Sonic Cheese Burger – You Need to Know

Fast foods have many food choices for you to choose from. While most are unhealthy, sonic drive in has a variety of burgers on their menu that they have been serving the public. One of the burgers is the cheeseburger. Read along and learn why the cheese in the burger plays a vital role in improving your health.


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Are you into fast food? I know your answer is maybe. Probably because you find fast food greasy and with a lot of fat. Eating out is a challenge that many people face. That is because of two things, lack of a good place to eat and lack of healthier choices wherever you go.

With so much greasy and unhealthy food in most fast foods, it is hard to make a choice that will make you full and not ruin your diet plan. All you find is food with empty calories and many fasts, at the end of the day. You will feel hungry after consuming that much calories.

That is why you need to choose a fast food joint, which minds about your health. A place where you can go, dine, and not fill guilty when you are done. While there are many places to go, sonic drive in has proved to be an American favourite when it comes to fast food.

Sonic drive in

If you think of convenience, location, food and class, sonic drive in suits all the descriptions. They are strategically located in over 45 US states. When you are on the road, you have one near you ready to serve you what you need.

They don’t want to be like the rest of their competitors, they have strived to maintain the same old classic look that their customer likes and only improve on the items they serve in the menu. They have a lot to choose from on the menu.

When you drive in any of their premises, they will take care of all your daily meals. From breakfast burritos, chicken wraps, hotdogs, coffee and tea, to lunch chicken fries and wraps and their famous snacks. You will always have something for you to have.

One thing that keeps people coming for more is their burgers. Just like in their billboards, they have continued to make and provide different types of burgers to the public. The difference is how they make them and the ingredients and one of them is the sonic cheeseburger

What is a sonic cheeseburger?

You may ask, right? It is an item in the sonic drive in the menu that has been keeping people coming for more. That is because of the way it tastes an also looks. They make the burger using special ingredients to make it full of flavour and delicious.

Sonic cheeseburger is a burger that sonic drive in chef make using a bun, American cheese, pickles, ripe tomatoes, chopped onions, lettuce, and ell seasoned 100% beef patty. The chef chooses the ingredients and carefully places them to present to you a burger like no other.

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What is the different from other burgers, you may ask, right? Yes, there is a difference, the American cheese. They use the processed American cheese to make the burger and that is what makes the difference. That is why you need to know about the cheese they use, processed American cheese.

What is processed cheese?

For you to understand American cheese, it is good for you to know more about processed cheese. It is the cheese mostly used to make a cheeseburger. Processed cheese is a product made from cheese and other fermented dairy ingredients. They include milk, calcium phosphate, enzymes, and salt.

Most fast foods use processed cheese to make cheeseburgers. They must have a reason to do that right? Yes, they use the processed cheese because;

  • It has a long shelf life

There is nothing disgusting like stale cheese. The good thing about processed cheese is that it takes a long time before it spoils. That is because of the preservatives in it. That makes the burger fresher for longer and it sounds economically reasonable to use.

  • Low melting point

No one likes to have a cheeseburger that has cheese flowing all over the fingers that is why the processed cheese is convenient. It has a low melting point so even under high temperature, it stays intact for you to enjoy the burger without messing yourself up.

  • Has a uniform look

When you are using processed cheese, you get a uniform look for our cheese. That is because it comes in a uniform pack with the same processed slices. It is not like the natural cheese here ageing determines how your cheese will look like.

  • Cheap

It makes sense to use processed cheese because it is cheap. Unlike the natural cheese where it involves a long and detailed process, the processed cheese is from readily available ingredients and does not take a lot to have cheese for your burger. Being cheap makes economic sense to use it to make commercial burgers.

  • Tasty

The ingredients used to make the processed cheese makes it tasty to have. When you make a burger with it, the burger ends up having a unique taste due to the cheese. It also brings a unique aroma and healthy ingredients to the burger.

Sonic Cheese Burger

Sonic Cheese Burger

Health benefits of American cheese in Sonic cheeseburger

Every time you dine, it is good to look at the health benefits of what you are consuming. You eat food to be helpful in your body so it is good to make sure whatever you consume goes to help your body function well. With that said, are there benefits of having the American cheese in the cheeseburger?

