Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy Return Policy – Why it Increase Online Sales

Do you buy goods online? Do you find yourself ordering something that you think fit but on receiving it, it is not what you want? Do you try to return hat you don’t want only to have a difficult time doing so? Well, read along to know why you should not fear when it comes to shopping at Old Navy online store.

With the evolution of commerce, many businesses have started selling their goods online. That is in the aim of increasing sales by reaching out to customers from wherever they are. That does not mean all transactions are smooth and the customer gets what he or she wants.

Sometimes things don’t always go as we expect them to. You may order something and what you receive end up not pleasing you. You may be gifted by somebody buy at your end. It is not what you wanted. That is why a return policy comes in. Do you know what a return policy is?

Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy Return Policy

What is a return policy?

It is a policy drafted by a store to cover rules governing online. They are to state the store’s rules if you want to return any item that you bought from their online store. They are to reduce return conflict, build trust, and make online customers happy for the increase in sales.

Buying goods in store is easy. You walk in, choose what you want, probably fit, and if it pleases you, you pay and walk away happy. When it comes to the online store, the process has so many uncertainties. The colour, size, or style might not be right. You need a clear policy that will govern you to return the item for a better one.

With many online stores to choose from, it is hard to get an e-store with a return policy that can please and that is why when you find one, you tend to stick with the store and shop with them regularly. A good example is the Old Navy Return Policy. Do you know about old navy? Here is a brief description.

About old navy

It is a group of stores owned by the founder of the GAP. The intention of opening the stores was to offer the same quality of clothes as of gap but at an affordable price. They began in 1994 with a shop in San Francisco.

The store received positive feedback. More and more started shopping in the stores due to their affordable and quality fashionable clothes. It led to the opening of many stores all over the US. Currently, they have over 1000 stores in the US and have stores in Japan, Taiwan, Canada and China.

They have increased sales to become one of the leading clothing stores in the US. Many families walk into their stores because they have confidence that they will find what they want. They have dresses, trousers, denim jeans, pants, sweaters, kids’ wears, and accessories to fit the whole family.

Due to the increasing demand for their product, it had led to then to open online stores. People can log into their website and shop what they want. They latter pay with a credit card and their clothes that they chose an old navy ship right to their doorstep.

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Because of their efficiency, many people shop online. Sales have increased due to the ability they have when shipping the orders. The one thing that has kept shoppers shopping online is their return policy. You need to read through before you start shopping in their e-store.

Old Navy Return Policy

Before you go ahead and enjoy shopping at their online store, you need to go through the return policy. If you buy online frequently, am sure you are aware that you should always look at what you will be up to in case you get what you did not expect.

Old navy states the policy in a simple and clear language for you to understand. That is because they want you to be confident while shopping and to reduce conflict in case you wish to return an item you bought online. According to many online shoppers, it is one of the best you will find

Reasons Why Old Navy Return Policy is the best

They want to please their customers and increase sales by selling online, which is why they have the best policy in the industry. When you read through, you will understand the old navy policy is the best because:

  • It is clear and simple

They don’t beat around the bush. They want every customer from around the world to understand what it takes to return the goods they buy online. They state the rules clear and explain each circumstance so that you can be aware before you go ahead and start the return process.

  • Offer free shipping

When you want to want to return something to get what you want, the first thing that comes to your mind is the additional cost. It might be a turn off especially if you are working with a tight budget. The good thing about old navy is that hey state that they will ship you an exchange item for free which what every policy should have.

  • Long return period

Once you get the clothes that did not fit or please you, you need enough time to mail it back to them for a refund or exchange. Old Navy has a 45 days return period. It is fair enough because they give you enough time for you to mail it back to them.

  • Multiple return methods

You need a policy that gives you many options on how you can return the good for a refund or exchange. Old Navy gives you a choice of returning the cloth on the store. It gives you hope and confidence that your claim will be legit and you will finally get what you want.

