Sonic Drive in Hours

Sonic Drive in Hours

My sister is a secretary in an insurance company down the street. She keeps on complaining about how her boss has been strict with their hours of signing in and out. At one time, she even contemplated quitting her job due to her boss being strict with the same issue.


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If I as my sisters boss, I would fire her. My sister Jane loves to stay out at night with her friends. By the time she comes to sleep, it is already late. In the morning, she ends up oversleeping and hence wakes up late for work.

All along as she complains, I keep on thinking “ does she knows the importance of her working hours to her boss?” Probably not because if she did, she could make sure she is on time and not leave work before her shift is over. Are you that kind of a person? Here is what you should know about working hours.

Sonic Drive in Hours

Sonic Drive in Hours

What are Sonic working hours?

They are the number of hours that fast food operates in a day. They are the number of hours that are in an employer’s schedule. For a business to function well and events to flow well, there must be specific hours that are supposed to be for work.

Working hours are vitals in everyone. Through the time schedule, things fall into place. Workers know when they ate supposed to work, the employer knows how the employers are working. If you are a customer, you get to know and schedule yourself on when to set a date with the company.

A good example of how vital working hours are in the hospitality industry. It is a competitive industry and everyone in it wants to be the best. How do they do that? Among the things they do include having strict and flexible working hours in which they serve their customers.

Businesses make their revenue within working hours. It is therefore important for them to come up with a working schedule so that they can manage and execute their tasks. Some have long hours while others have short, depending on the services they give. Let us look at the sonic drive in fast food joints.

Sonic drive in

It is an efficient fast food joint chain of restaurants that dedicate their time to serving their customers. With over 64 years of service, they manage to keep their customers flowing to their premises through what they do best. It is by serving delicious fast food and drinks.

With over 3500 branches and over 3 million customers to serve every day, it is clear that they are the people’s favourite. That is because they serve what everyone wants while on the road. They have sandwiches, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, fries, and their signature slush drinks.

With so much demand from the public, it is clear they need to schedule their time well. They need to come up with flexible convenient working hours for them. By doing that, they will be able to run efficiently and be able to serve the client in the right way.

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In order to explain to my sister how important the working hours are, I had to give her Sonic drive in the example. I had to make her see the importance of sonic hours since it is her favourite hang our place.

5 Importance of Sonic Drive in Hours

Sonic drive in has flexible working hours that they employ their workers to work in. They are the hours that they also expect customers to come in and order their delicious meals. So, what is the Importance of their hours? Read them below;

  • Management

Management is planning for events ahead. It knows what to do at that time. You cannot separate time with planning. That is what employee, employer and you as a customer should know and plan the time that sonic drive in operates.

To the management of sonic drive in, working hour’s helps them schedule the worker’s duty roaster. They are able to plan how they want their workers to work and are able to know how they are going to pay them depending on the hours they work. It plays an integral role in scheduling duties around fast food.

To the employee, they need to know what time to arrive at work and what time to leave. Just like my sisters working place, having specific working hours helps the boss to know who is working and who is not. Who comes late and who is early for work. Depending on working hours, workers are able to schedule hat to do.

Customers are able to visit their premises depending on the time they are operational. They get to know hat to order depending on what they are serving at that time of the day. They also get to know the hours that they have specials so that they can flock into their premises.

  • What to serve

Sonic has many items on the menu to serve. They have onion rings, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, fries, and tots to serve. In the menu, sonic places the items according to the time they schedule to serve. That is why it is easier for you to decide what to have in the morning, lunch and in the evening.

They also have offers and specials that they serve the public at specific intervals. By knowing the hours to do so, they are able to plan and know what to serve their clients. That helps them in preparing and making the items found on the menu.

  • Conform with the law

Each state has its own hours in which it is a business should operate. When a business like Sonic drive in is setting up a branch, they must have specific set hours in which their workers work. That is to be on the right side of the low and to be able to abide by labour laws.

