Sonic Drive in Careers

Sonic Drive in Careers – You Need to Start

So, you are done with college or university life? What is next? Looking for a job, right? Where are you going to do that? If you are asking yourself all the above questions, its time you read along and know how Sonic drive in will answer all that.


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While in college life is easy, all you had to do is study and all the other stuff is available. Getting out to the real world can be a struggle. Nobody wants to be in a world where bills are not forgiving, right? That is why looking for a job immediately after college is a good option.

Sonic Drive in Careers

Sonic Drive in Careers

Where to look for can also be a struggle. With all the companies, we have, you need to look for a company that will make your career grow. A place that values you and is willing to appreciate your efforts and skills. With your hospitality certificate, Sonic drive in sounds great, right? Here is why.

The hospitality industry is one of the most competitive industries we have. Having a certificate, diploma or degree in it sounds good. Looking for a job in the industry means taking your skills to the best employer. The one that will make you grow and make your skill sharpen. That is why Sonic is the best.

About Sonic drive in

Sonic drive in has proven to be the best. With over 64 years of experience, it is clear they have something good to offer. Over 3 million residents of the 45 US states drive into their premises to have some of their delicious foods and drinks that they serve.

Driving in there means you will have some cheeseburger, hot dogs, some fries, onion rings, burritos, and chicken dishes for you to enjoy. You will also get to enjoy some of the refreshing slushes that they offer. With over 130 thousand types to choose from, you will always have a reason to come back.

To be that consistency, it means they must have the best. They must have people with skills to serve the customers who drive on their premises and that is where you come in. They need qualified people who have excellent skills to apply to serve their loyal customers.

Whenever they have vacancies, they advertise on their official website and other platforms to make potential applicants of their intention to hire. Once you know they are hiring, you go ahead and apply through their official website or walk into the specific branch and submit your resume.

What you must have to work at  Sonic drive in

Before you go ahead and apply for a job with them, you need to know what they are looking for. Apart from the obvious hard working, motivated, self-driven and outstanding characters, they also need you to be;

  • 16 years and older

You need to be 16 years and above for you to get a job with them. They have the teen level here they offer a chance for teens to earn their living through part-time means. You must prove your age and flexibility before they can consider you to join them.

  • Have specific skills
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You will undergo scrutiny to verify that you have the skills they want. That means you must have your recommendation from previous employers, academic qualifications and proof of your skills. That is to make sure that they are hiring the best to deliver to their customers.

Whether looking them to employ you at the managerial, kitchen crew or the carhop’s position you must be able to show what you have to offer. They will pay you according to how qualified you are. They also want to ensure that they serve their customers using a qualified team

Levels of employment

Working at Sonic drive in is the best. That is because you get to choose the terms you want to be employed in. at each Sonic drive in, they will employ you under the following levels

  • Part-time

It is here you work for specific hours. That means you are not permanently on their premises. Working part-time means, you get to have other free hours for you to work elsewhere, go to school, or do your personal stuff. They pay you for the number of hours you work on their premises.

  • Full time

Here, you get to work the whole day. It means that you are at work in all the hours they operate. They open at 6 am in the morning to 11 pm at night. Working full time means you are at work the completely stipulated time. The good thing is there are so many benefits that come with working full time.

  • Seasonal

They are the type of employees they need when the season is the peak. When it is hectic and there is an overflow of customers. One of the moments is during the holidays and specific functions. They are like part-timers and paid according to the hours they work.

  • Teens

Like said earlier, it is a level for teenagers to apply. They work in hours after proving that they are flexible to do so. It is a great chance for school going students to earn extra money and some of the skills that might help them in future.

Sonic Drive in Careers

Sonic Drive in Careers

Working Positions Found at Sonic Drive in

To have the best you must be specific. You must be able to know whether Sonic drive in has what you need to grow career wise. That means knowing all the positions that are there at Sonic drive in. if you are to work at Sonic drive in, you will work as either;


They are responsible for running the show. They get the food out there and make the customer happy. Being a crewmember means you play a vital role in the day-to-day activities of the drive in. So, what do they do and who are they?

