Sonic Drive in Deals

Sonic Drive in Deals – How to Save with it

Are you hungry? Are you in the office and the only thing in your pocket is $5? Are you wondering where you will dine with such a budget, right? What if you knew Sonic express has food and drinks that will suit that budget and leave you with change? I know you will rush there, but before you do read this.


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It is hard to be on a tight budget. You walk from your house to the office with no plans on how you are going to eat during the day. You may plan to carry from home but probably you don’t have time to make a dish before you start your day, so what do you do?

Sonic Drive in Deals

Sonic Drive in Deals

You probably carry a few dollars in your wallet and hope to will find cheap food while in the office for you to eat. With tight budget everywhere, people are looking for ways to dine and still have few dollars left into their pockets. That is why Sonic is here for you. So, do you know about the place?

About Sonic drive in

You probably have come across one on your way to work or at the road while you drive. They are the old classic fast food joint you see on the road strategically located all over the 45 US states. They have over 3 million people driving into their premises every day to have their food.

Troy Smith had a vision. That is building a brand from a hop beer joint he started in the year 1953. That is after coming back from World War II. He was looking for a way to earn a living. With the savings he made from selling milk and bread in Oklahoma, he started the fast food joint.

With so many changes in the menu item and setting, it has grown to be what it is right now. A prestige fast food joint with over 3500 branches and growing. People consider it one of the best fast food joint in the US. It is unique and serves food that is people’s favourite.

People love them because of their uniqueness. The classic look yet serves modern food, carhops who serve you food while still in the car and their over 130 thousand types of slushes to choose from. When you walk into any of their premises, you will walk out full and your mouth bursting with flavours.

Sonic Drive in Deals

Their deals are another thing that makes people love them. They have an amazing way of making sure people continue to dine with them. That is through offering deals to their customers. They do it every day of every week as a marketing strategy. Are you wondering what a deal is?

A deal is an agreement that a business make with a consumer to sell things or services at a discounted price. With a deal, a customer is able to get goods and services at a price lesser than the normal price indicated in the catalogue.

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Businesses have seen deals as a new way of selling goods and services. People from all lifestyle are looking for a way they can spend less to get what they want. Businesses increase popularity and sales with them and that is the same thing Sonic drive in is doing.

So, you still have your $5 in your wallet, hold on to it because you are about to know how you are going to get full with the Sonic Drive in Deals. They have become popular and convenient for many people. Do you want to know the benefits of the deals I am talking about? Scroll along.

Benefits of Sonic Drive in Deals

Now that you know about the deals, what is next? Before you know how Sonic drive in gives out the deals, do you know how they will be of benefit to you? Here is how;

  • Keep you full

Yes! with the $5 that you have, you can drive into their premises and have a dish that will make you full. That is because, with the deals, you will have food and drinks at an affordable price that you won’t believe. Gear up because you are about to boost your sugar levels.

With the $5, you will have a sandwich, a hot dog, cheeseburger, or a drink at half price. Thanks to their amazing deals that happen every day at their premises. You will not luck in any of their nearest Sonic drive in premises. That is why people keep on flocking into their premises.

  • Saves you money

That is what you want to hear, right? With a tight budget, you don’t want to spend all your money. You look for ways to spend less each time you purchase goods and services. The sonic drive in understands that and that is why they want you and them to reach in the middle.

They want you to spend half of what you would probably spend when dining with them. That is by giving a 50% discount every day on your favourite dish and drink from the premises. With the deals, you have a sure way of saving each time you drive into one.

Sometime you may be afraid of trying new items on the menu. With the new deals, they have every week, you can go ahead and try out new stuff every day you walk in to have a meal. It is a wonderful way of enjoying different dishes that they serve on their premises.

You can have the burritos, chicken strips, chicken wraps or go ahead and try out their slushes one by one. With their constant alert and adverts, you can know what is the new deal that they have, and you can go ahead to enjoy different items in their menu.

  • They keep you coming

Am sure when you dine today for less than $5, you will keep on looking out for the next deal to do the same, right? The deals keep customers coming into their premises for more. That way, you will not have to wonder anymore where to dine with a tight budget.

