Sonic Drive in Sonic Burger

Sonic Drive in Sonic Burger – Why it is Perfect

Eating out can be a task especially if you are a keen person. While in the house you get to choose what to eat, being out there means you don’t have so much to choose from. Fast food has become a menace for people who watch what they eat.


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Many fast food joints offer food full of calories that can scare you. The food is fatty, empty carbohydrates and no healthy choice available. What do you do when you are hungry and need something to eat? You need to look for a healthier option in the midst of all the fatty foods available.

The problems come where to find healthier food. Many fast foods have many items on the menu that can scare you as a weight watcher.  That is why sonic drive in is here, to give you options you will eat without being guilty. Read along and know more about their food.

Sonic Drive in Sonic Burger

Sonic Drive in Sonic Burger

About sonic drive in

Have you ever had a chance to dine with them? If no, you need to create time and visit one of their outlets. They have some much into their menu for you to have a taste. They have been around for a while and all along, they never fail to impress their customers.

They do that by maintaining the same old classic look but have new items on the menu every day. They have hot dogs, onion rings, burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, burritos, chicken wraps and many more. They also have different types of drinks that you can refresh yourself with every time you drive in.

What is more amazing is their set up. You don’t have to walk out of your car for you to get your food. You make your order and their waiters in form of carhops deliver your order to your car. That makes them convenient to over 3 million US residents who drive in to their premises every day.

What makes peoples favourite is the kind of food they have. They have food that you can drive in, eat and don’t feel guilty about. A good example is the sonic burgers that they sell to their customers. Here is more information about the sonic burger.

Sonic burger

If you have ever heard about the sonic drive in, it is probably because of their burgers right? It is everywhere in their billboard. Sonic drive in has been selling burgers as one of the oldest items in their menu and this is why.

Burgers are fast food items easy to eat, carry around and are delicious too. If you are hungry and need fast food to quench your hunger, having a burger is the best way to do it. Sonic express knows that very well and that is why they make an effort to make burgers for their customers.

Their burgers are delicious to have. They have all the good ingredients you may want to have when hungry. That is why everyone is talking about them. You may wonder why they are the best right? You need to scroll along to learn why having a sonic burger is fulfilling than having any other.

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How sonic drive in makes the sonic burger

Many fast foods, just as Sonic drive in has burgers as an item in their menu. Sonic drive in has been selling their burgers more than the other fast food joints due to how it is made. They do that by making sure that they have the best ingredients for the burger.

They use the ground beef, which is the best to use in burgers, they perfectly cook it and layer it with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, and may have cheese or not. After the process of making the burger, it turns out perfect just like the way you would want it to be. They use the following ingredients for their burgers;

  • Ground beef
  • The plain white hamburger bun
  • Salt and pepper
  • Mayonnaise
  • Dill pickle slices
  • White onions
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Tomato slices.

The ingredients may be more or less depending on the type of burger you choose to have. Some have cheese while others may lack the mayonnaise. What is special is the procedure they follow to arrive at the perfect burger for you to have.

Sonic Drive in Sonic Burger

Sonic Drive in Sonic Burger

10 Reasons why the sonic burger is perfect

What will make you come for more of their burger once you have a taste of their burgers? Because it is perfectly made. They make sure every bite you have of the burger is worth remembering and after you are gone, you will always want to come for more each time you are hungry.

You may ask how a perfect burger looks like, right? For a burger to be perfect, there are certain elements that they take into consideration and that is what sonic drive in chef have been doing. The following elements are the reasons hay sonic burger is the best:

  • The ratio

The chef at Sonic drive in knows how to get the ratios right. From the burger size to the ingredients involved, it is rare to find anything unbalanced in the burger. They make sure that what is in the burger blend with each other to give you a perfect taste.

The ratio that is most crucial here is that of the ground beef. The beef makes the burger what it is. They have to make sure it is perfect. The beef is 80% lean and 20% fatty. That is to make sure at the end of it all you enjoy a juicy burger. Nobody wants to eat a dry burger, do you?

  • Thump print

If you are not into cooking, you might not understand what it is. If you are, then it is something that you apply in your cooking hen making the burger patty. If you have no idea, here is why it is important and what it is.

