Sonic Drive-in Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Sonic Drive-in Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger With Mayo

Do you get excited every time you see the weekend approaching? If you always have a demanding job, getting time to relax during the weekend is all what you need to unwind. You get time to wake up at whatever time you want and remain in your pyjama almost all day.


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You may choose weekend to be a good time to work out. Go to the gym, take a walk with your dog or join your local yoga club for a session. After working out, you need something to reenergize your body, something with calories that will give you energy to carry yourself the whole day.

Since you have time, it sounds great to walk into your favourite fast-food joint right? While many will perceive it’s a weight loos failure to walk into a fast food joint after a workout, there are fast food joints with great food that you can actually dine and remain full and healthy. A place like sonic drive in.

About sonic drive in

What do you know about sonic drive in? a lot, right? That is because it is conveniently located on our way to work. You probably get your breakfast I one of their premises due to their amazing offers that they have on heir breakfast items.

Sonic drive in is a fast-food that has specialities in providing us residents with great food. With a lot in their menu, they work hard to make sure you get the most when you drive into their premises. What will you find in their menu?

They have onion rings, burritos, chicken wraps, sandwiches and chicken diches as some of their food in the menu. They also have a variety of drinks that they make for you to refresh yourself whenever you are hungry.

What makes them special is the range of hamburgers. The public know them for their delicious burger that they sell to the public. With over 9 types of burgers, you have a sure way of fulfilling yourself with a delicious burger. One of them is the bacon double cheese burger with mayo.

What is supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Mayo

If you are a frequent visitor to their premises, you may have come across the burger in the menu. Due to how good it looks, maybe you have had a chance of eating it the burger is one great item they have and keeps customer coming every time.

According to their chef, it is one item in the menu hat flies off the kitchen, they at testify that the US residents love the burger and want to have a taste every time they are at their premises. You may wonder why, right? Read along and know why the cheese burger has demand

What makes the Bacon Double Cheeseburger famous?

While people also drive into their premises to have other items on the menu, the bacon double cheeseburger remains the people favourite. Is it because of the bacon? Mayo? The lettuce of what makes it so good for people to keep on coming for one?

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The secret is in the ingredients. If you have a lock at the burger, it has all the ingredients to make it great and delicious for you to have. Yes, the chef has the skills to make it happen but the following makes the burger delicious and good to have;

  1. Quarter pound 100% ground beef

To get a hamburger right, you must get the bee right. That is because it is the main ingredient in a burger. That is something sonic drive in knows very well. That is why the work hard to make sure they have the best beef for the burger.

100% ground beef means beef from cows that are grass fed only. That is to make sure you have the best quality of beef in your burger. They also follow the 80/20 rule of lea and fat content o it to make sure you have the best.

Potion is everything if you want to remain healthy. That is why sonic measure and make sure that the beef is a quarter pound. They don’t want you to feel cheated by giving you less and they don’t want your burger to be unhealthy by giving you more. They give you the right quantity.

  1. The burger bun

It is the second essential thing to have in a good burger. It holds all the content of the snack so that you can have them in one bite. You must have the right type of bun for your burger to be worth eating without stress.

Sonic drive in use a squashy bun. It means that the bun holds the ingredients intact until you have the final bite. That is what you want right? To have your burger without worries of spilling ingredients all over yourself. That why supersonic bacon double cheese burger is the best. You have it clean.

  1. Melty slices of American cheese

Just like many other burgers in the industry, sonic drive in uses processed cheese. It is cheese that is commercially made using dairy and other ingredients to make it smooth, with a great taste and colour. So why the processed cheese

They use processed cheese because it has a long shelf life, has a great uniform taste and colour and it is cheap making it commercially profitable to use. What makes sonic drive in special and unique is the choice of processed cheese that they use, the American cheese.

It is a great tasting cheese to use in a burger. The aroma is one to die for and you have a lot to gain from the cheese. You will get your daily dairy dose, fat content for the day and you will end up with health bones and teeth due to the calcium in the cheese.

Sonic drive in wants to make sure you have the best in double doses. That is why in the bacon double cheese burger with mayo, you will have two slices of the American cheese in it. That is to enhance the entire taste and flavour that you are going to get from the burger

  1. Crispy bacon
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If there is one thing sonic drive in chef get right is the bacon in the burger. It is crispy, brown and with great taste. It is deliciously made to make sure that your experience while eating the bacon is unforgettable.