  • Cash return without sweat

Hat scare many people from shopping online is the fact that you may end up losing your money and not get what you want. That is because many stores don’t return money spending on the item. With old navy, you don’t have to worry. They put the money in the original credit or debit card used for the purchase.

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What makes old navy stand out is they engage with the customer from the onset of the return process, they need you to call and make your specific changes. If they have to return the money you spent, they do it swiftly, if you are to do it in the store, the sales associate assist in the best way possible.

The 6 Old Navy Return Policy Rules

In case you go ahead and purchase any cloth from old navy and it doesn’t meet what you wanted, returning the item means you following the following rules or else the return will not be valid:

  • 45 days

You have exactly 45 days after the sale to return the clothes for a refund or exchange. Within the days, the whole process i=will be valid, and you will get refund or exchange to what you want. After 45 days, they assume you are contented, and no refund can take place.

  • Don’t use the cloth

Don’t go around wearing the fabric then decide to ship for an exchange. According to old navy rules, you should not wear, ash or use the fabric you want to exchange. Except for the fitting process, if they notice you ore the cloth or washed it, there will be no refund or exchange for you.

  • About the exchange

If you want an exchange of the cloth you ordered initially, the old navy would give you an even exchange. It means that you will get the same item in terms of colour. You may get a different size or style depending on your changes.

  • Receipt

You need to have your receipt or packaging slip if you want to exchange in a store. If you don’t have the receipt, you need to pull it up with your credit or debit card within the 45 days. In the case of cash, they mail store certificate for the current selling price.

  • Refund

Old Navy always wants you to be happy with what you get, in case you don’t, they will be glad to give your back the cash that you spent on the item. They send back the money to the original card that you paid with within 3-4 business days.

  • Not Legible

Yes, you should note that not all clothes at old navy online stores are legible for a refund and exchange. The clothes and accessories in the final sale rack are not legible for refund. That is because you get them at a very high discounted rate.

Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy Return Policy

The Old Navy Return Policy process

For you to return clothes or accessories for exchange or refund, you must follow the right procedure or the refund will be void. Before you return, it is good you go through the return policy guide to see whether you meet the entire requirement they state.

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You can return the item for a refund or exchange effectively using Return bay mail or Return in store

  • Return by mail

It is the process where you initiate the return process by mailing back to them. You can do that to get a refund or get an exchange. For a refund or exchange, you must make sure you follow the right process so that everything can go smoothly.

If you want an exchange, you need to call the relevant store first. You need to tell them what went wrong and give them the instruction of what you need. After that, you need to follow the procedure below of returning the cloth to the store that did the shipping.

In case you want a refund, follow the following simple steps

  • Get the invoice to create a prepaid USPS label.
  • Select the return type. Here you select whether the standard for the money to go to the original paying card or state whether it as a gift for them to treat it as a gift.
  • Enter the reason for the return.
  • Pack the item for return.
  • Address the package.
  • Ship the parcel back to them.

Return the item in store

What makes them excellent is the fact that you can return the clothes at your nearest appropriate retail store. Note that you cannot return to their outlets or factory. Please note the label on the cloth you purchase, as there are some that can only return by mail. They state clearly at the name.

To return the cloth in store, you need to look for a store near you and walk in. You need to have the item and the invoice with you for the exchange or refund. Once you are in the store, explain to the sale associate, and tell him or her you want to do.

Depending on whether you want an exchange are a refund, the store will take up the matter and assist you the best way possible, in case of a refund, they will return the cash to the original card of purchase within the next 3-4 business days. In case you want an exchange, they will assist you to get what you want.

Final thought

Online shops come with convenience and ease. All you have to do is log in and make your purchase at the comfort of your home. If you do that regularly, you need to be cautious since not don’t necessarily get what you order, that is why you need to purchase from an e-store with a good return policy like of old navy

If you shop for clothes online, doing it at the old navy site will be convenient for you. That is because they have a good return policy that will make you confident and free to shop for what you want. Read the old navy returns policy to make sure you understand before you go ahead and make your order.