JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey

Knowing the feedback of the potential buyers is an essential step that every company can make. Through this feedback, each and every company is in a position of overcoming the available weaknesses and as a result, improve its product and level of the service it offers.

Through this, each and every company greatly appreciates the feedback from their potential customers. One of these companies that are at the forefront in ensuring that it is making continuous improvement from the feedback of its loyal customers is JCPenney.

JCPenney has come up with the customer satisfaction survey through which it will get to know the feedback from its loyal customers and identify the major areas that need improvement. This is a simple survey that will take the loyal customers a few minutes to complete it.

Participating in the customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney, the customers are in a position of emerging the winners of a gift card worth 500 US dollars in the sweepstakes. Through this gift card, the potential winners can make a purchase of a product from the departmental store of JCPenney.

The customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney can be taken by the Canadian residents, the residents from the United States of America, the Mexican residents, the Puerto Ricco residents, and the Colombian residents.

 All You Need To Know About JCPenney

JCPenney is one of the departmental stores situated in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, and also in Canada. The store was established in the year 1902 by a person by the name of James Cash Penney. Currently, this store is represented in 857 places with its employees exceeding 106,000.

The stores of JCPenney mainly deals jewellery, cosmetics, appliances and appliances and many other products. The headquarters of this departmental store is situated in place know as Plano, Texas. Currently, JCPenny is ranked in the category of the famous apparel and home furnishing stores in America.

The main aim of this departmental store is the provision of national diversity starting with a valuable, high quality and an unparalleled style. At this store, the potential customers enjoy a wide range of products both national and private.

The store is also dedicated to providing the products of different brands and the ones fitting any given size, shape, budget and even on any given occasion. You are also going to realize that JCPenney has relocated a number of its stores in the suburban shopping malls.

Other than dealing with a number of various products, at this departmental store you are also going to find a number of leased departments like the jewellery repair shops, the salons, the portrait studios, and many more.

More Information Relating to the Customer Satisfaction of JCPenney

Every potential customer who takes part in the customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney is in a great position of getting access to a number of deals together with gift cards. Also, these are capable of registering with the mailing lists of JCPenny from where they are going to receive amazing coupons together with discounts.

If you are such a customer who regularly shops at the stores of JCPenney, then you need to register with their mailing lists to get a chance of enjoying the great offers. You are going to enjoy a good rate of discount for a quite number of products through the coupons from this departmental store.

Mostly, the coupons of JCPenney covers up to the shipping costs. However, you have to note that these coupons are only valid within a certain period of time. Also, these coupons are accompanied by some restrictions like the product exemptions and in other cases free shipping that is offered for the purchases costing 99 US dollars the residents from the United States.

Latest Information about JCPenney

Currently, JCPenney is dealing with a wide range of products and services. This is has been facilitated by its large number of departmental stores that are quite spread through many locations within the country.

Also, as an improvement, JCPenney is currently selling its products and services via the internet. This is made possible through the use of catalogues. These retail operations are normally made possible through the store’s website at

The online website of this departmental store is currently ranked as the largest host for home furnishing and the largest apparel. The catalogue business of JCPenney is the best ranked in the United States of America when it comes to the direct sales business.

As one way of following up the feedback from their loyal customers, JCPenney has come up with an official survey identified as The survey as one of the simplest survey that any customer can take as it is related to the past experiences that they encountered during their visit to the store.

For you to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney, you need to visit the survey website by following the link After this, you enter the available code in the transaction receipt and proceed to the survey questions.

Terms and Conditions to Follow before Participating in the Customer Satisfaction Survey of JCPenney

One of the conditions that you need to observe is that the coupon of JCPenney is only redeemable for a given merchandise purchase you purchase via online or by visiting its departmental stores within a period that does not exceed 30 days from the period of answering the survey questions.

Every coupon has an attached expiry date that you need to observe. After the completion of the survey process, you are capable of printing the given coupon and then use it at any of the stores of JCPenney. Through this coupon, the potential customers are promised of enjoying a 15% discount on the purchases they make.

This discount of 15 per cent is normally meant specifically for the home furnishings, the apparels, the accessories, the shoes, and the jewellery. The discount is not guaranteed when it comes to the gift cards, the salon services, the fragrances and even the cosmetics.

Also, you can’t be guaranteed of the 15 per cent discount when it comes to the earlier purchases made and is not in a position of being used simultaneously with other coupons.

You have to note that the 15 per cent discount only goes with a single order. It is always vital to make a request for this discount at the time you are making a purchase.

Requirements to Make the Customer Satisfaction Survey of JCPenney Successful

  1. Internet Device

As discussed earlier, the customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney is only accessed through online. Therefore, it is always vital to have an internet via which you are going to access it.

There is a number of internet devices that you can go for depending on your desires. The commonly used include the tablet, the smartphone, a laptop or a computer.

  1. Internet Connection

For a successful completion of the survey process, an internet connection is a must. However, you have to ensure that this internet connection is stable. Having a stable internet connection is a promise of completing the survey process within a few minutes of time.

Unstable internet connection will make the survey to consume more time and in turn become boring. This is normally due to issues such as loading effects.

  1. Transaction Receipt

At the time of visiting one of the departmental stores of JCPenney, you are issued with a transaction receipt upon making a purchase. This receipt is essential when it comes to providing a feedback in the customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney.

There is a survey number that is required to enter before proceeding to the step of answering the survey questions. This survey number is normally located on the transaction receipt. Other details located from the transaction receipt include the date and the time when you visited the store.

  1. Language Option

For you to answer the survey question of JCPenney, you must get familiarised with either English language option or Spanish language option.

You can directly change to the familiarised language option from the survey page. This is done by tapping on the language option at the beginning of the survey.

  1. Participants

For you to participate in the customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney, you must not be an employee or a sponsor of this company. Also, you should not be a family member, a relative or a friend to either these employees or sponsors. This is one way of ensuring that only the loyal are getting rewarded for providing positive feedbacks relating to the services and products of this company.

Rules to Observe before Participating

  1. Age Limit

The participants must have attained the age of 13 years old or more. Anyone below this age is not required to take part in the customer satisfaction of JCPenney.

  1. Valid Receipt

Also, you should ensure that you transaction receipt is valid before proceeding to the customer satisfaction survey page of JCPenney. It always to use the latest transaction receipt. The receipt is normally valid for a period of one week.

  1. The Receipt Can only be Used Once

Another thing to keep in mind is that the transaction receipt is only used once at any given time. After you have entered the survey number in the survey page that receipt is announced to be invalid and cannot be used in any other survey process for the second time.

Steps to be followed in the Customer Satisfaction Survey of JCPenney

Step 1: Visiting the Customer Satisfaction survey

The first step to taking part in the customer satisfaction survey of JCPenney is to visit its online website at or by visiting the link

Step 2: Language Option

In this step, you will either choose English language option or Spanish language option.

Step 3: Enter Survey Number

Having chosen the language option, the next step is entering the survey number. This is directly traced from the transaction receipt.

Step 4: Answering the survey questions

You will now get exposed to the survey questions. They are so simple and they are related to your past experiences on the departmental store of JCPenney.

Step 5: Contact details

After completion of answering the survey questions, you will be required to provide your contact details. It is through these details that they are going to contact you in case you emerge the winner.

Step 6: Validation Code

Finally, you will be issued with a validation code. You will use this to claim your gift on the next visit to the departmental stores of JCPenney.