The bacon is the ingredient that is conspicuous and makes the burger different from the rest. That is because it is an addition from the other common ingredients. Its presence in the burger makes sure you have an extra touch of crispiness and taste with your bacon.

  1. Lettuce

Anything that has vegetables is a ticket to low calories and loads of benefits. Lettuce are low in calories, have more vitamins and minerals and are dense in moisture content. Having them in your burger makes sure you have a dose of healthiness from the burger.

Being low in calories make sure that your calorie intake remains low which may sound like good news since the burger has relatively high calories. It also has a lot of vitamins and minerals which keeps you healthy from a ray of diseases.

  1. Tomatoes

Not only are they good looking, they are also healthy to have. Having them in the gorger makes sure the burger will be good for your health. People have raw tomatoes because they have a lot of health benefits.

When you have the tomatoes in the burger, you are pushing ageing miles further from you. That is because tomatoes act as a great anti-ageing agent when you consume. It also keeps diseases like concerned eye problems at bay. you will have ma youthful years to enjoy the burger.

  1. Salt

Unbelievably, salt is an ingredient that is vital to your burger. For your beef to be crusty and with flavour, they must use salt during the grilling or frying. They use it for seasoning he ground beef for a great taste and also give you your daily sodium dose.

  1. Pepper

It is another great seasoning ingredient that sonic drive in uses. It gives your beef a great taste, flavour and aroma. You also gain health wise since pepper is a great antioxidant and inflammatory agent hence your body will remain healthy and fit always.

  1. Mayonnaise

While many believe it is unhealthy to have mayonnaise in your burger, you can gain when you use mayo for your burger. Not only does it give your burger moisture and great taste, it also has healthy benefits that you can gain from it.

It has vitamin E that can prevent you from stroke, your body will be able to absorb nutrients better and you will also get a ray of other vitamins that your body needs. What you should be keen with when you are using mayo is the quantity you use in your burger.

  1. Skills

Yes, you dint see that coming right? With all the above ingredients and without the skills, the bacon double cheeseburger cannot be. Sonic drive in has chef with enough experience to execute the ingredients into a great tasting burger.

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They make sure they hire the best in the industry. Once they scrutinise and establish that they have the skills, they pay them well depending on the number of hours thy work to make sure they work to produce the great for their customers.

Sonic Drive-in Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Sonic Drive-in Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger

How-to Make Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger with Mayo

It is always good to have the skills to make the burger at home. It is weekend and you may not be in the mood to walk out of your house. With the right ingredients, you can make the burger and enjoy as you watch your favourite movie.

Just like stated above, you will need all the above ingredients to make a delicious burger just as sonic drive in makes it. The quantity will depend on how many you want to make and what you want to have from the burger.

While making the burger, remember that you will place the patty and cheese in two layers. That is why it is has ‘double’ in the name. make sure you have the layers right starting with spreading the mayo on the bun.

You should make the beef by grilling it. The burger has 960 calories. You need to keep the calories low by not adding oils into the beef through cooking. Grilling the beef makes sure you don’t add extra oils into it.

There is no rule governing how many slices of tomatoes and lettuce you should have while making the burger at home. Thru more the vegetables, the better it will be for you. Put as many as you want just make sure you don’t end up with a messy burger.

Nutrition facts of supersonic bacon double cheese burger with mayo

There are concerns at to the number of calories you will consume with the burger. While nutritionist will advise you to keep off the burger, how you have it is what matters for you. What is your daily calorie intake?

It is advisable for you to calculate the number of calories you consume in day. The burger is a great snack to have for as long as you don’t surpass your daily calories intake. You can also decide to share the burger with a partner or friend just to have the greatness.

You can also have it as a cheat snack. The burger is delicious and there I no reason to why you should deprive yourself the goodness that comes with the burger. Once in a while, treat your taste bud with an amazing supersonic bacon double cheeseburger with mayo.

Weekends should be time to try out new things. If you are into food, trying out new menu should be yourthing. If you are a frequent visitor of sonic drive in, trying out their supersonic bacon double cheeseburger is a wonderful way of knowing why the 10 ingredients are the reason behind the great burger.