Sonic Drive in Jobs

Sonic Drive in Jobs – You Need to Know

Are you looking for a job? What kind of job are you looking for? A fast food job you say? Well, you don’t have to look anymore. Before you go looking, you should pose and read about Sonic drive in jobs. It could be what you have been looking for.


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Looking for a job can be tedious right? Walking from company to company, spending time on the internet and newspaper can be frustrating. It even gets more frustrating and you find one but they can’t appreciate your efforts. So, what do you do?

Sonic Drive in Jobs

Sonic Drive in Jobs

You need to sit down and evaluate what kind of job you are looking for, and which company is ready to hire you with the qualities that you have. Depending on the skills you have, it is easier to peruse and like for a suitable company for you to offer your services.

It is satisfying to have the right employer. You are at ease and you are able to deliver. When you as an employee are happy, the customers are happy because of your services. Read along and get to know more about Sonic drive in and what qualities they look at when they are hiring.

Sonic drive in fast food

If you always on the road and eat a lot while you are driving, you must have come across one. if not, the word must have reached you about famous fast food joint along the road. They are strategically located along the 45 states in the US. They serve fast food to over 3 million residents daily. Why are they famous?

They are famous because of their consistency. While other drive-ins come and go, Sonic drive in has managed to be operational for many years. With over 64 years of existence, it is clear that they know what their customers want, and are ready to deliver. What do they serve?

They serve fast food and drinks. They believe people should refill their energy while on the road. That is why they sell snacks and drinks for people in their car. When you drive in, they have food like sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, fries, burritos, onion rings, and their famous slushes.

People know them for their famous carhop workers know serves the customers with their order while in the car. For them to be efficient, they must hire workers to help them around. With over 3500 branches to operate, having people working in them helps them achieve their goals.

Sonic Drive in Jobs

When you look at their website, they say they encourage and attract widely creative people. When they have a vacancy, they post all over the internet for people to apply and try their luck. They are among the best employers in the industry so people love to work with them.

If you are bold, have a unique personality, and have a passion for food, you are the person they are looking for. They need someone with experience and understand the culture of serving in a drive in fast food joint. Are you familiar with the setting? Don t worry.

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According to the workers working here, you don’t have to know more for you to work efficiently. Off course, you must have a passion for food, they say it is easier to learn the daily routine of any Sonic drive in. No matter the position you will apply for, it is easier to start up your job at their premises.

What does the Sonic drive in job entails?

If they hire you, they expect you to work either full time, part time, seasonal or as a teen. Each term of employment has its own benefits and perks that come with it. What you should know is that no matter the terms of your employment, the below measures apply. What does that mean?

Depending on your skills, there are certain universal duties they expect you to do. You need to know them before you apply for your job here, knowing them makes you evaluate yourself if you are up to the task before to decide to join them. At Sonic drive in, they expect you to;

  • Handle food with care

They are all about food right? It is obvious that they expect you to handle what they serve with care. From the kitchen crew right to the waiter, they expect you to handle food with care to avoid any contamination and complain from customers.

  • Beat your record

They expect you to be efficient. That means you should work under no supervision. You should be hardworking, and ready to go an extra mile to make sure the customer is happy and smiling. Just like their names supersonic fast, they expect you to be proactive and fast while working here.

  • Communicate

You will do a lot of communicating when you get a job here. That is because communication is the best way to keep things moving in such a place. You will communicate with your fellow workers and your customers. It is therefore paramount for you to be able to do that well.

  • Observe rules and regulation

For every working place to run efficiently, there must be rules and regulations governing the place. Sonic drive in expects you to observe safety and sanitation rules. They also expect you to adhere to the specific rules set as to per the branch you will be working in.

  • Learn

You may have many skills and feel you are ready for the task, but you should be ready to learn. According to the managers, there is a lot that goes on in the drive in, you should be ready to take in new skills if need be to be efficient. Be ready and flexible for it.

