Old Navy Outlet

Old Navy Outlets – Why  are the Best

As an entrepreneur, you want to see your business thrive, right? You want to see it prosper and increase sales. To do that, you need to learn the best in the industries. What do they do to be successful? The characteristics they have? Doing that makes you apply a thing or two from what you learn.

When factory manufacturers goods, they must look for a way of selling them to the customers. How do they do that? By the use of outlets. They are essential in the chain of goods distribution. An excellent example of a string of outlets that have been doing well is the old navy outlets.

They are clothing outlets that dedicate to providing the public what they want, fashionable clothes. To know hat their functions are and what are their main characteristics, read along and learn. First, do you know what old navy is?

Old Navy Outlet

Old Navy Outlet

Old Navy

It is a chain of stores that open to provide trendy, elegant, classy, and up to date clothes to wear. Families from all lifestyles walk into their stores because they know they will find what they want. Dresses, denim, t-shirts, pullovers, jeans and many more, they are all available in the stores.

They opened their doors in the year 1994. All through, they offer unique and cheap clothes for the public to buy. They also offer discounts on and off in the aim of keeping customers coming to their stores, that has seen to the rise of their sales.

From one shop in San Francisco, they have branches all over. The outlets are to keep the clothes out there for the customers to buy. In the US alone, they have over 1000 outlets. They are also available in four other counties namely Taiwan, Japan, China, and Canada.

You can shop for their clothes by walking into any of the outlets or by login into their website and order for them to ship. In each case, you will end up with what you want for your wardrobe. What you need to learn as an entrepreneur is how their outlet’s functions and their characteristic.

Old Navy Outlets

Like mentioned earlier, they are fundamental when it comes to driving sales. They are closer to the customers and bring the clothes closer to them at an affordable price. OldNavy outlets are unique in the sense that they are the reason why they have high sales.

Old Navy Outlets are stores that sell old navy clothes at an affordable price. They are strategically located to make sure every customer who wants old navy clothes will get them. They are in malls, high ways, essential markets, and trade buildings.

When a customer wants old navy clothes, they don’t have to go to their factories or their retails shops to have clothes. They use a locator to find an outlet closer to them and get the clothes they want. Are they reliable? You ask, right?

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Centrally to what many think, Old Navy Outlets don’t sell rejects and worn out clothes. They offer clothes at a more friendly and reasonable price that any customer will be glad to spend. They aim to increase sales by keeping the customer coming for more. So, what are the functions of Old Navy Outlets?

5 Fundamental tasks of Old Navy Outlets

What are their primary roles in the chain of selling old navy clothes? It is vital for you to know so that you can know whether to have outlets and the functions they will play to make your business thrive. The following are the five main functions of Old Navy Outlets

  • Interact with customers.

They are the one closer to the customer. They are responsible for selling what the customer wants every time they walk into their premises. It means the way they handle the customers will determine whether the customer will come for more or not.

They know what the customer ant and needs. They act like an old navy brand ambassador because they sell their products. In case of any fashion change, they are the one responsible to bringing it out there for the customers to buy.

  • Offer discounts

It is difficult for the old navy retail shops to offer discounts to their customers. That is because they function to sell clothes at a fixed price. The good thing about the Old Navy Outlets is that they offer discounts to their customers, which is impressive, right?

It means the clothes in Old Navy Outlets are affordable, are cheap and anyone can afford it. With that in mind, customers flock into their stores to enjoy the discounts they give now and then. Increase in traffic means an increase in sales.

  • Keep clothes off the shelves

How do people know about the old navy cloths? By the many outlets out there. They are in malls, highways, and strategic buildings. They advertise and bring people over to have a look and buy some of their clothes. By doing that, clothes don’t stay for long on the shelves.

It is impossible for people to buy clothing direct from the factory unless they want to buy many. That is hay the outlets are convenient. They serve to offer clothes and help old navy factory sell clothe from the shelves to their customer’s wardrobes.

  • Increase sales

They are behind the old navy success. They keep people coming into their stores to have a look at the latest sold navy cloths. By doing so, they increase sales for them and their revenue increases. That is what they have over a billion dollars’ worth of transactions each year.

They carefully and attractively display clothes in the outlets for the customers to see. While people shop around, they come across the clothes and want to have. Through the increase of traffic in the stores, their revenue increases due to the increasing demand for their clothes.