To answer the question, it is good you have a look at the ingredients. What makes the American cheeseburger? By knowing the ingredients, you will slowly understand the benefits of the cheese. The following are the ingredients used and their benefits;

  • Milk
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It is one of the integral ingredients of American cheese. They process milk and other ingredients to produce the cheese. we all know the benefits of milk in our body right? If not, here is a quick review of the benefits of milk in our body.

Milk has a lot of calcium in it. The calcium is good for dense bone in your body. The vitamins, potassium, and magnesium in the body prevent your body from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and hormonal imbalances in your body.

  • Protein

The cheese has a lot of protein as it is by-product when making the cheese. Proteins are bodybuilding and repairing elements. They keep your body functioning by building your body and repairing it after a long illness. That is why it is vital.

Proteins make antibodies in our body, repair by renewing worn out tissues in our body so that our body metabolism can function. While we get proteins from a lot of food, having cheese on your burger is a sure way of making sure you get your daily dose.

  • Calcium phosphate

It is a product found in the milk. Since the American cheese has milk and its products, the calcium phosphate will be present in the cheese. Just like the benefits of milk, calcium phosphate in your body helps in strengthening your teeth, bones and makes your hair healthy.

While you can still have the calcium phosphate in your normal milk in the packet, having it in the American cheese for your burger is a fun and delicious way of making sure you get your daily dose of calcium. You can’t compare the taste of milk and a good sonic cheeseburger, can you?

  • Salt

It is one of the important ingredients when making cheese. Like you know already, cheese tends to be salty and it is because they use salt to make the American cheese. Salt too is important in our body when we consume.

It keeps the thyroid up and functioning well. Our body metabolism needs the salt to balance the ph. and other functions. It prevents mumps and goes a long way in making sure you don’t have an episode of hearing loss. A slice of cheese in the cheeseburger is good after all, right?

  • Sodium citrate

It is the ingredient in the American cheese that makes it creamy and sticky when you melt it. Apart from controlling the melting point, when you consume sodium citrate, it helps your body regulate sodium and potassium intake. That helps in controlling your body Ph.

  • Enzymes

Yes, they are in the American cheese processing to speed up reactions. They also help maintain the frozen state of the cheese for a curd. The enzymes in your body to play an important role when it comes to how your metabolism works and here is why.

The enzyme breaks down the food you eat. They also help detoxify your body toxins by decomposing the toxins in your body. They also strengthen your immune system and helps in breaking down of protein into amino acids.

  • Fats
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Unbelievably, the American cheese supplies the essential fats you need for your body to function. Though critics may warn you about the fat in the cheese, having it in minimal doses is a sure way of making sure you have your daily dose of healthy fats.

How to Make the Sonic Cheeseburger

Sonic drive in has been keeping their customers by making sure they offer the best. Over 3 million US residents drive into their premises to have their delicious cheeseburger and other items in the menu. Their prices, offers, and discounts are some of the strategies they use.

What if you are not in the mood of going out and you need cheeseburgers for your kids, what do you do? Make them yourself. You can easily make the delicious sonic cheeseburger at home. You must do is make sure you have all the ingredients at home for you to make them comfortably

As you may notice below, the ingredients are general. The amount of ingredients you will use depends on the number of burgers you want to make. It also depends on how you want it. You can use as many lettuce and tomatoes as you want to make it healthier for you.


  • Beef patty
  • Slices of tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Dill pickles
  • American cheese
  • Mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup

Procedure on how to make the sonic cheeseburger

  • Start by making the patty. Take your ground beef and roll a ball before flattening it. Make sure you make a thumbprint at the centre to prevent the burger from puffing.
  • Freeze the patty until you are ready to cook them.
  • You can either grill or fry the patty. Heaver your choice, make sure you don’t flip the patty until they form a crust. That is to make them intact and not fall off while eating.
  • Cook the patty 4-5 minutes on each side. You will know it is ready when you see it pink and juicy.
  • Once the patty is ready, start assembling the burger. Start by applying that mayo on the bottom bun, then place the beef patty then the American cheese before placing the pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes.
  • Once you are done, serve with your favourite drink, and enjoy.

As you can see above, the procedure is just like of any other burger, the only difference is that you are placing the American cheese slices in as part of the burger. One or two slices will do since the cheese has a lot of calories, sodium, and cholesterol. Having a lot will not be good for you.

Sonic drive in is all about burgers. The difference between the burgers is the ingredients they use to make the burgers. The sonic cheeseburger is one of the best burgers they have. They make it using the processed American cheese for its long shelf life, low melting point and it is healthy to consume too.