Sonic Drive in Jobs

Sonic Drive in Jobs

10 Qualities you must have to get a Sonic drive in job

What makes you think you are fit for their jobs? That is what you should ask your self before you hit any of the apply buttons. Sonic drive in is about results, something they have been doing for all those years. To maintain their customers, they must make sure they have the best employees in the industry.

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They must choose the best, those who believe in their ideologies and their desire to succeed. The employees should be ready to work and achieve set goals. For them to do all that, they believe a potential employee of every capacity must have the following qualities;

  • Hardworking

Just like in any work setting, you must be hard working. they can see your result when you work hard to make the customer happy. That means you must be at your best and go the extra mile to make the client happy. So, how do you do that?

You do that by delivering what they expect you to do on time. If in the kitchen, make good food on time. If you are a carhop, be fast to take orders and deliver. Whatever capacity you will be working in, make sure they see your effort through the results you produce.

  • Positive attitude

It is positive thinking. The willingness to do new things, and see positive results. You should believe that everything will turn out right. With such an attitude, you will work hard to make sure things turn out like you expect them to. That way the company will archive the set goal with the right morale.

  • Calm

While working at Sonic drive in, you should be calm and composed.  It is by being so that you are able to work. Being calm in all the situations means that you are able to think and come up with meaningful decisions, it also means you are able to execute your mandate like required.

You should be calm even things go hare wire. Some customers might be difficult to deal with. Some may overwhelm you, especially during their special hours. Being calm will help you to be functional during such happenings. Evaluate yourself whether you possess the quality.

  • Grow and learn

Like mentioned earlier, there is a lot of learning that will take place. You might have worked in such a situation before but the premises and the policies are different. Sonic drive in expects you to be willing to learn more skills and hat working with them is all about.

When you grow and expand, they come up with new things. Growing means new items in the menu change in technology and massive customers. You must also be willing to grow and expand to accommodate the changes they go through in order to succeed together.

  • Multitasking

You will notice that in the most drive in, they don’t have many workers as you may think. That is because they look for workers who can multitask. That means that they are able to do a lot at a time. That makes them efficient and economical to keep them.

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If you cannot handle more than one task at a time, this might not be a place for you. You must be able to cook and prepare the next order or be able to deliver one order while taking the other. Multitasking makes things flow easier any Sonic drive in.

  • Good communication skills

In here, it is all about communication. When they hire you, they expect you to communicate. Talk with the customers to help them through the menu and to get their order, communicate with your coworkers keep things flowing and with managers.

Through efficient communication, the customer gets to have their orders right and leave happy and satisfied. The workers have a healthy relationship since they communicate work and issues. The managers are able to know about certain problems and they get to solve them. Everyone gets happy.

  • Flexible

Flexibility comes along ay in making sure your stay longer on their premises. It means being flexible in many ways. First, be flexible to change, to learn new skills, and to work extra hours when the shift is demanding and the customers keep on flowing.

Being flexible means a lot to the management. It means they can rely on you, you can count on you because you will always be there and it means you put the customer needs first. Makes sure you are flexible before applying for any of their jobs.

  • Basic math skills

You don’t have to be a math guru here, all you need is to have some basic math skills. Customer may require you to do some basic calculation when delivering their orders. You will also make some small calculations while working here. The skills will come in handy.


  • Team builder

For the drive to be successful, you need to work as a team. You must be able to work together to make sure the customer get what he or she wants. From the kitchen to the car way, everything should flow in a perfect way and the only way to do that is through a team that is working together.

Be ready to take instructions, to communicate and to work together with the other employees. Remember you are all working towards one goal. Working as a team will help the whole team achieve the goals with ease and faster, it will please the customers who drive on the premises you work at.

  • Resilience spirit

Resilience is the ability to return into the original form after being bent, stretched. You should have the ability to remain productive and being you after a stressful shift. That means they expect you not to change your working mood depending on the situations you face while working with them.

Getting your butts off the couch to look for fast food a job can be stressing. To get the process rolling and simpler, you need to look for the qualities they need to compare with what you have. Knowing all about Sonic Drive in Jobs will give you a clear guideline on what they expect from you before you apply.