When you get a chance to have the sonic burger, you will notice that the burger is proportional. There is no puffing up of the burger when you are holding it. It is because of the small dent made on the patty when making them before cooking to prevent the burger from bulging once it is ready to eat.

  • Seasoning
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Seasoning makes the food more appealing to eat, right? Even when you are cooking at home, you know that a dash of salt, pepper, and other seasoning elements makes your food more tasteful and worth your taste buds, right? That is the same as the beef.

Sonic drive in seasons the sonic burger using salt and pepper. Once they make the patty, the chef grills it or fries it and while doing so, he or she sprinkle salt and pepper on it. Note that they don’t overdo it by using other seasoning agents. They understand that a burger is supposed to taste like a burger!

  • Oil

Unless it is the right oil to use, adding oil when cooking will be adding calories to your meal. That is something that sonic express knows very well, that is why they prefer the use of butter when it comes to buttering and cooking the beef.

Alternatively, they grill the beef. Yes, when grilling, they don’t use oil and so there is no worry of any additional calories from the oils. If you are cooking at home and using oil is inevitable, try using the canola oil to make the difference in the flavour and make the calories low.

  • Flipping

It is turning the beef when cooking or grilling. As you are going to notice, the beef in the sonic burger is always intact. there is no spilling of the beef everywhere while you enjoy the burger. That is because the chef knows to flip the beef at the right time while cooking makes all the difference.

After making and freezing the patty, the chef at Sonic drives in grills or fries the beef. During the cooking, they only flip the beef hen it is crunchy and ready on one side. That is to avoid breaking of the patty and to keep it intact until you have the bite. They flip the beef after 4-5 minutes to allow the beef to cook.

  • Temperature

Nobody beef that is half-cooked or overcooked. That is why the chef at Sonic drive in makes sure that cooking takes place under conducive temperatures. The beef should be pink and juicy and that takes place when they cook at 145 degrees.

  • The cheese

Cheese makes a lot of difference when it comes to sonic burgers. It gives the burgers the names that they have. They use different types of cheese to make various types of burgers. Cheese is healthy and good to eat, not to mention the flavour it brings.

Cheese adds flavour to the burger. When mostly they use American cheese, in some burgers, they don’t use any cheese and only use mayonnaise. Depending on the kind of burger you prefer to have, go for the type of cheese you love the most.

  • Crunchiness
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We all love crunchy things. By making anything you cook crunchy, you are adding texture to the food and making it interesting to eat. That is hat burger is all about. It should be interesting to have and have a texture for you to feel while you eat.

Sonic drive in chef adds texture by placing the burger bun onto the pan for it to warm and toast. They also do it by cooking the beef until it forms a crust before turning both sides. By doing that, they make sure you feel every element in the burger and feel the texture in your mouth.

  • The Bun

Getting the right bun goes a long way into making sure you have a perfect burger. With that in mind, the chef at Sonic drive in makes sure they use a spongy bun that is easy to hold and does not break as you eat. The bun is also easy to hold and bite since it holds all the ingredients intact.

Using all white burger bun means it is not always the best option. That is why you have an option of using a whole grain one when you decide to make a sonic burger at home. If you are conscious of your calories intake, making it at home gives the option of keeping the calories low.

  • The dressing

Here, they give you an option on what to choose. That is because they know a burger is supposed to be simple enough for you to feel the ingredients in it. If you decide to use ketchup or any type of dressing, you are free to do so depending on the flavour you want to feel n the burger.

While doing so, you should keep in mind that what you want is a healthy snack. By adding dressings, you are adding the calories of the burger. Some dressing can have as much as 100 calories and if you were to have 257 calories in a burger, you will end up consuming 357 calories due to the dressing.

Final thought

When you decide to eat out, it is because you are hungry and you want to re-energize your body. That does not mean you should go for meals that will compromise your dietary plans. You should go for foods that are watching your calorie intake limit.

Sonic drive in is a place that caters for all your eating needs. That is because they have items on the menu for you to choose what to have. A good example is the Sonic burger, an item in the menu that has been there since it started in 1957.

The reason why the burger is peoples favourite is how sonic drives in chef make it. They make it using all the rules governing the making of a perfect burger. If you haven’t had a chance of having their burger, you should drive in and have one to believe that it is perfect than the rest.