  • You get fresh food
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When they have a deal, they constantly serve food off the shelves. It is hard for you to find food that has been there for more than an hour. People are driving in to have the same deal as you are going for. Food is flying off the kitchen as the chef is making it.

To them, it is an advantage because they get to clear all the food they make. To you, it is also an advantage because you get fresh food each time you drive in during their deal time. It is a win-win situation for both you and the Sonic drive in.

  • You can afford to treat your family

After you have had a taste of their amazing deals, am sure next you will make a plan of bringing your family or friend to the premises for the same. It can be difficult to treat your date, family, or friend for a special meal out of the house, but it does not have to be that way.

With Sonic Drive in Deals, you can go ahead and invite your crush for a date. After all, you can afford it now. Treat your family for a dinner out for less or give your friend a birthday treat.  You don’t have to be afraid of overspending. Just note the time the deals are happening and bring them over.

Every time you want to inquire about their next deal, you find yourself mingling with them. That is because you will have their app on your phone or maybe you are following them on a social media platform. Keeping up with what they are up to is a way of showing, they are getting your attention.

You can also ask the questions where you don’t understand, ask for clarification, or even commend them for their services. All that will encourage you to continue following them to know what is new and when it will be available.

Sonic Drive in Deals

Sonic Drive in Deals

7 ways on How to spend less with Sonic Drive in Deals

  • Tuesday night special

Set your date with your crush to Tuesday night from 5 pm until they close. They have the Tuesday night special where they serve you their delicious cheeseburger for a price half off the normal price. Your date will surely love their cheeseburger while you smile because of the saving.

Their cheeseburger is one of the best meals they have on the menu. It is delicious, full of flavours, and healthy for you to have. With a good slush or any other drinks, you will enjoy and make memories with your crush. You will surely gain yourself a second date with the treat.

  • Morning drink special

Are you a morning person? Do you love waking up with a boost of energy from your favourite drink? Having a good drink or meal in the morning is a good way of ensuring you have the energy to carry you the whole day. So, how do you do that?

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Drive in at any Sonic drive in premise son your way to work. They offer a large soda, tea, and slushes for 99€. You can go ahead and enjoy a meal like burritos, chicken sandwiches, or hot dogs. Together, you will spend less and have a great combination of energy to work.

You can also get a deal of enjoying a large drink for only $1.49. That way, you can quench all your morning thirst with a large cup of your favourite drink. Morning should be joyous moments and the best way to kick start that joy is by taking advantage of the deal to have a good energy boost.

  • Happy hours

Here is where you get 50% off for any drink or slushes you buy from 2 pm in the afternoon to 4 pm. Sonic drive in understands afternoon can be boring and slow moving. Having slush will burst your taste buds and refresh your body for the rest of the afternoon.

You have over 130 thousand slushes to choose from. You can challenge yourself to have all the different types by trying out a new type every day. It is a good way of refreshing and treating yourself every day when the weather is unkind.

  • Snack time

To accompany the happy hour drink, how about you have a snack at a discounted price. Every day from 2 pm to 4 pm, they offer their customers with discounted snacks to have with favourite drinks. So you can have a hot dog for as low as 99€ every day. Sounds cool, right?

  • Half price shake

It is not all about drinks and slushes in the afternoon. You can have 50% off any shake of your choice every day from 8 pm until they close. That means if you are late for the happy hour, you can wait for the shakes here you get them at a discounted price of 50% off the normal price.

  • Holiday special

Are you looking for a way to celebrate holidays in a special way? Sonic drive in always has deals during the holiday seasons to have people jumping, rejoicing and making moments with their families.  Get 50% off on any cheeseburger, ice cream, or corndog at any of their premises during the holidays.

  • Digital deals

They want to interact with you, make your ordering and paying easier by downloading their app. With the app, you can make orders, track it, pay, and know their upcoming deals and specials. When you download one, you get a free medium soft drink or famous slush from them as a way of saying thank you.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to sit in the office hungry and whining. With your $5, you can look at the 7 ways on how to save with Sonic Drive in Deals and make use of them. They are amazing and will give you a chance of saving, staying full and take your loved one out once in a while.