Old Navy Dresses

Old Navy Dresses – 10 Factors to Consider When Buying

What do you go for when you want to look feminine and free? A dress I guess, right? Do you have a hard time finding one? It doesn’t have to be difficult when it comes to finding the right dress for you. Read along and know how easy it is to find one at old navy.

As a woman, it is good to look fine, flirty, and polished all the time. It gives you the confidence to face the day. A good look always commands attention. To work or up and down the street, having a glamorous look should be your goal to carry the day.

You do that by wearing fashionable and polished clothes. Those that compliment your look, highlight your personality and make you stand out. While there are so many clothes you can wear to do that, a dress comes in handy when you want to stand out.

Do you struggle when it comes to picking the right dress? Where do you buy your dresses?  If you want to have an easy and amazing time when buying your dresses, you need to visit the old navy stores. Do you have an idea about them? Don’t worry, follow along, and know more about them.

Old Navy Dresses

Old Navy Dresses

About old navy stores

What started small to provide fashionable and affordable clothes has now come to this, a famous clothing store with over 1000 branches in the US. It started in the year 1994 by the GAP group of companies to provide alternative fashionable and cheap clothing to San Francisco residence.

From the onset, the store received a positive response with more and more people walking into the stores to fill their wardrobes. That is because they have always committed themselves to provide fashionable clothes to people ho walk in to shop from them.

Over the years, they have managed to increase their sales and through that, they have opened many branches not only in the US but also in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Canada. So, you may wonder what kind of clothing they sell right?

They sell men, women, kids and pets wear. You will find trousers, pullovers, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, denim jeans, and shorts for the whole family. They also have dresses that suit all body types. That is why you need to walk into their stores for a stress-free experience. Do you have one near you? Let’s go shopping.

Old Navy Dresses

There are two ways you can buy a dress from old navy. You can walk into any nearest outlet near you and have one or if not, you can opt to shop online through their online stores. Either way, you will find the amazing style of dresses that will suit you.

Do you have a pear shape? Rectangle or apple shape? Whichever the shape and size you are, you will find what you want in their stores, whether you want a day to day dress, wedding, funeral or cocktail dress, they have all in the stores for you to shop. All you have to do is log in or walk into their stores and buy.

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What stresses a woman is which dress to buy. With so many choices available, it can be stressful and time-consuming when you want to buy a dress. It doesn’t have to be that way. If you consider the fundamental factors before buying a dress.

10 Factors to Consider When Buying Old Navy Dresses

When you walk into any of their stores, you will find friendly brand associates who will be willing to help you find what you want. If you opt to shop online, you will have a ray of clothes for you to choose from. The ball is always in your hand of what you want to have.

When you are choosing a dress to wear, your body determines what you should buy. You want something that will make you pop out, compliment your body and makes you fill good. To have that and more, you should consider the following factors when you are shopping for a dress at old navy stores:

  • Occasion

When do you want to rock the dress? Are you looking for a dress to wear during a specific function or you want a dress to wear in your day-to-day activities? Having the questions in mind will help you get the right dress for you. Do you know why?

There are specific dresses you should wear for specific functions. Whether it is a wedding, funeral, or cocktail dinner. For weddings bright colours that go with the theme colour are the best, for the funeral, go for dull are toned colours like black grey and barge.

For cocktail dinners and balls, go for full-length dresses. They are elegant and classy. While working with your body shape, look for the one you will be comfortable with, the one you will be able to walk around with and compliment your body shape. For day-to-day activities, as simple knee length or sunny dress will do.

  • Budget

What are you willing to spend on the dress? Having a budget in mind helps, you find a dress within your price range. The good thing about old navy is that they have dresses that are pocket-friendly and you will not have to chip in a lot to have that you want.

You can also take advantage of when they have discount offers. Buying a dress when they have offers gives you a discount on what you want to buy. That means you will be spending less and getting what you want in the end. That is amazing, right?

  • Your style

What are comfortable with? Are you into short, maxi, a line, or balloon dresses? The style you like will give a brand associate an idea of what to offer you. It will be easier and you will spend less time choosing what to have since you have what you prefer in mind.

