Sonic Drive in Nutrition

Sonic Drive in Nutrition – You Need to Know

Do you find yourself struggling to lose weight? You go to the gym, drink all sorts of concoctions, and do all manner of dieting but you still have that stressful belly hanging below your belt? Do you ask yourself where you go wrong? Well, you are not alone.


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Many working people have the same problem of losing weight. They want to fit in their little black dress but cannot figure out how to get rid of the extra pound.  What do you eat while in the office? Yes, that could be the problem, Sonic drive in fast food down the street.

Sonic Drive in Nutrition

Sonic Drive in Nutrition

Working in the office setting means you probably make up early in the morning to catch the bus. You have less time in the house to pack a meal for yourself to have at work. That means you will depend on Sonic drive in fast food along your way to work to give you the energy you need.

What do they have on the menu? What you probably don’t know is that most fast food has many calories. When you consume them, you end up increasing your daily intake. That leads deposit of the excess calories as fat, what you don’t want to see. So let’s have a look at Sonic drive in foods.

Sonic Drive in Fast Food

With so many people out every day, they need to eat, right? That is why the fast food industry is booming. People from all occupations walk into fast food joints to boost their metabolism. That is why Sonic drive in was founded.

A fast food joint has been around for more than 65 years. They commit themselves to make sure passerby don’t drive while hungry. That is by providing fast food and drinks for people to be on their high spirit as they go one to do their work.

With over 3 million people to feed every day, they have many items on the menu to keep them coming. You will find burritos, onion rings, chicken dishes, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, and drinks for you to choose from. That is where the problem is.

Just like any other fast foods, Sonic drive in foods has a lot of fat and calories. If you are no careful with how you choose what to eat, you will end up doing zero work in the gym. That brings you to the question of how to know to choose what to eat at Sonic drive in.

5 Ways on How to Choose what to eat at Sonic Drive in

It is what you should be looking at when you want to grab something to eat from them. That is the only way you will be sure that you are not consuming high calories and fats. For you to make sure you don’t consume high calories when you are at Sonic drive in make sure you;

  1. Look at the menu online
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How else will you get full details of what you are about to consume? Go online and have a look at the menu. Look at the combination that will make you full for longer and will not have a big impact on your calorie intake. That includes looking for other elements like sodium.

Looking online makes you make a decision without a rush. You will look at the menu in details without the pressure of making an order. You will be able to come up with a suitable combination for you before you drive and make an order.

  1. Go for grilled items

Most fast food joints cook their dishes by deep-frying them. That involves a lot of fast, which add calories to the food. When you have the dish, you will end up consuming more calories than your body needs leading to accumulation of some in the body.

You should have grilled food which they by putting it over a griller. There is no additional fat added to the food. It means that the food will remain with the actual calories in the foo with no addition. When you consume it, you will be sure that the number of calories in the food is right.

  1. Single small burgers

The burger is a prominent item in the menu. When they have offers and specials, they put it on the burgers so that people can consume them. What people don’t know is that burgers have many calories and that can be a problem with your weight when you consume them.

Since it is hard to avoid burgers, always go for smaller burgers for lesser calories. Smaller ones come with the same great taste but in smaller doses. Consuming them means fewer calories in your daily diet and less fat on your waist.

  1. Skip high fried foods and sweetened drinks

Since frying adds fat into the food you are about to consume, how about avoiding them at all? If you are serious about losing weight, the best thing you can do is to make sure you don’t have fried foods in your order. Instead, go for grilled dishes.

The same applies to drinks. Most sweetened drinks have a lot of calorie in them. Consuming those means you will be adding the total number of calories in your diet. Go for water instead as it zero in calories and high on other nutrients.

  1. Share with a friend

Sometimes, it becomes hard to resist Sonic drive in food and drinks. To make sure you don’t consume more, how about you invite a friend when you drive on their premises? Sharing means the number of calories that you will consume will be lower and safe to have.

Sonic Drive in Nutrition

Sonic Drive in Nutrition

Guideline on Sonic Drive in Nutrition

You want to lose weight constantly, right? If you work out in the gym, you don’t want to step on the weighing scale to be disappointed. That is why you need to read the guideline to help you in your choosing. Eating out is hard but with the guideline, you can have a healthy combination with fewer calories.

In the below guideline, you will see the food with the high calories, the one you should try to avoid. You will also know the one with fewer calories and are safe to eat in moderation. Read along as we have a look at the Sonic drive in the nutritional content of their food.

