Sonic Drive in Corporate Office

Sonic Drive in Corporate Office

Do you find yourself disorganized at home?  Is it possible to work in such an environment? Am sure not, right? You need to organize yourself anywhere you are before you start your routine. That is the same thing with a business. Here is why.


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For a business to be successful, the entrepreneur must organize himself. He must have a central place where he or she makes decisions, plans and execute them. It becomes more important if it is a big business with many branches and several positions.

Sonic Drive in Corporate Office

Sonic Drive in Corporate Office

A good example is the Sonic drive in. For such a large business to run smoothly with no hitches, they have a central place where they make all the plans and decisions. To know more, read along and inform yourself why the central place is important for a business.

What is a Corporate Office?

It is one thing to run a single branch of a business and it is another to handle several branches. It requires a lot at the managerial level. All the information and the top people must be in the same place to make decision making easy, that is why a central corporate office is vital.

A corporate office is the main office where the executive makes all the top decisions. It is a hub, the central place where you find all the functioning bodies of a business. That is the place you will find the CEO, the top managers, and founders of the brand.

For businesses that have many branches all over, they need a central place where everything is coordinated. A place to channel all complains compliments and ideas of how the branches should run to be successful and functioning well.

To run a large empire, it involves many functions. There is strategic planning, corporate communication, tax compiling, law matters, marketing, finances, and human resource issues that need executive attention. Having them in one place makes things easier for everyone running the business.

Sonic Drive in Corporate Offices

It is a typical example of how things should run in the corporate world. Having a universal place where they run all operations without hitches. Being around for long has taught them that having things in one place is the best way to make the business a success.

What started as a small hop beer place in 1953 has become a business empire that everyone wants to be associate himself or herself with. Not because of just the food they serve, but also because of the strong organizational skills they have.

While many have come and closed, Sonic drive in has managed to remain in operation for over 65 years. Maintaining the same classic theme of driving in to have your snack and drink, they make changes in the menu to make the customer at home and in modern life.

Drive in for some cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, burritos, chicken wraps and some fries. If you are thirsty, quench your thirst with over 13000 slushes that they have on the menu or you can just have the refreshing shakes that they make fresh every day.

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For all that to happen and keep their customers, they have a corporate office where they handle all their operations. In Oklahoma City, you will find all their managerial heads offices. In here, all the important heads of the brand have offices

10 Functions of Sonic Drive in Corporate Offices

Why is having a central office vital for them? Just like any other big brand, they need to have all their acts in one place. The following are the functions of the offices;

  • Information Centre

It is the place where they keep all the information about the business. They have over 3500 branches. Though most of them are through franchising, they need to have a central place where they send, process and keep vital data about the brand.

Filling and keeping information is vital for future reference. They need a central place where they can locate all the emails, complaints, tax information and employees’ information is. That is why their central office in Oklahoma is vital.

  • Proof of existence

If you have never had a chance to dine with them, a site of their office is enough proof that they exist, right? Yes. Having offices is a sure seal that they are legal and have their operations. It shows they are open to any legal and public scrutiny.

You can walk in and launch complains, inquire about their services and seek employment. The relevant governance can also walk in and ask for any information they may want to know. Proof of existence creates trust as they don’t have anything to hide from the public.

  • Channel of communication

In such a big business as the Sonic drive in, they require a swift channel of communication. The one that involves relevant department. They don’t want a situation where a sensitive matter finds itself in the wrong office. That is why having a central office is good for them.

They can be able to channel a situation to the right channel without confusion and mixing things. That way, they make decisions and find solutions in a faster way. Things will run in an efficient and productive ay. The customers will continue to enjoy their services due to good communication.

  • Coordination of work

In the corporate offices, they have departments and subunits. Each has its own functions and employees who work tirelessly to make sure they carry out their mandate without conflict. They all work together to make sure the branch shine to the public.

Without a central place, a delegation of work would be difficult. There will be no departments meaning information going to the wrong hands. Having specific people with skills to handle specific issues in one department means issues and the right competent people are making decisions.

