Sonic Drive in/Transformers Movie

Sonic Drive in/Transformers Movie

Why Sonic Drive in and Transformer Movies Collaboration is Good for you? Do you have a weirdo son who is always watching robot cartoons in the house? The one when you go for toy shopping, he only picks robots and transformer toys. What do you do with him? If his birthday is around the corner, stick along and know how you will make his birthday awesome.


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Kids are a bunch of blessing that one is pleased to have. If you have many the better, it is multiple blessings for you. You want to see them happy by giving them what they love, right? That is why you need to listen to each one of them.

If you have many, you know they are not always the same. There is the one who love dolls, the one who loves video games and the one who lives in the world of science fictions and always want to play with robots. If you have such a kid, here is how you can reward them to feel special.

Thanks to sonic and paramount’s transformer movie, you can treat your kid to an exciting series of events that will make him happy and raise his adrenaline. Want to know how? By driving into any drive in joints, having their drink, and standing a chance to win. To understand the deal, read along.

Sonic Drive in/Transformers Movie

Sonic Drive in/Transformers Movie

About Paramount

Paramount is one of the biggest film companies we have in the world. It is a global film distributor unit of Viacom. They are famous and have a reputable name when it comes to film, television, and digital entertainment.

All the years, they have been consistency in making sure their audience get the best from them, that is by producing films and television shows that will entertain people of all ages and races. They make people aware of what they have through promotions and aggressive campaigns.

One of the industries that they have been consistency is the kid’s industry. They know that just as the adults are important to them, kids to play an integral role in making their brand grow. That is why they have Nickelodeon films and movies to entertain them. One of the prominent films is the transformer movie.

The movie is a good screenplay by Bay and Stephen Spielberg. Exciting and excellent computer animation will make your kid adrenaline to rush due to the excitement. The film is based on a kid who fights with auto robots and evil deception.

If your kid is in love with science fiction, he or she will love the film transformer: the last knight. The film has been playing all over the big screen and his popularity in all nations. That is due to the aggressive campaign of awareness that Paramount has been doing. Do you want to know how? First, do you sonic drive in?

About sonic drive in

If you are into driving and eating while driving, sonic drive in is the place to be. The idea of sonic serving you your favourite food while inside your car is thrilling. That is why dining with them is a feeling you don’t want to miss, want to know what you will have while at their premises.

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There is a lot on the menu for you to choose from. Their sandwiches, onion rings, and hot dogs will make you full within an instant. When it comes to their drinks, they have the world famous slushes. With over 13000 types of slushes, they will surely treat you until you get full.

They strive to be the best in the industry. While others come and go sonic drive in has been consistency in making sure their customers get the best. How do they do that?  By serving delicious fast foods.  They also do that by aggressively advertising through their social media and other media house.

Making the public aware of what they have is something they do well. They post on social media, billboards and on the television. They also offer special offers to their customers and gift them regularly. That is why their collaboration with Paramount was not a surprise at all

Sonic drive in and paramount transformer movie

It is one of the best collaboration ever. It is a win-win situation for both brands. When Paramount decided to have sonic advertise their transformer: the last knight movies, it as seen as a wonderful move for both brands. So how do each benefit from the brand?

Paramount, in the move to market the movie, they made a deal with sonic drive in. Sonic was to make slushes based on the three characters in the movie and sell to their customers. Through the drinks, customers will be treated to amazing gifts from paramount and sonic.

That is thoughtful right? Through the drink, paramount will makes huge returns and in the process, market the transformer movie to their customers. Customers will be encouraged to watch the movie through the stickers and movie tickets that they gain.

So, why is it paramount for them to partner? Two brands getting together is a long process. It involves a lot of discussion and meeting. For them to go through all that, they must have known it is worth it. Here is how they will benefit from the partnership.

Sonic Drive in/Transformers Movie

Sonic Drive in/Transformers Movie

6 Benefits of sonic drive in and transformer movie collaboration

Sonic drive in customers loves their drink. With over 130000 drinks to choose from, it is clear that they want their clients happy and satisfied. The move to have slushes under the three characters is a wonderful move since customers will want to try out the new drink.

As the customer, seek their new transformer drinks, their sales increase remarkably. As people are buying and inning gifts, they get to watch and experience more about the transformer movie. The two brands get to win in the situation.

  • Market themselves

The two brands are marketing themselves through what they love most. Sonic advertise themselves to transformer funs while paramount makes the audience aware of the movie through the themed drinks. The public is thrilled by the idea and they are storming all over the sonic drive in to know more.