When you shop at old navy, you will have a variety to choose from. Whether online or in store, they have short, long, straight, maxi, and any other dress that you prefer to have. Your shopping experience will be exceptional since you will not have to walk around to find what you want.

  • Body Shape
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Now, here is where women go wrong. They want a certain dress because it suits a model well. What they don’t know is that the body shapes matters and that is why you need to work with what you have. So, what is your body shape?

Are you an apple, rectangle, pear shape, or straight? Do you have a gig burst, long legs, or toned hands? Having the right questions to the answers helps you find the right dress. The assistant at old navy will work with you to make sure you don’t go wrong on it.

  • Size

While looking at your body shape, also look at the size. Are you small, large, or extra-large? Don’t squeeze into a dress that will make you comfortable, the main aim of wearing a dress is to make you comfortable and bring out your personality, not to make you trashy.

Having the right size will help you find clothes that fit your body right. Not too buggy, tight or long. At old navy, they have a chart that helps you know your true size so that you can find a dress depending on your measurements.

  • Colour

Like mentioned earlier, the colour that you choose also matters. Weddings have to have bright colours and funerals dark ones. If it is a day-to-day dress, go for the colours that will make you happy and comfortable with. While on that, you should remember that colours have an effect on your body size.

Yes. Dark colours make you slimmer so if you are a big size and want to look slimmer in the dress of your choice, do fir darker colours. Light colours especially white tend to add volume. If you want to divert attention and add volume to your look, go for bright colours.

  • Dress type

Do you want a knee, full length, or maxi dress? Do you want the trending dress shirt or do you want like the one you so Selena Gómez with? The type you ant also determines which selections you will choose from. That is because you have something specific in mind that you want.

  • Age

You might not believe it but age matters. Young people tend to wear open and flirty dresses. They are into tight and revealing dresses. If you are old, you would prefer a dress that is conservative and not too revealing. Work with your age to a good old navy dress for you.

  • Personality

The kind of dress you wear reveals your personality a lot. If you are outgoing, adventurous, you will go for revealing, flirty bold colours because you are not afraid to get attention. If you are the conservative type, an indoor person, go for a conservative dress to show that.

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Old Navy has dresses that suit all personalities. If you are not into dresses at all, they will give you options that you will be comfortable in and the one that will help you adjust smoothly to the idea of wearing a dress. They have dresses that will highlight your good features and hide unpleasant ones.

  • Have fun

The whole idea of wearing a dress is to have fun, show your femininity, and highlight your features. Have fun when trying out the dresses you want to have. Think out of the box and try out a new look that you have never worn before. Old Navy got your back.

If you have a tight budget, go for dresses that are all around. That means that you can have them in the office and do some accessories change to have it for a cocktail dinner without changing. Always remember you can never go wrong with a little black dress. Have one or two in your wardrobe.

Old Navy Dresses

Old Navy Dresses

Advantages of Old Navy Dresses

  • They are cheap

The good thing about shopping for a dress at old navy is that you will not feel a pinch in your wallet. They have trendy and glamorous dresses at amazing prices that you will not believe. They are true to their word of offering pocket-friendly clothing for the whole family.

  • Comfortable

A dress is for making you comfortable and free. With the many options they have, you will surely find a dress that will be of your shape and size. Whether you wear it to the office, your friend’s wedding, or your vacation, you will fill comfortable and trendy in any of their dresses.

  • Variety

If you walk into their outlets or have a look online, there are many dresses for you to choose from. Maxi, mini, cocktail, knee length, and gowns, you will always find what you want. When you have the factors above, finding the right one will be easier for you.

  • Feminine

The aim of a dress is to bring out your femininity, makes you flirty and sexy. You will find all that in Old Navy Dresses. They have dresses in all colours, shapes, and sizes to bring out the best in you. Rocking any of their dresses will make you fill confident and more than a woman.

Disadvantages of Old Navy Dresses

  • Finding that fits

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right fit for someone who doesn’t know hat they want. That applies especially to people who do not wear dresses. As much as the associates work with you to find a good dress for you. If you don’t know what you want, Old Navy Dresses might fill like it’s a no for you.

If you have a rough time deciding what dress to buy and where to find at the right price, old navy is the place to be. The Old Navy Dresses are comfortable, feminine and bring out your best features. Work with the above factors and find the right dress for you to rock.