  • Avail clothes for the customers
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How else will customers know that old navy is selling? The outlets act as a banner to advertise hat is new from the factory. Whenever old navy has a unique design of clothes, they make sure all the outlets have the clothes, and through the customer buying, it assures them that their brand is going far.

Old Navy Outlet

Old Navy Outlet

10 Characteristics of Old Navy Outlets

For you to learn more, you must know the unique features that make Old Navy Outlets stand out from the rest are. What are the characteristics of Old Navy Outlets? Here they are:

  • Quality

In the past, outlets were for selling rejects and worn out goods. Factories used to use outlets to dispose of leftovers of the stores. Now things have changed. Outlets function to drive sales and increase the number of goods flowing from the factory.

That is the same thing with Old Navy Outlets. They have quality fashionable and trendy clothes for the customers to buy. Each time a customer walks into any of their outlets, they will find goods of the same condition as a retail store only with a discounted price.

  • Unique culture

When the GAP group of stores started the old navy stores, there intention to offer the same quality of clothes as they do only at low affordable rates. From the onset, they have managed to maintain the culture of selling affordable garments to the public.

That makes them unique. Old Navy never compromises the quality of the clothes due to increased sales and demand. They always make sure that they have trendy clothes and of a lower price than that of GAP which like the original plan.

  • Location

For an outlet to function well, it must be in a strategic place. It must be in a place where customers can access with ease. It is through the outlets that customers can see and buy goods. That is something Old Navy Outlets know very well.

They are strategically located for every shopper to see. They are in the malls, highway, trade buildings, and other locations that are open and conspicuous to by the customers. They brand with large banners for everyone to see and come for their trendy clothes.

  • Indoor experience

One thing that makes every customer come back for more is a fantastic experience at your store, the way the store welcome, the assistant they give and the quality of goods they sell will make them judge whether to come back again or not.

Old Navy Outlets have brand associates to handle the customers. They welcome, show the customer around and assist them in getting what they want. By doing that, the customers feel comfortable and would want to revisit their store.

  • No geographical barriers

For any brand to be successful, they must be bold enough to venture in other counties, that helps stabilise income in that if the economy changes in one country and affects the sales of that country, they can rely on the other countries to recover.

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Old Navy Outlets are all over. What started in Sa Francisco has spread its outlets to over six countries. In the US, they have over 1000 outlets, and they have others in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and China. If sales get affected, they cannot in all countries, which maintain a stable income.

  • Employment

It is a unique process in Old Navy Outlets. When they have job openings, they put it out there for people to apply. For them to consider, they undergo a very lengthy process. The process is to make sure they understand the potential candidate to get the best.

The applicant has to open an account with them. They undergo a five-step process from the place they see the job post to the last bit where they take three assessment questions. At the end of the process, they have the best employees to work for them.

  • Employees

Due to the intense process that they undergo, they are the best in the industry. They handle the customers with absolute respect and assist them while in their stores. They are hardworking, dedicated, and self-driven. When they work, they do it to give the best customer experience.

  • Evolve

For every outlet to be functional, they must be able to show growth. They grow from small to a significant and reputable outlet. That way, they show their customers that people love what they do. That is what Old Navy Outlets do. They start small and eventually rise to be big and with a good reputation.

  • Scale-up

Old Navy has over 1000 outlets in the US only. In other countries, they also have many outlets to help them drive sales. There is still more. Every day, there are plans for opening more outlets to accommodate the increasing demands for their fashionable clothes, which is what every best outlet should do.

  • Unique proposition

The reason why the old navy outlets are successful is due to the individual plan they use to drive sales. They can convince customers to buy old navy clothes by offering discounts, offers and advertising all over the media and social media.

Through the strategy, the customers are more are of the old navy brand, they buy their products, and sales increase gradually. That makes them the best because, without them, it would not have the popularity it has right now.

Final thought

As an entrepreneur, you apply different strategies for your business to strive. One of them is to learn from the best brand in the industry. If you are thinking of having outlets, you need to learn how old navy outlets manage to be the best.

The outlet’s primary function is to make the public are of the brand, increase sales and handle the customers to convince them to buy. You should learn the unique characteristics that they have so that you can learn from them and apply in your business to succeed.