Belk Survey Belk Survey to Win $500

If you’re a Belk enthusiast spare some time to complete the Belk survey. Belk values customer’s feedback and appreciates doing business with them. And that’s why they work hard to get your feedback.

Belk needs to understand more about other stores matters. Not just about their services, they need to understand more about their outlet, pricing, and the customer attendants.

You need to have the Belk receipt to participate in the survey. The receipt can only be retrieved from Belk and if it’s genuine, there’s nothing that could stop you to complete the survey. Furthermore, one could earn reward and compensate the time you input in the survey.

I happen to visit their website and loved the pricing on their portal. And to say it’s expensive it would be an overstatement. I rather say that the price is commensurate to the quality and quantity of goods.   And with the latter nothing can stop you from shopping at their outlet.

About Belk

Belk Survey

Belk Survey

This is an ancient departmental store, opened in 1980s in North Carolina. And the departmental store experienced the rapid growth to establish over 300 belks location with staff members exceeding 23000.

The Belk sells the different arrays of goods and offers unique services.  This’s the locale to visit when you need to purchase women, men and family products. Belk sales gears, home furniture, shoes jewellery watches and more.

They also operate an online store.  You can order goods online and receive at your door step. There is much for one to do, if you visit the store online. You could purchase goods and source for additional Belk’s information.

Belks Survey Rules

Since Belk appreciate your feedback, they have set the belk survey rules. The objective is to ensure only real fellows participate in the survey. Some of the survey rules include:

  1. Making Purchase at Belks.

Visit the belks store to make purchases.  You will receive your receipt. Confirm if the receipt has the invitation to participate in the survey. If so, you’re one step to enter the Belk survey.

  1. Be A Legal Resident From The United States or District Of Columbia.

Only the residents from those countries are eligible to participate in the survey. However, one has to have the documentation that he/she is of the legal age. This depends on the legal age set by respective country.

  1. Belks Allow One Survey Entry.

The survey limit is set that only one person could participate. You cannot participate indefinite times or any time you shop at belks. Thus during the survey entry period, you have the one chance to complete survey.

  1. One Cannot Use The Belk Gift Card Elsewhere.

To begin with the Belks reward competition is the $500 reward gift card. These cannot be used in any other outlet but at the Belk stores.

  1. Belk Affiliated Members Will not Enter Survey.

First the survey begins at May 6 ending at August 4 2018. But Belk has barred the employees, directors and any other affiliated parties to enter the survey. This is just the measure to ensure

Belk survey is free and there is no inside party that could destroy Belk survey credibility. Furthermore the immediate family members as well as household members are barred from participating in the survey.

How To Enter Belks Survey.

There are the two possible ways one can enter. These are by using online means or through mail. If you are internet –savvy online methodology should suit. Furthermore it’s faster and one can complete the survey online.

One needs a device that can connect to the internet, Stable internet connection. But don’t forget that Belks expects all online entrees to be submitted before 11.59ET, August 4, 2018.

The use of mail is also possible way to enter. However, it could take time to receive the mails and it’s more susceptible to errors. To enter you need to print your email address, name, night, day telephone and your age.

Wrap the details on a 3times 5 card and use a standard size business envelope. You should address you mail to customer satisfaction survey P.O.BOX 453 Macedon, NY 14502-0453. Be sure to send your mail address before August 9, 2018.

You are free to choose the given entry survey method. Regardless of your choice, you would have only one entry to participate in the survey. Furthermore making a purchase at the Belk is a necessary but not mandatory condition to enter survey.

How To Participate In The Survey?


  1. To begin with, you must visit the Belks online survey portal. The survey portal is found online and to be sure to enter the correct portal, check your receipt to confirm the belk URL
  2. Enter the receipt details. The Belk receipt is emancipates from their servers. And to ensure only legal participants enter the survey, you would have to input your receipt details. You will be redirected while on the Belks page.
  3. Answer all the Belks question. Belk question would be about the different store services. These question would measure your overall level of satisfaction, their pricing and the staff performance. The question are easy to complete. Don’t panic.
  4. Receive Belks coupon code. Once you complete the survey, one will receive the belks coupon code. Present this with your visit, in order to receive the belks discount. Furthermore there is the grand prize which is a gift card valued at $500.
  5. Input your personal details. These could be for a follow up in case you won a grand credit card prize Furthermore Belks does the follow up and would use your personal contact to address you in case they need more information.


Belks Survey Question.

While you answer the Belk survey question, it’s recommended you provide your candid feedback. This is of the benefit of you and company. Belks will use the feedback to revamp the way they offer their services and with your next visit, you would find shopping at Belks fun. Some of the Belks Survey question will address

Your level of satisfaction.

Zale’s would love to know if you are satisfied with the nature of services they offer and goods they sell. Your rating would provide the best needed results.

Whether You Would Refer Belks.

Belks would further love to know if you could refer the departmental store to family members and friends. And this would depend on how well your latest visit was .If you liked their services and goods you would definitely submit positive feedback and vice versa.

The Level Of Their Customer Staff.

Belks would love to understand if you were served perfectly and their staff were professional and gave fantastic service.


Belks Customer Survey Contacts

Of course one needs to have the Belks customer survey contacts to inquire for the lot of things. First one can inquire if he /she has won the Belk gift card, or just ask for help to complete the belks survey. And for whatever reason you contact Belks, use the following

Belks Customer Call Contacts.

The easiest way to get contact with the Belks customer care. And being the easiest you should expect call traffic of approximately 15 minutes. However there is the automated call number that could get you immediate help.

The prevalent used Belk’s customer service number is   1-800-669-6550. The call is on for 24 hours, 7 days operating from Mon – Sat   8:30 am -7; 00am.

Use The Belks Live Chat Survey Contact.

This is the easiest way to contact the Belks .And if you are online –savvy you will find these method to be hustle –free. First you just need to be online- have the PC or any other internet connective device.

Visit Belks survey customer centre and click on the live link chat centre. There is always an agent who’s ready to answer your query and you will just text that you want and get instant feedback. Furthermore, this is the great way to receive other Belks services.

Fill The Online Survey Contact Form.

This is a contact form available online .And once you login to the Belk official site, you would be able to address your query. And for this to work, one needs to supply all personal information for authentication.

You will provide; your first name, last name, input the message subject, email and phone and order number which are optional .Proceed to explain your query and this is on the long and bold box at their online contact centre. Click send and await Belks feedback.

Contacting Belks online is the best method as it provides you with the platform to understand more about the store. You would also visit their FAQ page that has the plenty of information that could turn up to be beneficial to your needs.

Locating The Nearest Belk Store.

As you would need to shop at the Belks frequently, you need to understand the best methodology to use in the location of Belks store near you. Belks operate the different store outlets and it has more than 300 stores in the different states.

Use The Belks App.

Their application is the best method one could use to locate the nearest outlet. The app features the location feature and provide the nearest Belks store location address. You just need to input some prerequisite information and you would see the nearest Belks address.

Besides the geolocation, the app is the best method to contact the Belks. You can send your query on the app and be sure to get instant feedback. Furthermore the app would keep you posted on the various offers on the belks store and would ensure that you don’t miss out on the offers.

Use The Belk Social Media Platform

Belks has updated the wide variety of their information on the social media platform.  There are the plenty of their stores addresses online and with the use of the social media locaters feature one can locate the nearest Belks location.

Furthermore the social media channels form the platform that is excellent get contact with the Belks customer service. Belks is active on these social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and liked In. They reply to the customer message fast.

They also run business ads and this platform could be the best way for one to receive the numerous Belks offers while new.