Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich

Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich – All You Need to Know

Do you have a friend who seems to know everything? Every time you talk about something, she already interrupting you to finish your sentences? I have one such friend, her name is Susan. Read along and know how her annoying habit made me know more about the classic chicken sandwich.


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Susan is the kind of friend you don’t want to hang around with. Each time you start a story, she interrupts by finishing the story you were about to tell. She is a know it all and always ahead of everything. One thing I love about her is her knowledge of recipes.

We have one thing in common, we love cooking. Each time we are out dining, she is always talking about almost every item on the menu. Her knowledge helps me when I want to try something new or when I am hosting people over.

Her birthday came by and had to treat her out. Sonic drive in is around the corner. I decided to take advantage of the deals they have every day to take Suzy as I wish her happy birthday.

Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich

Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich

Why sonic drive in?

You may be wondering right? Sonic drive in outlets is strategically located. It is easier to access any of them while you are on the road. Over 3 million residents from more than 45 states in the US drive into their premises to have delicious items in their menu.

The other thing that makes them my favourite is their food. They have a lot on the menu for you to choose from.  Each time you drive in, you will have something different from the menu for you to try out. They have onion rings, hotdogs, burgers and many more for you to order.

They also have their signature drinks. When it is hot and you need a refreshing drink, they have the usual soft drinks and water for you. They go an extra mile of having slushes, which they make. They have over 13000 types to choose from.

Sonic drive in knows how to make you come to their premises for more. That is by giving you friendly offers and deals. Every week, they have deals that will make you drive in for more. You will eat and drink at half prices making you save more money each time you visit. That is why I choose them.

Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich

I have never heard Susan talking about the classic chicken sandwich. So in my mind, it as a perfect treat for her since she knew nothing about.  I called to meet with her and have an afternoon snack after work, my treat and she agreed.

When we drove in the sonic drive in near our workplace, I made an order for two classic chicken sandwich and milkshake. The dish as awesome and she as happy and grateful that I did that for her. I told her I never had her talk of the classic sandwich that is why I did so. To my surprise, she knew.

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It is one of her favourite dishes whenever she drives alone or when with family. She was glad to eat and enjoy the delicious dish with me and hope to do more in future. Read along and know what she told me about the chicken sandwich that I did not know.

What is a classic chicken sandwich?

The classic chicken sandwich is a sandwich made of crispy grilled chicken breast, fresh lettuce, cheese, and signature Caesar dressing covered with whole grain ciabatta bun. It is an item in the sonic drive in the menu that has been changing every now and then to make it better.

Sonic drive in just like any other fast food joint wants to keep their customer coming for more. They keep on changing the items on the menu to make them better and delicious. The chicken sandwich is one of them.

The good thing about eating the sandwich is that it is healthy to have. It is low in calories and packed with proteins that are good for you.  With 460 calories, you will be good to go for the day. The amazing part is that they make it using lettuce and ciabatta bun, which keeps the number of calories down for you.

How to make the Sonic classic Chicken sandwich

It does not involve much. They use the following ingredients to make the sandwich:

  • Whole grain ciabatta bun
  • All white chicken meat
  • Hand sliced tomatoes
  • Fresh lettuce
  • Signature Caesar dressing
  • Asiago cheese

They deep fry the crispy chicken and grill the grilled on a grill. After the chicken breast is ready, they assemble the chicken sandwich for you to have. Like mentioned above, the item keeps on changing when it comes to the ingredients to make it more appealing and tasty to the customers.

Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich

Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich

Why the above ingredients are the best for the classic chicken sandwich

According to Susan, the classic chicken sandwich that sonic drive in is serving no is the best. That is because it has all the healthy ingredients that you would want in a sandwich. The following are the benefits that come with the ingredients;

  • Whole grain ciabatta bun

Many sandwiches are made of the white bun. The bun is full of empty calories and rises up the number of calories in a sandwich. According to a nutritionist, it is not the best bun to have on your sandwich and that is why sonic drive in has made the changes.

They use the ciabatta bun. It is a bun made of brown flour, which is high in fibre and lower calories. The bun has less yeast and has olive oil making it healthy for you to have. With the bun, you will get your daily dietary fibre, less yeast and fewer calories that are good for your body.