Food with low calories

They are food that when you eat, they don’t have a serious impact on your daily calorie intake. They cook the food by grilling or not cooked at all. They have less than 500 calories and are low in sodium. When you want to eat at Sonic drive in, always go for the following choices;

  • Sonic signature slinger-It is one of the oldest items on the menu. What makes it the best to have are the ingredients they use to make the slinger. It has American cheese, pickles, patty, ground beef, savoury seasoning, tomatoes, and mushrooms. All the ingredients make the total number of calories low enough for you to have.
  • Mini tot and a drink with a combination of 300 calories.
  • burger with 330 calories.
  • deluxe cheeseburger with 420 calories
  • All  beef regular hotdogs-320 calories
  • Corn dogs-230 calories
  • Classic chicken sandwich-450 calories
  • Jumbo chicken popcorns- 280 calories
  • Grilled chicken wrap-320 calorie
  • Breakfast burritos- 280 calories


Sides are vital when you are taking a meal. That is because they play a big role in preparing you for the main meal. They are also a good accompaniment of main meals. At Sonic drive in, the following sides have low calories;

  • Natural cut fries-130 calories
  • Mini tots- 130 calories
  • Apple slices- 35 calories
  • Chili cheese tots- 190 calories


They have a wide variety of drinks. While the drinks are refreshing, it is good to be careful about the kind of drink you choose to have. The following blast will give you the refreshing feeling you want while still keep your calories intake on the low side.

  • Waffle berries brownies master blast- 550 calories
  • Melted brown blast mini- 590 calories

It doesn’t mean that with the above food will guarantee that your daily intake will be down. It means that as you are calculating your calories for the day, having them will make the overall intake low to accommodate other calories that you are going to take.

Foods with high calories

Most of the fast foods have many calories. In many fast food joints, it gets hard when you want to choose food with fewer calories. While you can accommodate some in our daily plan, others have a very high calories amount that taking them ill have a serious consequence on our weight.

If you are trying to lose weight or struggling to maintain the one you have, taking such foods will mean you will achieve nothing as far as your weight plan is concerned. To avoid that, it is good to know the foods so that you cannot find yourself ordering them.

Sonic drive in is no exception. They too have foods that you must keep off to achieve your weight goals. If you must eat them, it is advisable you share the meal to cut off the calories intake by half. The meals include;

  • SuperSonicbacon double cheeseburger- 1240 calories
  • Bacon cheeseburger toaster savoury- 850 calories
  • Super crunch chicken strip diner 5 pieces- 1080 calories
  • Footlong quarter pound Coney- 830 calories
  • Jalapeno burger- 660 calories


Sides are side dishes that you eat with the main meal. It is, therefore, logical that it should be low in calories to accommodate other meals. When a side is high in calories, it becomes difficult to control the total number of calories you will consume in a day. While in Sonic drive in, you should probably avoid the following sides;

  • Ched R bites( large)- 77 calories
  • Ched R pepper large- 880 calories
  • Handmade onion rings- 800 calories


While most of the drinks have relatively, you would rather avoid some drinks. That is because they have a very high amount of empty calories that it becomes difficult to count your calories when you have the drink. The drinks include;

  • Peanut butter and cookies dough dream( large)- 2300 calories
  • Peanutty swirl master blast with snicker bar- 2190 calories

You should avoid the two drinks if you want to keep your calories intake low for the day. Enjoy the others, but make sure you take small or the medium size to reduce the number of calories you consume from them.

Other foods at Sonic drive in

It does not mean the list end there. Sonic drive in has many items on the menu for you to choose from. With some being healthy, some are not in the list but still need a third eye before you consume. Be keen when you are making your order. Make rules on what to have and what you need to avoid.

When it comes to the food you choose to have, look at the calories first. Make sure you have a dish that has less than 500 calories. If possible, it will be even convenient for you if the whole combination of food and the drink you have to add up to 500 calories. That makes it easier for you to have other meals during the day.

Beware of ice creams, shakes, and dressings. They are small items in the menu but can shoot the number of calories you are consuming without noticing. That is why looking at the menu before you go ahead and order is good. It helps you make a healthy convenient combination.

Eating at Sonic drive in is convenient for you especially if you don’t have time to make a meal at home but it can have consequences on your weight. Knowing Sonic drive food nutritional information will be a good start to losing your weight effectively.