  • Centre of plans and policies

Here, it means business. The offices have competent people who have the skills to keep things going. They know they are responsible for the Sonic drive in the brand. They work day and night to make sure the brand is successful and growing. How do they do that?

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Being in one place, they are able to come together, plan and make a decision regarding the branches. They will make policies, implement them by channelling to the right departments, and subunits. All that will take place in a swift and faster way since all the heads are in one place.

  • Management

It is not an easy task to manage many branches as they have. It requires a lot of skills, time, and organization. That is why they fill the need to have all the managerial heads in one place. That way. They will be able to strategize and manage the different branches.

Managers need to set goals, track inventories, make payment, and manage the employees of the branches they manage. Since the corporate office holds all the important data, they need to be in the place to make their work easier.

  • Act as a memory Centre

All the organization heads refer to the offices for information. They make all the payment, employee information, policies, and clarification using the information found in this place. It acts like the brain of the Sonic drive in branches, holding all the vital data in one place.

  • Service Centre

Since here is where all the information is, they dispatch all the relevant information from here. That is why they make all the mailing, email sending, and posting from here. Transfers and board changes happen at the offices making it vital for Sonic drive in day-to-day operations.

  • Act as their pride

Yes, for a company to work their way up to have such a big corporate office, it means they take pride in their achievement. They are successful and the brand is stable. That way, they clear all the doubts the public may have about them.

They have over 1 billion net profit every year. With over 3500 branches and franchising more, it is clear that the brand is here to stay. People can confidence in them since having a corporate office means stability and long-term operation.

  • Handle the customers

It means they are customer friendly. You can drive into their premises and inquire more about their brand. If you want to franchise, complain, or just have a meal, they have a drive in at the corporate office where you can drive and eat. They mingle with customers which is a good sign of their good services.

Sonic Drive in Corporate Office

Sonic Drive in Corporate Office

5 Benefits of Sonic Drive in to Customers

Customers to gain from the establishment of the offices. They have their customers in mind and that is why when a customer gets to their main offices, they can;

  • Eat

Do you know they have a drive in at the main office in Oklahoma? Yes, you can drive in a dine. In there, they have a kitchen that can fit 10 chefs and you can seat and have your favourite breakfast burrito.  It means while on Oklahoma, you don’t have to shy away from their head office.

  • Launch complain
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If you have any queries with their services. You can walk in and have your issue heard. They have a clear protocol where they listen to their customer’s issues and disputes. That way, they can be able to channel to the right department for change and better services in future.

Listening to their customers about the food and drinks they serve makes them adjust or change to the better. They are able to listen to their customers the changes they want to see. That way, their customers will always be happy with what they serve.

  • Franchise

If you are a potential entrepreneur and you have interest in franchising their brand, you are free to do so into their corporate offices. In there, they will show you the right channel to follow and at the end of the day, you will be smiling to be part of their success.

  • Enquire more

You may want to know more about branches, it is the place to be. You will find all the data, the right people to talk to. The relevant department to give you the information you need. For more about their food, drink, management, and location of different branches, walks in and they will be glad to help.

  • Sell

You may want to offer your services to them. It can be in terms of seeking employment, supplying goods and services or want to be part of the team. Talking to the management directly will be the first move to make and it will only happen when you walk into their corporate offices.

Sonic Drive in Corporate Office Information

It is the information you will need to reach to them. You can go to their corporate offices or contact them before going there. You can get in touch with the heads through;

  • Website: http: /
  • Contact: J. Clifford Hudson, Chairman, and CEO
  • Phone: (405)225-5000
  • Fax: 405)280-7696
  • Twitter: @Sonic drive in
  • Address: 300 Johnny street drive

Oklahoma City, Ok


You can also follow them on their social media Facebook page. In here, you will know of their great deals and offer that they have for you. They also explain how you can reach them in case you have any questions and queries.

You can also go ahead and download their app. Through it, you will be able to order, make payment, follow on your order, and get a glimpse of their operation through the information that they give there. They want to make sure you benefit with all the channels they provide.

For a big brand to stay intact and operational, they must organize all their operations a corporate office. Sonic drive in the corporate office is vital for both the management and their customers. It makes sure the brand stay organized for better results and success like it has been for all the years.