The Requirements for TellGameStop Survey

GameStop Customer Survey to Win $100 Giftcard survey is an online survey offered by Tell GameStop to its customers.  It gives the customers a chance of sharing their opinions and views about the company. Thus, it is advisable for the GameStop users to take part in the survey if they have currently paid a visit to this store.

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Customers do not incur any charges in participating in this survey. The company offers a Gift Card after finishing the survey. The Gift Card acts as the sweepstakes through which the customers have a chance of purchasing a number of things and many offers without incurring any cost.

Therefore, if you are such a customer who wants to emerge a winner of this gift card, participating in this survey is a vital process.

Tellgamestop Customer Feedback

Tellgamestop Survey

Tellgamestop Survey

The opinion and feedback of the customer play an essential role in ensuring the success of the company. As a result, GameStop offers their customers a chance of winning a gift card following the completion of their survey.

As a result, for the customers to receive highly rated services, they must participate in the survey of this store. The customers only need to answer some simple questions that are relating to the experiences they encountered in the store.

Tell GameStop values the customer’s feedback by taking serious their opinions and views.  Through this, they always put their efforts in ensuring that they are working hard towards providing high customer satisfaction services.

In the questions asked, the customers are required to give out their experiences about the type of experiences they received in the store.  Honesty is required to prevail while answering the questions.

The questions they ask are related to cleanliness of the store, the easiness of the store, the price of their products, the offers they have, their type of services, the type of order the customer made, the comforts of payment and the behavior from the store’s staff and the employees.

Tell GameStop Winners

Since the feedback given by the customers of Tell GameStop means a lot, the store offers these customers a chance to take part in their sweepstakes. These sweepstakes offered by this store plays an essential role in attracting the customers to their products and services.

When the customers complete the survey, they are given a chance of participating in the sweepstakes.  It is through this sweepstake that the store gives great rewards to the participating customers. The customers are in a position of winning a single gift card that is worth 100 US dollars from the given 25 gift cards.

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In each month there are a total of 25 customers who emerge the winners of a gift card worth 100 US dollars. The retailers give this gift card to the customers who have fully completed their survey.

The Requirements for TellGameStop Survey

The Requirements for TellGameStop Survey

The Requirements for TellGameStop Survey

Before taking part in this survey, the customers need to keep attention on some things. Having adhered to this requirements, the customers have no excuse other than taking part in it.

The first thing you need to have in order to participate in TellGameStop is their receipt. This is a receipt given out when you make a visit to this store or when you register by visiting their website at

The next thing you need to keep in mind is having a device that is in a position of accessing the internet.  Here you need to have a mobile device or a computer or a laptop or a tablet.  Moreover, the internet is required to be stable to avoid any inconvenience during the process.

Another thing is having a clear understanding of either Spanish language or English language. This is the first thing you are required to select on entering the survey page.

Finally, the customer to take part in this survey is required to have attained the age of 18 years or to be older than this. This is an indication that children are not allowed to take part in this survey.

Rules for TellGameStop Sweepstakes

For emerging the winner of 100 US dollars gift card, there are a number of rules and regulations you need to keep in mind. You can’t be announced the winner of the reward if you are not adhering their terms and conditions.

The following rules will ensure that you emerge the correct winner and you deserve the given gift card. You need to note that making a purchase does not guarantee you to emerge a winner of sweepstakes.

The first rule is that you are required to be a legal citizen of US in order to participate in this survey. This includes other areas like Puerto Rico District and Columbia District.

The other rule to note is that the participants are required to be 18 years old or above this before participating in the Tell GameStop survey.

Next, the close relatives and the family members to this store are not required to take part in the sweepstakes.

Finally, the participants have a chance of winning only one prize at this sweepstakes. This is essential in ensuring that those who participate in it wins an award.

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You can access these sweepstakes rules by visiting the store’s website at

Gift Card Entry

There are a number of methods through which the customers of Tell GameStop can take part in its sweepstakes. The first method of entering the survey is by the receipt issued by the store.

The other method of entering the sweepstakes is by registering through visiting their website and given a chance of participating in the survey.

Therefore, if you have the store’s receipt consisting the details of your last visit, you should make a further step towards visiting the retailer’s stores and then take part in the survey.

When it chances that you do not have a receipt, you should consider the alternative method of registering through their website at The details required are like the state name, the city name, and the number of the store.

TellGameStop Survey Guidelines

Step 1: Visiting the Store’s Website

The first step to participating in the survey is visiting their website at

Step 2: Choosing Language

After visiting their website, the first thing you will be required to do is choosing the language through which you will take the survey.  There are two options, in this case, that is, English language or Spanish language.

Step 3: Entry Method

Here you are required to select the type of method you will use to enter in the survey. You choose either to register or use a receipt issued at the store.

Step 4: Enter the Survey Code

If you choose the receipt alternative, the next thing is entering the survey code written on that receipt.  There two numbers to be entered in this case, that is, the survey feedback number and the associate number.

Step 5: Answering Survey Questions

Having entered the survey code, you will be exposed to simple survey questions. All the questions are related to the past experience encountered while in the store. What the store requires is prevailing honesty while answering them.

Step 6: Entering the Sweepstakes

Upon finishing the survey process, you will be asked if you are interested to take part in the sweepstakes. However, it is essential to participate in it to be awarded for your efforts.

Step 7: Filling the Details

If you enter the sweepstakes you will be required to give out details such your name, your phone number and your address. This is essential in notifying you of the announcement of the sweepstakes winners.

Useful links

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While participating in the survey of TellGameStop there some essential links such the link for contacting them, the link for their official website, the link for their survey rules and the privacy policy link.

Things to note

While taking part in this survey you need to enter the correct details, that is, correct personal details at the end of the process. Moreover, you encourage other customers to participate in this survey and be in a position of winning a gift card worth 100 US dollars.

Gamestop is recognized as the biggest multichannel retailer for a video game in the whole world. The retailer is recorded to be dedicated to delivering only the great games to its esteemed customers. Currently, the company is running more than 6000 stores in around 20 countries.

Rewards for TellGameStop Survey

The survey for TellGameStop gives a chance for anyone to share his/her views about the customer services of GameStop and their services. It is through this feedback that GameStop will improve. This is an indication that the store values each and every feedback given.

As a result, GameStop has been on a forefront in ensuring that their customers are participating in this survey. To make this successful, the company offers rewards to those who take part in the survey as one way of motivating them.

When the customers are done with the survey, they are in a position of taking part in the sweepstakes of GameStop. It is in this way that they will be able to emerge the winners of a gift card worth 100 US dollars. Each customer can only win one gift card at a time. There are 25 winners of the gift cards each worth 100 US dollars.

Customers are in a position of redeeming the won gift cards at any store of GameStop. This makes it be convenient as the customers don’t need to travel long distances.

Troubleshooting of TellGameStop Survey

There are occasions where the TellGameStop may fail to work as per the requirements. In this case, seeking help is a vital step. This can be made successful by contacting GameStop. At the bottom side of the survey page, you will find an option for contacting them. Moreover, you can contact their privacy policy which is also located on the same survey page.

To seek more information about the gift cards of GameStop, you can visit them at their website by following the link It is at this website you will be in a position of checking the balance of your gift card in addition to getting updated with the latest offers that GameStop is giving out.

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