing them by answering the question in the most honest as possible. Make sure you don’t ignore any prompt they ask you to take or any question they ask.

Old Navy Job Application

Old Navy Job Application

5 Crucial Steps to Old Navy Job Application Process

Of course for you to apply for a job at old navy. There must be a job opening posted on their website. You will see through login on their website on the job search section and enter your locations to see opening near you.  They post each time they have an opening at a certain store.

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Once you see the open positions, you need to scroll down and see which job is the best depending on your skills. That is to make sure you will be helpful once employed by the old navy. When you see the one you want to apply for, it’s time for you to take the next step. Go to the job application site through the link present.

Depending on where you see the job opening, you can apply via an affiliate site, or go to their job application site on their website. Once there, you need to give information, which is into two: the personal information and the assessment part.

  • Give personal information

To give your personal information, you need to create an account with old navy. It is mandatory since that is where you keep track of your job application process once you have the account give your personal information. That includes your name, address, phone number, education background,  work history, and references.

Your references should be from your previous employers, and you should not have any relations with them. If you have a LinkedIn account,  grant old navy access to your account. Doing that will be easier for you as they will get all your information from the account.

If you are not comfortable allowing that, create the account and feed all the information manually. You must have a resume with you so that you can upload it at this point. Once you finish and certain you have all the information the part needs, you move to the next step.

  • Assessment part 1

It will take you approximately 40 minutes for you to complete the step. It involves answering real-life situations to evaluate how you will handle situations once they employ you. The part comes in three steps, and the first one has nine questions.

For nine questions they give you, they describe a scenario. What they want you to do are to give five possible answers to each scenario. They appear to be simple but can be tricky. Think and evaluate to come up with the most logic answers for each question. After the first part, you go for the second part.

  • Assessment 2

The part has 21 questions. They ask about your previous work experience, your education background, and performance. You must not leave any part blank because doing so limits your chances of working for them. If you have any volunteer work, fill in as part of your experience.

With the information you fill, they want to evaluate how best you fit the position. What are your skills, your previous experience, and what your referees have to say about you? You must give consent for them to dig your background to find the information they need.

  • Assessment 3

It is the final but with the most questions in the process. It has 64 questions for you to fill in. The questions are about how you might behave at work when you face a certain situation. Each question has five possible answers, and it is up to you to best evaluate the situation and answer ho you can handle it in the best way.

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The question includes ho you may handle a person if you find him or her stealing, ho you would handle long hours and how you would handle co-workers conflict. Give the question all the attention and answers with a lot of intelligence to increase your chances of joining them.

Once you finish answering the third part, submit your application, and wait. You can keep track of the application by logging back into your account and checking on the job progress. In case the stores consider you, they will call you for the interview and hire you.

You Should Remember:

  • Don’t skip the background check

Your background information plays an important role in deciding whether they should hire you or not. Grant them access to the information they may want from your previous employer. Make sure the information you give is correct and true to ascertain you can be trusted.

  • Resume

A well-crafted resume is part of the application. If you don’t have one, you must make one before you go ahead and apply for the job you want. If you have one, but it is outdated, update it the relevant information before you go ahead and upload in your account.

Through the CV, they can gain a lot of your information. Your academic qualifications, your skills, and previous employers and their contacts are here. That is why you must remember to upload your resume as part of your personal information.

  • Take assessment seriously

They emphasize a lot about the assessment. It is the most crucial part of the job application. Be keen and pay attention to how they ask the questions so that you can come up it the most logical answers. You cannot be right in all the questions but being keen makes your chances of impressing them high.

  • Follow up

Just like any job, you must take the whole process seriously. It means after filling in the application form, you must come back to the account you created to check on the progress.  Whether or not they consider you, it is good to know the progress s of that you may not miss on a chance in case there is one.

  • Good luck

Yes, when you have all the right skills, you have the motivation and the determination to work for them, luck is on your side. Make sure you do everything right and hope everything turns your way. Take it as a learning experience and if they consider you, congratulations.

If you are looking for a change, a part-time job or a chance to build your working experience, old navy is the place for you. They hire all the time, and it is your chance to show them your skills. Fill in the job application page by creating an account, filling in your personal information, and completing the assessment. It might be intense and time-consuming, but it is worth a trial.