  • Hiring process

The whole process depends on the potential of the employee and the hours he or she is going to work. In sonic drive in, they mostly hire workers on a part-time basis. That means they count the number of hours an employee works before they pay them. Here, it is clear the number of hours they operate will be vital.

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How Sonic Drive in Makes Their Hours Productive

If you look at many fast food operating hours, you will see that they are limited. They allocate fewer hours to do so much So, how do they make sure that they make use of the hours well? The following is how Sonic drive in makes their hours productive;

  • They work as a team

Yes, take a visit at any of the sonic drives in fast food and you will see it. The workers are happy and work as a team. It is very rare to find quarrelling or arguing. That saves time, and keep things moving in the branch. It also eases communication.

Working as a team is the best way to have work done. That is because each one of the workers knows what to do at what time and does not need pushing to do so. Things are easier that way and smooth all the way. At the end of the day, they work within the time allocated.

  • Passion

Doing what you do makes you efficient and hard working. You will not need any push to do what you are supposed to do. At the sonic drive in, they make sure they have the best employees who love what they do. That makes it easier for them to or with no supervision.

Carhops ear their skates and have the skills of skating. They love to skate so when given an order to deliver, they do so with ease. All the other workers do what they love so you will never see a worker who is delaying things at any process in the drive in.

  • Take breaks

They have a flexible schedule that allows them to take breaks. They are vital as they allow workers to reenergize and boost their energy. Taking breaks to prevent them from being bored with the task they do and gives them new energy to continue serving.

They do that before the rush hours. They have the morning special where their workers are running up and down. They have to take a break before they come back for the happy hours in the afternoon. That makes them efficient and productive while working.

  • Smaller shifts

According to workers at the sonic drive in They testify that they have fewer hours to work in a shift. Instead of employing someone to work full time, they have more part-time people. The workers tend to work for smaller hours making them less exhausted and worn out by the end of the task.

  • Good management

If an employer is good and manages the workers well, the workers will be efficient and ill work towards achieving the set goals. Good management means a good working schedule and duty roasters. Sonic drive in to ensure the workers are working in an ample environment. That way, they are able to be productive.

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Sonic Drive in Hours

Sonic Drive in Hours

Sonic Drive in Hours

Like mentioned earlier, you need to know the schedule of the sonic drive in for you to know when to visit them. The good thing about them is that unlike others in the industry that will work for fewer hours, sonic drive in is operational for many hours to serve their customers.

On a normal day, the sonic drive I start their operations at 6 is in the morning. That way, they are able to serve their customers with breakfast before they go to work. Their operation runs through to lunchtime where they serve lunch and ends at 10 pm after serving dinner to their clients.

Hat ill wow you more is the fact that they operate in all days of the week. From Monday to Sunday, they are in operation to make sure you get your favourite dish. You will never go hungry with a sonic drive in fast food joint near you. Drive in and make your order.

The workers

Their workers work within the set hours in a day. They are able to know when to come to work and when to do other things. That creates harmony and order at each premise since each worker knows when he or she is expected to deliver. They also receive pay according to the hours they work.

Managers at the branches are able to know how is supposed to work at which time and what he or she is supposed to be paid by the end of the day. It creates order and efficiency in the place of work. Things are easy too due to scheduling.

About the special hours

For Sonic drive in to be operational and to reach their financial goals, that must market themselves to the public. It is through the marketing that they keep the customers flowing into their premises every day. The best they do that is by having special hours.

During the special hours, they are able to meet their daily target goals. That is because, within the special hours, people flock in to have their part of the deal. In those hours, they tend to offer foods and drinks at discounted half prices. The specials are convenient for their customers every day of the week.

They have breakfast offered when you have your morning drink at half the price every morning. They also have happy hours in the afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm where you get your favourite snack and slush at half the normal price. Knowing the hours will help them schedule their discount hours well.

Am not my sister’s boss so I will not be able to fire her. Through the sonic drive hours, I am able to explain to her why her boss gets mad at her. Am also able to explain to her how the hours she works means a lot to her boss and the people she serves. She was able to understand and rectify due to the information.