  • Show their unique side
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Each brand here gets to highlight what they love to do. Sonic displays their ability to make amazing slush drinks while paramount shows the public their filming skills through the transformer: the last knight movie.

In the collaboration, it is not always about the brand’s winning but also the customer. When you walk into any of sonic drive in, you get to purchase the famous themed drinks. In the process of enjoying the amazing concoction, you also get a chance to in one of the amazing paramount gifts and get always.

  • Entertain

The two brands are all about entertainment. Sonic entertain you with your favourite drink and food while the paramount’s transformer movie entertains you with exceptional science fiction. You get to have double the portion of entertainment with them.

  • Know the customer more

It is a way of interacting with customers. Through selling the themes drinks, sonic get to know what their customer prefers to have and what they don’t. They also get their customer to go to their site through the transform your summer promotion.

How Sonic drive in and transformer movie collaboration works?

Paramount entertainment brand came up with the movie, the transformer: the last knight. Just like any other film, they have to make the public aware of the film. They start an aggressive campaign of getting the film known out there.

Sonic is the best when it comes to slouches. Paramount and sonic partner up to brand their products. Sonic makes the following drinks named after three iconic toy line inspired by Hasbro’s;

  • Optimus prime slush-Sonic makes by combining cherry slush and top up with a wonderful layer a drink of
  • Bumblebee- it is an orange slush with a layer of grave flavour.
  • Megatron- it is a sweet clear slush with an icy grape flavour on top.

The last knight slushes, as they are famously known are unique in flavours. They are refreshing and cannot be replicated. You can only find them at Sonic drive-ins. They all come in medium size only at $2.29. You get to activate the drink to see the colour change by shaking the drink.

When you drive in and ask for the famous slush, you will be served for you to quench your thirst. That is not all; they have been having a promotion since May 29 to July 23 to award all the customers that walk in for the famous slushes. That is through transforming your summer.

About transform your summer

Summer is an amazing time to enjoy the weather. Yes, it is hot but you can still enjoy concoctions that can cool you down. Sonic drive in has the freezing sections which have the last knight slushes. The drinks are great and refreshing each time you take one.

They come in three forms inspired by a toy line. What is cool is how the drink changes colour when you shake it. The drinks are because of the paramount and sonic partnership. They make with the aim of promoting the transformer movie: the last knight.

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The promotion is about rewarding the entire customer who buys the last knight drinks. So, how does it goes? The following are the procedures you need to follow for you to have a chance of winning your son or daughter an amazing transformer gift;

  • Purchase the drink

Off course you will have to drive into any of sonic drive-ins and order any type of knight slushes. You have a choice to choose from Optimus prime slush, bumblebee slush and the Megatron slush. Each has its own ingredients and taste for you to enjoy.

  • Get the code

They have a unique way of delivering their customers’ orders. As you wait in your car, the waiter in skaters ill brings your order to the car. Along with your knight slush order, he or she will bring you the unique code that you need to reactivate your gift. In case you don’t see it, make sure you ask for one.

  • Go to the site

Once you have your drink and your code, go to the site http/ While on the site, you need to enter the unique sticker code that they gave you. Once you are done, you will stand a chance to win one of their gifts and get away.

He gift include cherries, Camaros, a trip to Los Angels, movie tickets, sonic gift packs and paramount movie tickets. Here, you get a chance to take your child to the last knight movie for him or her to enjoy his fantasy world of science and fiction.

  • Remember it is a promotion

Just like any other selling strategy, the transform your summer is a national promotion from sonic with themed menu items. It runs from May 29 to July 23. In case you try to go to the site and get the error alert, chances are the promotion is over and you need to be on the lookout for the next one.

Sonic Drive in Other ways of increasing sales

Staying in the hospitality business can be tough. With all the competition in the industry, they have to keep up with the trends. They have to keep the customers coming into their premises. The only way they can do that is by marketing themselves.

Apart from collaborating with other brands, sonic has been active in engaging their customers. That s in the aim o making them aware of their services. They have been doing that through social media, billboards and offering them specials. That keeps the customers flowing into their premises.

Sonic drive in and transformer movie partnership is a wonderful way of marketing. They each get to market themselves and what they do most. As for you as a customer, it is a great opportunity for you to treat your kid ho loves science fiction into a night full of joy with knight slushes and movie through the sonic drive in.