  • All white meat
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It means they use chicken meat to make the sandwich. Chicken is a good source of lean meat. Lean means less fat and cholesterol. Unlike beef which has more fat and cholesterol, making the sandwich with the chicken meat make it healthier to have and supply your body with proteins for the day.

What you should be keen with is how they cook the chicken Choose the grilled instead of the crispy. In grilling, there is no additional fat while in crispy; they deep-fry to make the chicken that adds the number of fats in the sandwich.

  • Tomatoes are good

Don’t you love the colour of tomatoes in your sandwich? Do you know the richer the colour, the more the vitamins you will get from the tomatoes? They are full of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function well for the day.

Having tomatoes in your sandwich ensures that you get your daily dose of vitamins and other minerals. That means you improve your eyesight, skin condition, and keep your body off diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart problems.

  • Lettuce

One thing I love about lettuce is that they are low in calories and high in moisture content. They go a long way in making sure your calorie intake is low and you are full for the day. It also provides your body with calcium, potassium, vitamin C and foliates.

You will benefit a lot from the lettuce that you have from the sandwich. They control your anxiety level and induce your sleep by relaxing your nerves. If you are to make your sandwich at home, don’t shy away from putting more lettuce into the sandwich to make it more nutritious.

  • Asiago cheese

The cheese derives its name from a small town in northern Italy.  Traditionally, it was made of sheep milk but now made of cow one. It is available in different parts of the world in the form of different stages of ageing. While ageing, it develops in texture and flavour.

Eating the cheese is a ticket to preventing osteoporosis. It provides the daily calcium that you need. It has a strong nutty flavour making your sandwich tasty and interesting to take. Make sure you have not more than two slices because it is high in calories and that can compromise the calories of the sandwich.

  • Caesar dressing

Having a dressing in your sandwich means your sandwich will be full of flavour and moist. That is because dressings are for that purpose. Caesar dressing is best to use in a sandwich made of the asiago cheese because they blend well.

Using the Caesar dressing in the sandwich will give you a flavour that you are craving for without making you guilty of what you are eating. If you are making the sandwich at home, the salad is easier to make because the ingredients are available.

Advantages of Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich

  • Portable

Am sure you don’t like messy snacks. There is nothing annoying than to have a snack only to be left with spills all over. Since you are having the snack on your way home or to work, you would hate to have a messy and dirty car after, right?

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Well, with a sonic chicken sandwich, you don’t have to worry about that. The sandwich is intact and the ingredients are large enough. You can easily handle them together to your mouth for a bite. You will enjoy the sandwich without a messy aftermath.

  • Cheap

That is what I love most about the sonic drive in. That I can enjoy a snack and a drink at an affordable price. With the offers and deals that they have every day, you will enjoy a classic sandwich without worries about your budget. That is because the price set is fair enough for you to afford.

Drive in whenever they have offers and deals and enjoy the sandwich. You can use their coupons found online or look out for the happy hours that they have offers of having a dish at half price. There is no reason why you should not enjoy the delicious sandwich.

  • Healthy

With all the ingredients explained above, it is clear that the sandwich is healthy to have. It is one of the items on the menu that is healthy to have every time. Consuming one means you take 420- 530 calories depending on how they make the chicken and the ingredients.

What you should be keen with is how they make the chicken. Go for the grilled and avoid the crispy one. add more lettuce and tomatoes and avoid mayo to make it healthier. In addition, you should avoid using sides while you are having the chicken sandwich to avoid consuming more calories.

  • Delicious

There is nothing awesome than sharing a delicious meal with a loved one. Whether as lunch, dinner or date night with a partner, having a delicious sandwich is a sure way of having fun while chatting with family or friends. That is why the sandwich as my choice or Susan treats.

It is made of the asiago cheese that has a nutty rich flavour, the delicious chicken, and the Caesar dressing finishes the flavouring. All that in one sandwich is something you would wish to have every day without guilt.


  • The calories

Like mentioned severally, the ingredients play an integral role in determining the number of calories you are going to consume. Keep away unnecessary dressing and sauce. Go for the grilled chicken sandwich to keep the calories low enough for the day. At the end of the day, you still have other dishes to consume.

Final thought

I thought I was the one surprising Susan with the Sonic Drive in Classic Chicken Sandwich. It turned out she knew more than I did. She explained to me how the ingredients play a big role in making sure the current sandwich is the best to have and how convenient it is to have the sandwich. In the end, I was glad to treat her because from the treat, I know more about the sandwich.