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They are responsible for receiving the order, making the order, and making sure, the order gets to the client. They handle the entire process of ensuring that the customer gets the items in the menu. The following consists of the crewmembers

With the skills that they have, they are responsible for making what the customer orders. They carefully put together the ingredients with their skills to make sure what the customer orders are what they get. They have sharp and extraordinary skills.

The cook can be on full time or part-time basis. They must be flexible to work extra hours if need be. Depending on their skills and qualifications, they pay $9-$10 per hour. They also have specific benefits that they enjoy including free food while working daily.

  • Prep member

They assist the chef by preparing the food. They cut and make sure the ingredients are available for the chef to cook. They restock food trays and freezer. They ensure the whole place is clean and sanitized. They are responsible if the maintenance of the whole kitchen together with the chef.

  • Carhops

They deliver food to customers who are usually in their cars.  For you to be a carhop, you must are roller skates. That means you must be able to balance yourself in them and coordinate well while wearing them. It’s challenging in the beginning but once you are used to it, it gets easier.

Most of them work in shifts with each lasting for 3-8 hours. They interact with the customers the most. So, except for being qualified, for you to get the job, you must have good communication skills, be fast, and have some basic math skills.


They are responsible for managing the branches. They keep the branches running by overseeing all the operations. They are responsible for training, hiring and carrying out inventories. They settle disputes and listen to customer compliments and complain to make their service better.

For you to have any managerial position, they will evaluate you and scrutinize to make sure you are best for the job. You must have previous experience and have academic qualifications for you to work as a manager. Previous workers of various positions take most managerial positions.

Managerial positions are vital and sensitive. That is because a drive in with poor management can be disastrous to its growth and production that is why they take time and consideration before they fill such positions. That various positions under managerial post include;

  • Crew leader

He or she is responsible for supervising the crewmembers. He supervises to make sure everyone is doing his or her job, he schedules how things run in the specific branch to keeps things rolling. He or she is in charge of tracking inventories and help out in food preparations.

Most crew leaders here once crew members. That is because the position includes the crewmember job only in an overseeing manner. They pay just like a qualified crewmember but with the benefits of a manager.

  • Assistant manager
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They supervise the crewmembers and their leader. He or she keeps inventories, helps in preparing food, and trains new staffs in the team. He makes sure the stores open in time and closes at the right time. He motivates and supervises the crewmember together with their leaders.

To get the position, you must have impeccable leadership and managerial skills, you must be able to show that through your academic qualifications and in your work. If they are satisfied and hire you for the work, they will pay you a salary of $ 30000 per year and benefits that come with the position.

  • General manager

They mostly carry out managerial duties. That includes all the administrative work in a branch. They prepare the payrolls, compile the sales report, and take a leading role in marketing the branch. The success of the branch depends on how well a manager leads his or her team.

He or she is responsible for ordering supplies needed in the branch. They communicate with the corporate leadership to give the progress report and the goals achieved by their branch. At the end of the day, a manager takes home an annual salary of $ 50000.

Benefits you will receive while working with Sonic drive in

When you work for a company or a certain branch, they give you certain rewards and benefits that come with the positions they hire you for. They are according to stated la or a way of appreciating your services in the company. When you work   in Sonic drive in, you get the fooling benefits and rewards;

  • Fully paid on the job
  • Lucrative salaries and a chance for promotion once you finish training.
  • For full-time employees, they get a retirement package, time off from work at a certain time of the year, health insurance, and life insurance.
  • Your dependents will also get partially a scholarship to study.
  • You get a free everyday meal while at work.
  • Gym membership plan to work out during your free time.

How to apply for a job at Sonic drive in

As you can see from above, you can start your career at Sonic drive in and grow with them, it is a place where your career can start and grow. For you to do that, you must go to their website and apply for that position that you feel suits you.

Be honest while answering your questions and make sure you give all the details they ask for. Once you are done, submit the application form, and wait for their reply. Alternatively, you can walk into the branch that is hiring and submit your resume for consideration.

For your career to grow and progress, you need to work with a brand that will make you do that. Building a career needs time and the right company. At Sonic drive in, they have the positions you want to excel and the benefits that will fulfil you as an employee. Go ahead and apply.